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07-13-2006, 09:57 AM
Hey, my names Emma, I'm 14. As myparents had the odd belief that children should have pets in stages, at 6 I had gold fish, then we went to America and gave them away, In America we had various Beta Fish in cramped vases that i always felt sorry for. Then when we returned to Australia I had some Goldfish, which are still alive surprisingly, they are five years old now and very fat.

So yeah I've been through the various stages, problem is I never really learned a thing about fish except that i was horrible at caring for them. I've now got a variety of pets, including a dog, three budgies and nineteen pedigree guinea pigs. I've always loved and admired Betas and Mum agreeds to let me try it out one more time.

We've got all the supplies here (a billion tanks, three heaters, spare filters/pumps, gravel etc), so I want to have a go at it doing it right this time.

So a few questions about Beta fish-
Do they need one of the filter/pump thigs that aerate the tank?
How big a tank do i need in Litres, the one I have is almost 27 litres, that big enough?
Would it matter if they are in front of a window? Where I'm planning to put them is in a room that's half underground, sun never directly shines in.


07-13-2006, 08:24 PM
No they don't need airation.

Your tank is more than large enough for a betta.

It might be better not to but the tank near the window but it might be ok to but it there as the sun never shines in. Move it if the temp raises or you get a lot fo algae growth.

07-14-2006, 03:20 AM
Oky doky thanks, i've set the tank up, just needs water and a fish. I'm not sure what do for the background yet, i think I'll just add a bit of pink/purple fabric on teh back, the rest of the tank has fushia gravel mixed with black glittery gravel. The decorations are two plastic ornaments, both purple/pink and blue green and a nice fake plant with lots of leaves.