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05-14-2013, 12:19 PM
How long in your personal experience does it take for females to actually lay their eggs under their tail once the saddle has appeared? Does it vary depending on water conditions and parameters? and is it possible for females to develop saddles but never actually become berried because they dont feel very safe or for some other reason?

I have about 6 females who have had a saddle for about 2 weeks, and the saddles are huge, but I wouldve thought they wouldve become berried by now, but this is my first experience with them so I really have no idea and any comments would be appreciated :) thanks!

05-14-2013, 02:25 PM
From what I understand from my short experience with cherry shrimp is that the saddle is the unfertilized eggs and they only pass to the tail once mating and fertilization has taken place.
Look out for shedded skins, this indicates the shrimp have molted and this is when mating usually occurs. After molting the females usually hide as they are vulnerable so if you hardly see your females this may also be an indication that mating has or will take place.
I've read on several sites that the higher the temperature the quicker the reproduction cycle of the shrimp but this has the downside of reducing the life expectancy of the shrimp.
Just be patient, maintain good water quality and appropriate feeding levels and as long have you have a mix of males and females the shrimp will breed like wildfire. I started with 10 a month ago with 2 being berried females, now I have easily 100+ shrimp with another 5 berried. All I did was regular water changes, kept the temperature stable at 25c and fed a wide variety of food.
A tip for you that I have found useful so far is that when the female is berried and a new saddle appears this usually suggests the eggs will hatch shortly.