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05-06-2013, 03:21 PM
a 10 gal tank was too small for me and my fish - so now have a 30 gal tank, 8 plants of various sizes, 1 live plant, a couple hidy-hole logs, and a bubbling clam and bubbler rock.
there is a pleco (who has grown 1.5" in last month!), a F red-tailed shark, a female beta, 5 platy (a red wag, an orange and a yellow mickey mouse, a black with yellow head/throat, and a yellow with black head) and 2 mollies (a Dalmatian and a crescent fined orange with black spots one), and 2 bleeding heart tetras.
not sure on the sex of the mollies, and just now discovered 2 of the platy are DEFINATELY male (tho up til yesterday, they all had Same anal fins...) - just got 3 of the platy yesterday so maybe there's a female in the mix?? lol

05-06-2013, 04:19 PM
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Just a heads up, I see a few issues with your tank stock. You are going to need a larger tank or be prepared to re-home some fish.

The pleco and red tail both are meant for much larger tanks. Sadly most fish shops fail to mention that while trying to sell you as much as they can. The mollies and platys will have babies, be ready for that too

The tetras usually like schools so you may want you find your pair a different home.

Read up on a tank "cycle" you want to make sure your tank is, and don't wash your filters with anything but used tank water. Even though the filter instructions say to replace it ever month or two, that is very bad for any tank.

And the biggest thing I like to say to new members is that this is a forum, so many people will have many different opinions. Don't take anything personally as most are just trying to help. thumbs2:

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05-08-2013, 02:46 PM
A hearty welcome to you!

First responder has given good advice. I would like to add that if you rehome the pleco and red-tailed shark but wish to keep your tetras, you can simply (and gradually) add more of those to round out a school. A good number for a school would be six to eight, maybe ten. Just don't get too many, as you have the livebearers and you wouldn't want to overload your filtration or get the tank too crowded.

What kind of filtration do you currently have? The rule of thumb is to install a filter that is rated at least twice the gallonage of your tank. If it's a little more than that, so much the better. Over-filtering isn't a bad thing, as long as you can control the current so your fish aren't being swept around in the water.

Best of success to you. We'll be glad to help if and when you need it. THERE ARE NO FOOLISH QUESTIONS, HERE, so don't be afraid to ask.