View Full Version : Over Stressed Shark Cat

10-27-2007, 02:15 AM
:help: I did a complete tank clean water drained 10 gallons saved cleaned all our filter media in our only 29G glass tank. We cleaned our Fluval 303 and our hanging filter. We had to re do the Nitrogen cycle and it has really stressed our Silver Shark Catfish, he's about 5 years old named Whiskers and he lives alone with our Common Pleco, he is about 8-10" long and the Pleco is about the same.
Right now we are still fighting high nitrates, when we hit plume stage we transfered both fish into my bathtub/shower where they stayed for a week in clean treated water, kept warm. That was a week ago and our catfish went back into the tub for a few days after we put them in because the nitrates shot up really high and he is really affected by it, although our pleco is handling everything fine, our catfish is still stressed. Right now the tank temp is hovering around 79F and we have elevated nitrates, our precious cat is showing signs of stress with slightly labored breathing and some roughness on his tail. We planted the tank quite well to combat the nitrate levels, when our nitrates were high they were well over 100ppm and now they are around 5-10ppm and our catfish has been acting pretty off. Last time we moved him to the tub (around the corner out the door) he jumped from my hands and landed hard on some carpet after hitting the wall.

Sorry for the long post but obviously my Catfish is a pretty important pet to me. It was stupid to do such a major clean without keeping the filter media, we had the tank being maintenance free for a couple of years.:scry: