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04-28-2013, 04:45 AM
Inherited this 6" 6 year old pleco with a free 29 gal tank. Wondering what he is. Tank is absolutely bare of algae so we started giving algae wafers, though haven't seen him eat. He is VERY shy, staying attached to the temple that came with. Also in tank are mystery catfish, shabunkin, African dwarf frog, betta. Trying to make decisions about who should live where... We will be getting a 55 gal handed down to us soon that has zebra danios and betta, will even that be big enough for him? Can the catfish go with him...

Have seen him wildly chase others one night, so tried 3 inch piece of seaweedfrom pet store, lettuce and cuke slice on different nights. Cuke was def nibbled. Seaweed and lettuce seemed to lead to water clouding up...

04-28-2013, 05:41 AM
Oh dear... what do people think? Do people even think when they set up a tank like that? And I wasn't talking about you but about the previous owner.

OK,.. shubunkin, it's a pond fish really. Properly kept they reach 12 inches easily and they really do best when they experience seasons. The betta and the frog will probably be able to coexist in something smaller. Mystery catfish is that pimelodus you posted in the other thread?

What you got here is one of those fish that's sold in the states as "common pleco". It's very difficult to ID from these pics but I would guess Pterygoplichthys of some kind.
At 6 years this fish should have been considerably bigger so you're dealing with a stunted fish with potential health problems. See about getting it a proper hiding place, even a piece of pipe will be appreciated. Start feeding it a good diet. Fresh veg is a nice start but also get it some proteine like frozen live food. Ideal mix should probably be around 75% veg.

Size aside it's a pretty easy fish to keep, it doesn't damage plants intentionally and will not bother other fish unless it's desperate. You could keep it with some pimelodus but feeding would require attention to ensure everyone gets enough.

04-28-2013, 05:48 AM
How do I make sure everyone gets some if they won't come out until its totally dark? Sorry, for the totally newbie question. I've gotten the hang of making sure frog gets food using tongs right near him, the betta by turning down filter speed for few minutes, but if I'm nearby or lights on enough to see the cats aren't active. Will be rehoming the goldfish of course. And separating as you suggested. All the fish and frog are seeming happier since we've gone and gotten their appropriate foods. Thanks for the pleco food advice, we'll try that too. Any way to prevent tank clouding with pleco feeding overnight? I did vac up the next morn after seaweed and lettuce attempts, but it seemed like created more of a mess than worth. Algae disks every nt seem okay, not sure how many should be putting in. Of course, till greedy GF moves on, he is munching too.

04-28-2013, 05:58 AM
At the moment you're already doing a lot better than the previous owner.

Yes, do feed a few algae wafers around lights out, feed at two, three places around the tank.

Feed some veg, cucumber, zucchini, sweet potatoe that's been nuked just enough to soften it up a bit, those kind of things. Leave in 24 hours and remove. You can rub a clove of garlic over those things to ensure the fishes' interest.

A well fed "pleco" is a poop machine because of their high fiber diet.