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03-27-2013, 10:15 PM
hi there
just before we begin i would like to say hi im new to the forum and this is my first post

anyway i need some advice

i have been trying to breed angelfish but am not having much luck, i have a lovely pair of fish that are good layers (usually lay around 100 eggs every 2-3 weeks or so) and i have been trying different ways of growing the fry with no success at all so far,

1st brood were not expected and so i had no choice but to let parents care for them which was fine until they were free swimming they did a great job up until i put some food in the tank for the parents at which point they seemed to get confused which was food(i just used some flake on this occasion) and which was the fry and they then just ate everything in sight, now i know its not unusual for angels to eat the fry especially when they are new to parenting so i do have a few questions however i will list all questions in a moment in 1 place.

2nd brood, i had a slate in the tank and they parents were kind enough to use it for me so i pulled the eggs and place them in a separate tank with some meth blue and they all hatched out lovely but then they started to die of a and by day 4 of them being free swimming they had all died, i did plenty of water changes and was very careful not to over feed the tank was only very small (only bout 3 gallons) but it was purely to be used as a hatching tank and then after a week of so of free swimming i had a 40 gallon ready to put them in

3rd brood, parents not so accommodating this time they ignored the slate and used the spray bar for my filterso i moved the spraybar to the other end of the tank and put a partition in which all went well and fry hatched ok but then the parents got clever and managed to start sucking the fry through the tiny holes in the partition and ate them all

my tank set up is as follows:
40 gallon tank with sump and weir that has hopefully now been made fry friendly with the use of sponges to cover weir overflow combs, tank is divided in half with 2 dividers 1 is clear perspex with holes in 1 is material screen(similar to net curtain material to stop parent sucking the fry through, no other fish in thank on either side
gravel on bottom in side where parents normally live and glass bottom in other side where i was originally hoping to hatch the eggs in, running a uv steriliser to help keep bacteria to a minimum

4th brood, eggs just been laid on wall of tank so here goes the questions

Q1 obviously im gonna have to let the parents raise the fry this time so lets assume they hatch ok how can i try and avoid the parents mistaking the fry for food when i feed the parents

Q2 if i move anything once the fry are free swimming would it be better to more fry or adults,

q3 how soon do fry need to be separated if at all?

04-19-2013, 10:16 PM
hi still need help with this as my last 4th brood never got past wigglers before being eaten and now i have a 5th brood from my black super veil tales and also a large clutch from my other breeding pair both laid within 24 hours of each other and both chose to ignore the slates i had provided them, 1 pair laid on my wier box and the other on the fixed inlet pipe so im not able to pull the eggs

plz plz plz any help appreciated

05-09-2013, 02:24 PM
I recommend removing the eggs and hatching them (when possible)
in a separate container. I use a 2.5 gal aquarium.
If you do get the parents to raise the fry, all you have to
do is provide food for the fry, the parents will take care of everything else.
It's better to remove the parents than the fry once hatched.
The fry are very delicate the first couple of weeks and even netting
them can damage them. But if they are swimming with the parents
I'd leave them alone and not remove them.

05-09-2013, 04:57 PM
Man I am sorry I am late getting to this: Remove the parents after the spawn. Once the fry are free swimming in the tank make sure you have microfoods in the tank. Keeping a healthy bed of moss or live plants ensures algae is abundant and that allows parameciums and such to exist. Only after a week would I consider feeding anything larger than baby brine shrimp that are decapped. At that time you switch to crushed fine flake.

Also - once the fry are about 3 weeks old, move them to the grow out and the parents back home.

05-10-2013, 10:59 PM
hi thanks to you both for replying

i had no luck with the spawns mentioned above however i have a new spawn now that has been free swimming for about a day, i managed to pull them when they were laid this time and are currently in a plastic 2 gallon tank that i float in the main parent tank to maintain the temperature

however 1 of my pairs has just laid again this time i cant pull them because its on my inlet pipe from my sump so the main question is if and its a very big if! lol

if they do hatch is there anyway i can let the parents raise them so that i can still feed the parents without them turning on they fry as food

in the past i have managed to get the parents to look after them until they were swimmers and everything was fine till i put some food in the water and then the parents ate all the young along with the flake i fed them
i dont have room to separate the parents from this tank, only spare tank i have isa 40gal that is the grow out tank that im hopefully gonna put my other spawn in

Lion Fish
05-12-2013, 07:01 AM
Sorry I don't have any advice for keeping your pair from eating the fry, but I do have a suggestion to make pulling them easier. Angelfish seem to like to lay their eggs on smooth surfaces (like your inlet pipe) If you put a small piece (something like 3x3) of plastic or acrylic in the tank they will likely lay the eggs on that and then you can easily remove it.

brown water
08-06-2013, 05:37 AM
What are you feeding the free swimmers?