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03-18-2013, 03:48 AM
so im getting super excited about redoing my shrimp tank with awesome plants. find a person selling some of the plants (just my luck hes out of stock) and i tell him my story, and ask if he has anything that might suit me wants for the tank (he literally has a list of plants as long as my fore arm). he tells me that shrimp tanks are best left as shrimp tanks and not high need plants. basically because the ferts and CO2 are likely to kill the shrimp. so i look it up and it turns out there are some issues with shrimp (no specific species mentioned) with CO2 and ferts. after a follow up message he informs me all the shrimp tanks that have high needs plants are show tanks and the shrimp never breed and die off slowly...

the ferts i was planning on using (seachem root tabs) has a .0001% trace of copper in it, and i was planning on doing diy CO2. after reading about the shrimp deaths i think im going to side step the CO2 for liquid CO2. also i know that super small traces of copper wont cause a shrimp genocide, and since they are root tabs most of the nutrients (and copper) should be in the soil and not the water right?

i want my RCS to be very healthy buggers, and breed well too. but i HATE my java moss, its taken over my tank.

so what do you think would liquid CO2 booster be better? and would root tabs harm my shrimps?

03-18-2013, 03:54 PM
DIY Co2 or the liquid stuff is fine. With the DIY, just have a drop checker to make sure your PH doesn't crash.

Shrimps needs the moss, but you can always take half out now before the shrimps arrive and sell to local LFS. They always need it.

The copper in the root tabs shouldn't hurt the shrimp, but honestly, I recommend no copper. It may not kill the shrimp, but may slow down or stop their fertility, especially if you do not do frequent water changes. If you use a liquid fert, I would check for copper there too.

03-18-2013, 03:59 PM
I have a shrimp tank that I have been dosing this

and also doing metricide 14. So far I haven't seen any problems. The shrimp do have eggs, but haven't seen any deaths etc... I think you just need to be careful what you are using

03-18-2013, 05:38 PM
It's not that simple. Too much co2 can kill. Shrimp dont breath that effectively and the associated ph swings can also pose problems.
Some forms of copper are safe in low amounts. Several European companies make shrimp safe ferts with which you can set up a good looking shrimp tank.