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Lady Hobbs
10-24-2007, 03:32 AM
My firemouth is very, very timid. Can't figure if my silver dollars are worse than he is in the scardy department. The parrots were bugging him to death so I put him in the silver dollar tank where he prompty stole the featherfins cave.

He gets along great with the loaches and also the dollars but is not nice to the featherfin at all.

When my 29 gallon is repaired, I will probably put him in that tank for now but I would like to get him a couple friends so he doesn't become anti-social. I'd like to know what goes with a firemouth. I've also read they are aggressive with their own so want another fish species.

This is the list given in the compatiblity chart:

Blue Acara Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_blueacara.htm), African Mouthbrooder (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_africanmouthbrooder.htm), Convict Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_convict.htm), Festae Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_festae.htm), Firemouth Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_firemouth.htm), Green Terror Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_greenterror.htm), Jack Dempsey Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_jackdempsey.htm), Manganese Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_managuense.htm), Pike Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_pike.htm), Port Cichlid, Rainbow Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_rainbow.htm), Red Devil Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_reddevil.htm), Red Tilapia Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_redtilapia.htm), Salvani Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_salvani.htm), Sunray Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_sunray.htm), Texas Cichlid (http://www.elmersaquarium.com/10cichlid_texas.htm)

The list above is also what is compatible with blood parrots but the firemouth is not one of them.

He is now only 4 inches and eventually will be in a 55 gallon when I can get the parrots moved.

I'm also concerned with his eating. He runs for the cave whenever he sees movement around the tank and by the time he comes out, the food is already gone.

10-24-2007, 04:00 AM
Hes probobly a bit skittish still from the move. When I had to move my severum from his 10g quarentine back into the 55g, it was like he had lost all trust in me, and we had to re-establish said trust over a trial of a week or so. Now hes back to letting me pet him.

10-24-2007, 04:07 AM
Hey hobbs, i think in the 29 gallon you could go with a convict but they can breed. Id say if you're keeping him in the 29 for now go with a dwarf pike species. Not sure on this but, maybe someone can help better.

10-24-2007, 11:21 AM
I have 2 firemouth in a 55g. They are neat and I am glad you got one but they can breed with convicts. They are very aggressive, I have a 6" severum and a 3.5" jack with both of them and there 2". They pick on the jack if that tells you anything, yea he gets tired of it and turns and kicks there butt but they try. You mentioned before that you wanted a severum, they go good with all of them and as Dru said, I can pet mine as well, it's a small gentle oscar.

Lady Hobbs
10-24-2007, 10:55 PM
He is out and about much more today. And I made a cave for the featherfin that only he can get in.

10-25-2007, 12:03 AM
Hobbs do you like the firemouth even with the small troubles he brings you? Ive been planning for a week to buy one and tomorows the day. At 15 bucks a FM i just hope ill never see him until i see my convict killed him..