View Full Version : Living Dwarf four leaf clover! But thriving?

02-12-2013, 05:01 AM
Hi, I have dwarf four leaf clover in my ten gallon with good plant lighting (17 watt floramax) and a DIY CO2 system. I want the clover to grow faster and better. I have silica pool filter sand, which is low on nutrients, but I can't change it. I love the way it looks too. Filtration is relatively low, an aqueon 20 HOB, and nitrates get fairly high before a water change every weekend, like 30 ppm. I've had 4 scissortail rasboras in the tank since I don't know when, and 2 glowlights for about 8 months. There is also some algae growing on the leaves of the clover, and I was thinking about getting some shrimp (an probably moss too) to get the algae off. Could I do so? Should I dose liquid fertilizer? ANy suggestions to help along the progress is appreciated. Or should I just let it be and quit being so impatient?
parameters: pH 7.7
hardness fairly high.