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11-06-2004, 03:53 PM
Anyone that have any experience breeding clown loaches?

Iíve tried to breed them and i gotten them to spawn however the spawning never results in any fry. I concluded that this is because it is females that are spawning with each other. Anyone have any ideas on how you might get the males to be interested in participating.

The setup I used when I tried. A round aquarium decorated only with round stones of different sizes. some big enough to create resting places. This tank was very heavily circulated and had a high oxygen level in the water. The loaches were feed a diverse cost based on shrimps and frozen food. Blackworms where sometimes used to get the fishes into spawning condition. A friend used the same setup and got the same result, females spawning with each other.

Considering giving it another try. Any suggestion?

11-06-2004, 09:45 PM
how large are your fish? are you sure they are spawning? are you sure you have males? lol

here is the only documented account of clown loach spawning. They are much more difficult to breed than say cichlids and tetras.

why no driftwood? or plants.
and what might be even more important.. why not try to similate their original waters? ph, kh, gh, temp, etc.

what were your reading for those?

what about veges and high quality flakes? these fish are omnivores, so maybe including a complete diet may help.

11-06-2004, 11:43 PM
how large are your fish? are you sure they are spawning? are you sure you have males? lol

All very valid questions. I donít have any loaches now. I tried breeding them a few years back and Iím considering giving it another try. The once I had where 25 cm/ 10 inches and at least 5 years old.

As you say, it's very hard. But a pleasant challenge and I would love to succeed.

I did have males, or it at least seemed so on their tails. And yes they did spawn however it never resulted in any fry. Seemed that the eggs didnít get fertilized and a member of the breeding group ( we shared information/progress) saw two fishes which he had identified as female "spawning" with each other. I know of several others how tried to breed them a while back with the same result.

My attempt to breed them actually came from the article you are referring to. Some of my friends read it and began trying to breed them. They had limited success until they tried the round aquarium solution when the got them to lay eggs. So the tank setup up was a result of their progress/work.

About feeding: they got veges in the form of lettuce that a feed to all my non-predatory fishes.

The water conditions were in line with what is said in the article. dH just below 6, pH 6.0 temperature 84 F /29 C and very clean. Nitrates where always below the measuring scale in my tests. temperature and pH was changed according to a monthly cycled when it stared at pH 7 and temp 78 F /26 C and went to the above stated water conditions and back.

why no driftwood? or plants.

Well I donít like using driftwood in aquarium were I want to be able to control pH more preciously. Plants might be good, but as I said. At the time I tried to breed them I tried to continue others work which might have been a mistake.

We'll just have to see if I do it differently if I decide too try again. However I can't right know since Iím temporarily stationed abroad. SO this is somewhat of an avademical discussion.

Was mostly interested to see if any new information had became public on breeding them since I havenít really bin keeping myself up to date about loaches since I stopped this breeding attempt. And it seemed that you might be the persons to fill my information gap.

Sorry. That I didnít give more information lake water conditions in my original post. I know better.

Anyhow. Thanks for your answer.

11-25-2004, 04:43 AM
I'm not too sure about breeding them, but I heard that it's very uncommon for them too breed. However, if you do get them to breed with successful fry let me know!

01-03-2006, 02:44 PM
I agree with the above arguments its not very common to breed these fish but i read about it in some sites, one thing is are u sure u have males, but then again u would know which loaches are males and which are females. i could give u links to sites that would give u information about how to breed this fish.

i have clown loaches and i think i read that they have to get to a specific size before u can breed them.

and u do need plants hardy ones like anubias and i dont remeber the other species.

01-05-2006, 09:52 PM
Well before i moved onto large Cichlids i kept Clown Loaches and if i was older then 15 years of age i wouldn't hesitate to purchase a new tank and keep more Clown Loaches but due to my parents im only allowed a certain number of Fish Tanks in my bedroom alone i was suposed to have 3 which is currently up to ^ plus the pond out the backyard and a 4 foot tank in the lounge room anyway when i had a community tank consisting of 3 Clown loaches of about 8" 1 blue gourami which i currently still have of about 6" a dwarf gourami 3", a Black Gohst Knife Fish 5" several guppies and a sneaky 8" Bristlenose Catfish, to my surprise i found several eggs bunched up in the decorative Sunken Ship i was unaware of what they could be but as id had all the fish for the same period of time (shopping spree) and onli having more then one loach (all other fish were one of the species each) i assumed they were loach eggs. I removed all the fish except the Loaches unknowing of how long the eggs had been there and uncertain if the parents needed to do anything else to the eggs. atleast i thought that was all the fish out my sneaky little Bristlenose had stuck it self hidden away in a decorative barrel and the next day to my amazment several small fry were swimming around i quickly removed the adult loaches and notice the bristlenose was eating the remaining eggs i quickly tried to catch him and onli saved 7 fry which died within the week, so i believe if i could get them to spawn most people can as all i had was a 66 Litre tank setup with numerous hiding places for the fish and it was FULL of real aqautic plants so yeah if u wish to ask anything else about what i fed them and everything dont hesitate to ask :)