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06-24-2006, 01:08 PM
Hi there,

My name is Michael Vella, i am 28 and i come from Malta (small island just south of Sicily in the Mediteranean Sea). i have been keeping freshwater fish for almost 14 years now, and over the years i have continuously increased my number of tanks and fish. Currently i have:

A 9 foot tank (980 litres) - In this tank i house a mixture of malawi cichlids, about 40 in total, along with some red tail catfish and 2 synodontis catfish.

I also have two 1 meter tanks. In one of these i grow fry. Currently i have around 35 Red Kadanga which i am about to sell to a Local Fish Shop. In the other tank i keep a selection of the fish i have bred and raised. This includes the Lab. Caraleus, Pseudo. Zebra, Red Kadanga and Protomelas Teniolatus.

I also have six 3 foot tanks. 1 is used as a 'hospital tank', in the rest i keep fry and also breed some cichlids. My latest attempt is to breed the protomelas again, as this is my favorite fish, with beautiful colours.

Nice to meet you all,

Mike VF

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hello and welcome to this forum!!

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Greetings from California!

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