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Boomers G ma
11-27-2012, 07:33 AM
Hi everyone, I had a thread under fish diseases in October ( thanks to all those who helped me save Boomer, he's alive and well) but I have a problem in his NEW tank with those dang snails that made his old tank uninhabitable...I don't know how they got in the new tank,they are very tiny and I don't want them in there, I have rescued as many as I can and given them to a lady who actually wants them and I am wondering how long do I have to wait to salt the water, which will take care of any miniscule snails I have missed? because as much as I hate killing anything they made Boomer sick not long ago and I almost lost him. I salted the tank for the first time ever about the 19th October, he's a Fighting fish ie Betta Fish...and I can't recall how much I put in for his 34 litre tank. Thank you :) The snails?...I have no idea what type but I was told they likely came in on the plants and salt water will kill them,so now that I have netted all the ones I can see I want to make sure there are none hiding that I haven't seen.....:1luvu:

11-27-2012, 12:28 PM
there is no need for salt in FW aquariums.

salt is used for the treatment of diseases/other random issues. nothing more.

if you continue to add salt, if you fish gets sick and you try to treat w/ salt it wont be as effective. hence why we don't need to add salt into freshwater set ups.

also, you posted this in brackish waters...your fish is not considered to be brackish. it is a tropical fresh water fish