View Full Version : Live Rock and Corals

11-17-2012, 07:07 PM
I am selling the last of my reef stuff...due to a move and waning interest in the saltwater side I have decided it best to move it to a better home. All that you see minus equipment is for sale. The rock is some of the best available in the hobby and is from Pacific East Aquaculture....it sells for $9 per lb and is fully aquacultured. The tank pictured is a 50G Seaclear 36x15x20 I dont know the specific weight on what rock is in there but it is definitely enough to make a nice scape in a 3ft tank. I would guess 40-50lbs on the rock. The corals are green palys, yellow zoas, red people eaters, red star polyps, hairy mushrooms. I also have some noninvasive curley cue anenomes and random little starfish. Rock is guaranteed to arrive alive, corals are not guaranteed but I have heatpacks so it should be fine. Take it all for $275 shipped Priority. This is less than 1/2 the estimated retail cost for the rock and coral. I will also toss in all of the chaeto in my fuge...because I just wont be needing it.
I will also accept reasonable best offers as well :11: