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  1. Green, hairy algae
  2. Is this algae?
  3. Newbie guess: Diatoms, but not sure
  4. Algae Question
  5. something to eat this garbage.
  6. Black Hair Algae Pls Advise
  7. Algone for Algae?
  8. Red Brush Algae eaters?
  9. Cyanobacteria, will this get rid of it?
  10. Hair Algae Stubborn!!!!!!!!
  11. Googled first, now im asking.
  12. What is this!
  13. Diatoms again?!!
  14. Is there any solution to cladophora algae?
  15. Using Bottled Water to Reduce Phosphate Levels?
  16. So i'm starting to rid my tank of Black Beard algae. question.
  17. I think I caught the algae bug
  18. What's this?
  19. what is this green filmy algae and how do i make it go away?
  20. Green Water Algae Help Needed
  21. Ridiculous algae problem
  22. Green Water problem gone!!
  23. quick question
  24. algae eater
  25. BEST way to get rid of Black beard algae?
  26. Is this alage?
  27. White small fuzzy algae
  28. Newbie takes on beard algae.
  29. brown algea on sides of tanks
  30. Black Beard Algae ""HELP""
  31. 10000k or 6700k....Attention Jenn
  32. So that white stuff? Turns out it's algae...
  33. Please help, what is this algae?
  34. What is this?
  35. Algae on gravel
  36. Seriously Please help me restore this tank
  37. Is this black algae?
  38. Anyone have experiences of BBA?
  39. What to do? What to do?
  40. Help! White stuff in tank! Algae? Fungus? Bacteria colony?
  41. Cyanobacteria not responding to hydrogen peroxide
  42. Sun dried BBA - turns purple
  43. algae time
  44. Maybe not algae, but I'm stumped
  45. Growing Algae for Otocinclus
  46. Suspended algae problem
  47. Nitrate reduction of Tap water
  48. Do Marimo Moss Balls Need Prime?
  49. Another point on the filter from hell
  50. What to do about Algae...
  51. brown algae on few month old tank
  52. Lessions learned on Alage and Phosphates
  53. problem or potential problem with green algae?
  54. Help with algae ID
  55. Update on water/nitrate removal systems
  56. Algae
  57. Brown Algae Bad or good , Sorry posted in wrong area
  58. Algae or fungus?
  59. White algae?
  60. BBA clean up
  61. Brown algea on plants are driving me crazy!
  62. I think I have BGA
  63. Algae problem on pool filter sand
  64. Serious BGA & Brown Algae Problem
  65. brown diatom Synedra
  66. Serious algae overgrowth!
  67. slimy sludge algae?
  68. River rocks
  69. Algae ID - double-check, please
  70. Brown or red algae?
  71. Bryan
  72. Should I change my lighting?
  73. Intense Algae Problem
  74. White 'fluff' on my java moss??
  75. White fuzz on aquarium decoration
  76. Sudden Brown Sludge on Rocks, not sure if its algae but i dont kno where else to post
  77. Black hair like strands on plants (hair algae?)
  78. Question about GDA Clean up?
  79. FW tank - Controlling Algae with snails
  80. Staghorn Algae on Plants
  81. Nitrate processing filter issues (anti-algae device)
  82. Cleaning super-stubborn dried-on algae?
  83. Grey Algae starting to infest my tank any ideas on how to slow it down?
  84. Bizarre black crust algae?
  85. Possible to grow enough algae with BN pleco's?
  86. Diatoms again?
  87. HELP ! Extreme algae problem
  88. Otocinclus Catfish made fast work out of my BBA Algae
  89. Brown Algae - Should I add some floating plants
  90. Weird Algae
  91. Blue Green Algae...WTH Happened?
  92. BBA- this was wierd!
  93. curious about it .....
  94. Algae good, bad, too much, just right?
  95. Green spotted algae and brownish algae
  96. Brown Hair Algae In A Filter?
  97. New tank algae
  98. Hair Algae problem
  99. Pulling out my hair - algae
  100. Took algae scrubber out
  101. Mystery Algae
  102. friends alga tank
  103. Moss ball good for aquarium?
  104. hard green algae on glass
  105. Best Algae Eater for a 26 Gallon Tank??
  106. Algae on snail
  107. oh no BBA
  108. algae ID
  109. Diatoms and Staghorn and Phosphate Sponge. O my.
  110. are these slimy strings everywhere a algea
  111. What is This?
  112. Algae Problems
  113. Algae out of control
  114. Diatoms in my 20 gallon tall
  115. Diatoms (or algae)?
  116. Algae or something else?
  117. Daphnia Magna
  118. Algae?
  119. Some General Diatom Questions
  120. Is dosing affecting my diatoms?
  121. Diatoms and algae, the dynamic duo
  122. Problem With Green Water
  123. Black Beard Algae in my low tech planted tank.
  124. That hairy algae :)
  125. Algae help
  126. Trying to learn about algae
  127. What is this stuff and how can I get rid of it.
  128. Algae, i believe its brown
  129. Bba
  130. Diatoms, not going away. How do I get rid of them?
  131. Hair Algae
  132. Decorative Hair Algae?
  133. How to remove blue green algae (Cyanobacteria) of your aquarium
  134. Algae help
  135. Different types of algae attacking different plants.
  136. Brown algae.
  137. Feeding algae
  138. I need help with my 90g! Algae city.
  139. BBA Experiment. Input and advise request!
  140. Algae question 3 month old tank
  141. Moving!
  142. Rio 2016
  143. Algae problem in 10g planted tank.
  144. Daily Algae :( planted, high light, RO water, 50g SeaClear
  145. Green Hair like algae
  146. Established tank, large algae problem (i'm out of ideas)
  147. What is THIS!??!
  148. Yellow Water but no Algae
  149. Help needed for ID and treatment/adjustsments
  150. help, how to remove algae in aquarium?
  151. What algae is this?
  152. Help diagnosing cause of diatoms/brown algae
  153. White thread algae?
  154. UV Light Sterilizer
  155. Suspected BBA, but cannot confirm.
  156. What’s going on with my plants? [emoji271][emoji848]
  157. Scratches
  158. What algae is this?
  159. Needing advise - something floating on water
  160. Weired algea or chemicals?
  161. Another what is this algae thread
  162. Is this algae?
  163. Best Loracariid?
  164. Green water
  165. Need help getting rid of some brown algae pls!