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  1. Options for open-topped tank
  2. What are floating plants?
  3. java moss andjava fern
  4. Moss and algae
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  7. Duckweed!
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  13. Freezing water lilies?
  14. Hornwort....
  15. where to buy
  16. which floating plants look best?
  17. Floating watersprite
  18. is it dieing, or ok
  19. Bought and threw away floating plant
  20. Plant ID ???
  21. Question and Answer
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  24. Riccia - is there no way to avoid the mess?
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  26. Best root system in a floating plant?
  27. Pruning Hornwort...how short should i cut
  28. 2 days in the tank and already flowering
  29. Leaves dying. Burnt? Deficiency? just old? eaten?...
  30. Floating plants question
  31. Snails on floating plants and duckweed...
  32. required?
  33. Score
  34. Question about hornworts? Pictures
  35. betta hammock
  36. Want a floating plant
  37. Frogbit's a darned mess
  38. Good or bad?
  39. water hyacinths?
  40. plant that feeds goldfish floating on top????
  41. Tiny bugs on my floating plants
  42. Water Lettuce
  43. Different types of hornwort?
  44. Exploding hornwort?
  45. Duckweed, frogbit, or water sprite?
  46. Hornwort vs. algae? Allelopathy?
  47. What a pleasant but unforeseen problem.
  48. Vals....sunburning?
  49. duckweed from pond to tank
  50. Floating plant suggestions for a low light, covered tank.
  51. Floating Plants for a 10g tank
  52. Dwarf Water Lettuce
  53. Pics of my fairy fern/moss whatever.
  54. Opinions on Riccia and Amazon Frogbit?
  55. Floating Plants for Discus Tank
  56. Water lettuce
  57. duckweed and goldfish
  58. help me find my green thumb
  59. y doesnt all of my hornwort float
  60. Singapore duckweed
  61. Plants similar to frogbit?
  62. Floating plants + filter pump = giant mess
  63. Hornwort question
  64. Frogbit and Gouramis
  65. Plant ID please, guys
  66. Anacharis or Hornwort?
  67. Getting rid of duckweed
  68. Growing Riccia
  69. What floating plant will grow over the edge of the tank?
  70. nymphaea amazonum?
  71. Hard, White Specks On Moss Balls
  72. floating plant and clown loach
  73. keeping hornwort where I want it
  74. keeping hornwort alive ...
  75. Help: Hornwort
  76. Are Dojos safe amid floating plants?
  77. Getting up there ...
  78. A bit of a Catch 22 ...
  79. Good floating plant for noob plant keeper
  80. How does one pronounce it?
  81. Duckweed - problem getting it started
  82. help me choose!
  83. Anchoring Floating Plant to Submerged Heater Cord?
  84. I can't keep Anarcharis alive
  85. duckweed
  86. water lettuce roots
  87. Red root floater
  88. Yellow hornwort
  89. Floating plant for high light tank to help reduce algae?
  90. What floating plant will work best for me?
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  92. low light floater
  93. sinking elodea!?
  94. High-light floating
  95. Mosquito Fern, Anyone Have This?
  96. Just got Frogbit today.
  97. 850r
  98. Got a question about B. Pennywort
  99. Frogbit and Salvinia
  100. Why do most people don't grow Pennywort in their tank?
  101. Brazilian Pennywort question
  102. HELP id this plant plz!
  103. floating plants to lower my light
  104. Wild floating watermoss
  105. just found some frogbit
  106. Duckweed control, smaller fish???
  107. Beginner Floating Help
  108. Quick question -- floating plants
  109. Amazon Frogbit (Limnobium Spongia)
  110. Best Floating plant for 10 gallon shrimp tank
  111. Floating plant that's legal in Texas?
  112. Ceratopteris pteridoides/water antler fern/water horn fern care?
  113. Floating in Asia
  114. Dwarf Water Lettuce
  115. what floating plants are hardy and thrive well?
  116. Hornwort in a Temperate/Coldwater pond?
  117. Floating plant that likes warmth, has large leaves?
  118. Thi is it
  119. This is it
  120. Indian Fern Propagation:
  121. Amazon Frogbit vs. Red-Root Floater
  122. Plants for salt water sump?