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  1. New betta, color variation?
  2. Pls help: newbie hardwater & cycling questions
  3. Hoping it's not Dropsy
  4. Fighting Betta change
  5. adding betta to new community tank
  6. can someone ID this type of betta?
  7. Identifying Mooch?
  8. New Betta
  9. Petco/Petsmart/Walmart Betta's
  10. Go Garage Saleing
  11. Betta and African dwarf
  12. Betta with broken fin
  13. Future Beta
  14. Old Man Midnight
  15. The Gentle Giant
  16. oldest betta
  17. what are these round things on my betta's fins!?
  18. Just bought 3 tetras, want to put them with Betta
  19. Was I wrong all these years,
  20. Making sure I'm doing everything right?
  21. Anyone Done This?
  22. Keeping A Betta In This Type Of Tank...
  23. Have move Betta for his own safety
  24. Gender-Confused Bettas
  25. new betta tank - please check it out/questions
  26. New Sorority Tank
  27. Farewell Midnight
  28. Adding my betta fish to my other community tank
  29. Question about male Betta aggression through seperators
  30. Bettas and Snails
  31. Help Please !
  32. swimbladder disease coming back?
  33. velvet treatment = how long?
  34. Omega One or Hikari Pellets
  35. What's Going On?
  36. Meet Sunny
  37. Yaay! My beta building bubble nest.
  38. Welcome to Betta Betta Betta!
  39. 5 gallon and a Betta.
  40. sick betta - bladder? constipated? Help
  41. Long weekend - feeding options?
  42. change medicine for velvet?
  43. betta companions
  44. Little Survivor
  45. Mooch is in bad shape
  46. Bye Bye Betta
  47. My Hideous New Betta!
  48. Female betta tank
  49. Sickly Betta
  50. Betta help
  51. betta tankmates in 35 gallon
  52. Australian Betta Competition -- AMAZING!!
  53. Tail splitting and agitated, what should I do?
  54. Say 'hello' to Aries!
  55. Just need to vent!!
  56. Betta wont eat! HELP!
  57. introducing a betta to a community tank
  58. Aries is gone...
  59. Aries, the stupid Houdini fish, has been found!
  60. Picky fish!
  61. Adding a male betta to a community
  62. water changes betta tank
  63. is this the beginning of dropsy?
  64. What should I do now?
  65. Betta's don't like shoals?
  66. water beads = safe?
  67. 5 gal stocking ideas
  68. Hello Im new here
  69. Did I do something stupid?
  70. Visually Impaired Betta?
  71. New Betta!
  72. Water movement?
  73. Been given a small Betta Tank
  74. girlfriends betta tank, soon to be
  75. Bacterial or parasite infection?
  76. Why does my Betta swim laps?
  77. My new desk buddy
  78. Recommend filter for 2.5 gallon betta tank
  79. Male and Female Betta Together
  80. My Betta's eye is puffed up?
  81. Help! Shredded Tail fins
  82. Betta Advice Needed
  83. Tell me I'm overreacting
  84. Betta fish owner with a question
  85. My Ammonia is showing improvement
  86. Always hungry?
  87. Spadetail betta finally in a proper home
  88. Pictures of my tanks
  89. New Betta! Names?
  90. Rose and the Cory Cats amuse me
  91. Betta compatibility
  92. Pretty New to Fish - Fin Rot?
  93. poor betta
  94. Puff the Magic Betta
  95. Rose playing with the shrimp pellet
  96. Betta chomped the activated charcoal
  97. Egg-bound female betta... need help
  98. Home for my Betta's
  99. Happy Betta, but bored?
  100. Overfeeding and underfeeding
  101. Just a pic of Puff!
  102. finally found a color I've been looking for
  103. Hi
  104. Kicking around some ideas
  105. the story of slayer, your views
  106. Identify this tail type?
  107. Betta Help, Filter, Bloating, etc
  108. introducing Jippy
  109. Baby Betta question
  110. what do it do!!
  111. Tiny feeding question
  112. My First Betta! A few questions!!!
  113. Is this gonna be OK?
  114. Body fungus on new Betta
  115. Betta bubbles film.
  116. Finally got a mini top fin heater for the 4 gallon betta tank
  117. re-doing the betta-heater question
  118. minimum tank size for a female Betta
  119. water spritze
  120. So can someone explain Rose's behavior
  121. male betta won't mate
  122. My amazing new boy.. proud of this one yall
  123. Are bettas prone to illness?
  124. Do they make atison betta pro anymore
  125. Betta Behavior?? Question!!!
  126. Best tank temperature
  127. Baby Betta on the way!
  128. A New Betta
  129. Filter flow too powerful?
  130. Betta getting fins ripped/nipped
  131. What is your favorite type of betta?
  132. Betta fish are such funny creatures!
  133. Current in tank
  134. new Aqueon Evolve for my betta, questions about water flow
  135. New boys
  136. My new Rescued Betta
  137. Female betta with Pearl Gourami/Apisogramma?
  138. For a Betta tank?
  139. Betta laying eggs (no male) - HELP!
  140. Help Longterm Betta Illness
  141. my beta scuba steve
  142. Betta sick with ick
  143. Betta fin rot not improving
  144. i need help my betta looks really bad and Im out of ideas...any advice will help
  145. Do Bettas fins ever stop growing?
  146. betas and snails
  147. Blue Butterfly Hm & Gold Dragon HMpk 24/10/2012 birth
  148. Betta flaring causing ragged tail... what to do?
  149. Reducing filter flow.
  150. can beta crash in a ciclid tank?
  151. Sick Betta (pic)
  152. Bettas and Bee Shrimp?
  153. New Betta ^^
  154. Is there any way to tell whether or not a betta will do well in a community tank?
  155. Old man bettas
  156. Finally have my new betta
  157. prepping for Betta
  158. An FYI about giant/king bettas and thier siblings
  159. what is wrong with boy
  160. Red earth worms??
  161. Sick Betta?
  162. Even the best Betta Keepers have problems
  163. male not wrapping female long enough
  164. lazy male betta
  165. Can I get a Betta?
  166. Here's YOSHII
  167. AC20 for 20 Long
  168. I am going to breed bettas
  169. Ripped Fins!
  170. Silly Betta...
  171. Fine Dining BETTA
  172. minimum tank size
  173. What is my betta's fin problem?
  174. Is my betta getting enough food?
  175. Air stone for betta
  176. Mooch on bottom of tank
  177. New Betta
  178. Betta w/ ghost shrimp? Good or bad idea
  179. A little confused...
  180. Care for young bettas?
  181. preset heater vs no heater?
  182. Betta fish Community tank ideas!!!
  183. Wanting to become a betta breeder!!!
  184. Trying to be a good Betta owner, but not sure I'm getting it right... please help :(
  185. Please give a warm welcome to my bettas, Barnabas and Jezebel!
  186. betta popeye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HELP
  187. Planning a betta tank, a little help with tank size and compatibility.
  188. Concerned about my water...
  189. 10g betta tank redo....
  190. I was a good girl, but I really wish I wasn't.
  191. A new start: Ripley
  192. Betta not eating?
  193. Beta Fish Acts Weirdly Ever So Often
  194. Someone bought me a betta as a present and he had fin fungus :( need advice.
  195. Baby Betta
  196. Female bettas
  197. Poor boyfish...
  198. Betta Fish Fins Look Tattered/ Ripped
  199. Temporary Betta Home
  200. Tail biting?
  201. New Betta Stressed by Background
  202. sick betta
  203. Lethargic Betta?
  204. Color Ideas?
  205. halting curent
  206. Peace Lilly and Beta Fish
  207. College Betta
  208. The quicker picker upper
  209. What Betta Fish are Thinking
  210. Sad and discouraged...
  211. Paradise Fish or elephant ear betta
  212. 50 Litre stocking
  213. Betta fish - new 5 gal., filtered tank - unhappy/sick? Black head
  214. digging betta?
  215. betta changing coloe
  216. Setting up a tank without a filter?
  217. Fin rot on 1 year old Betta. Please help.
  218. A few pics of my bettas.
  219. Question on breeding bettas
  220. A little help... Involving a betta and an ant...
  221. Out of curiosity.
  222. Sick Betta?
  223. New Betta advice
  224. Jumping betta video
  225. Was given free betta (with pics)
  226. Is my new Betta sick?
  227. Fin rot recovering?
  228. My Fish
  229. PLEASE HELP!!!? Taking over care of a friends very sick betta
  230. Does any one still breed spade tail bettas?
  231. check this beaut
  232. Twisted fin on Betta? Causes?
  233. Adding my Betta to my community...
  234. Betta not swimming, hanging at the top of tank
  235. Betta on his last legs...
  236. To Prevent Bloating?
  237. a good dry food?
  238. New Betta Tank
  239. dumbo tailed betta
  240. A cute thing admist sadness
  241. betta with pop - eye need a little help
  242. gray thing on fin?
  243. what to look for when picking a betta...
  244. Bettas eating fish fry?
  245. Wrongly identified the gender of betta
  246. Brought our baby home tonight!!!
  247. betta breeding
  248. How long before he acclimates???
  249. Cherry shrimp with betta in 5 gallon?
  250. Betta sulking or sick?