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  1. Beginner 29g Tank - FW plants advice?
  2. Dragonstone
  3. Good carpeting plants?
  4. Need help regarding plants
  5. Water movement in planted tank
  6. Which plants to use in 55 gal. with ferts and co2 (freshwater)
  7. Can someone ID these plants?
  8. Help identifying plant.
  9. Advice on preparing to do a planted tank
  10. Alternative to Amazon Swords?
  11. Identifying Nutrient Deficiencies in plants
  12. Water Sprite
  13. Deficiencies
  14. newly establishing plants
  15. Whats your gh?
  16. Can anyone help me ID my plants?
  17. *PIC HEAVY* Crypt problem... Need some expert advice please.
  18. Should I bury the top of this plant..
  19. Ammonia Spike for Planted Substrates?
  20. Hair grass care. Beginner Planter
  21. Calcium deficiency
  22. Transferring plants to new tank
  23. Fertilisers and Algae
  24. 55g low tech lighting
  25. 1st Low Tech Dirted or non-Dirted?
  26. Substrate Question with plants?
  27. Dumb hairgrass question
  28. Want To Start A Planted Tank
  29. 24hr Lighting - LED moonlight mode
  30. First plants came in...now what?
  31. Do Ramshorn Snails eat plants ?
  32. Brand new to planted tanks!!
  33. Need Help With Plant ID
  34. Want To Start A Planted Tank
  35. Trying to find out what this plant is
  36. need deficiency diagnosis help
  37. Finally getting rid of plastic plants
  38. Substrate for Beginner planted tank.
  39. Using water change water for vegetable garden?
  40. What about my setup is wrong?
  41. Dying Amazzon Sword
  42. rotala wallichi problems
  43. Does Micro Ferts Add Nitrates?
  44. Goldfish. To Plant or Not to Plant?
  45. Would a 9w 22" LED be good for plants?
  46. My new fluval eco bright led lamp
  47. Should I cut or just let it grow?
  48. Flourish Comprehensive
  49. Quick question about new plants!
  50. Will crypts grow through a staurogyne repens carpet?
  51. Temporary housing
  52. Amazon sword
  53. Swords are hurting
  54. Plant newbie wants suggestions
  55. looking for nice LED panel suggestions?
  56. Need help with plant ID
  57. ID these two plants
  58. C02
  59. Monster Amazon Sword
  60. Plants from Catfish pond. Can I use them and what are they?
  61. Anyone have any Java Moss?
  62. Dwarf Hairgrass Question
  63. Dwarf Rotala Won't Stay Planted
  64. easy plants
  65. New Plant Order
  66. Plant ID help?
  67. WTB Plants!
  68. Asian/Indian Plants
  69. How many plants for 75 gallon?
  70. Lucky Bamboo - Does anyone here use this in their aquarium?
  71. Why do we dose Iron?
  72. Amazon Sword Budding?
  73. Newbie 15 Gallon Lighting Help
  74. Shipping Plants
  75. Freshwater plant suggestions
  76. replacing plants with sponge media
  77. Hemianthus callitrichoides HC CUBA seeds from EBAY.
  78. Is my ludwigia dying or turning red?
  79. Propagating Banana Plants
  80. Ludwigia dark red rotting from the stem up, help!
  81. Warm Water Plants?
  82. Starting A 29g Planted Tank
  83. house plants
  84. Just got my first live plants... WHAT is this?!
  85. Overseas plants
  86. Java fern ID pls
  87. How do people get their Java Fern to look "planted"
  88. Is this a fake amazon sword? Look alike plant?
  89. Planted tank question
  90. General Question about Lights
  91. Bubbles by my Filter
  92. Newbie question about floating, trimming, and ammonia source
  93. Would the 6500k current(brand) LED light work for a low maintenence 10g planted tank?
  94. Rice, rice, baby
  95. Sword ID pls!
  96. Did I Just actually BUY duckweed?
  97. Blackwater and plants?
  98. Won Auction on Two Plants.. what to do when they arrive?!
  99. Hampshire aquascaping and fish - EVENT
  100. Plants and pearling
  101. mystery plant
  102. Rotala rotundifolia (?) as a carpet plant!
  103. What kind of amazon sword is this? Narrow leaf?
  104. Good plant types for small tanks?
  105. Anchors Away
  106. Root tabs or fertilized substrated for carpet plants?
  107. Planted Aquarium Test Kits?
  108. Plant ID. Type of moss?
  109. Plant advice needed for tall, low light heavily planted tank.
  110. Can anyone get an ID on these red plants?
  111. picked up some plants
  112. GH & KH First Readings
  113. Harvesting Plants to Use in Your Aquarium
  114. Suggestions on lighting and plant options.
  115. Planted tank upgrade question....
  116. making an Iron Chelate Solution
  117. CO2 help
  118. Diffuser size?
  119. Tiger lily help
  120. Looking to do diy flood light lighting
  121. Crypt Children
  122. Has Anyone Had Experience with Micranthemum "Monte Carlo" ?
  123. Is my java fern multiplying?
  124. Ferts on low tech tanks
  125. Lighting on low tech
  126. Light description...
  127. Problems with my planted 40b
  128. Is This Plant Dead?
  129. Very Pleased With These Plants!
  130. Dusty Plants (Flourite Black Sand)
  131. Uggh! Diatoms...
  132. Mixing Substrate Question
  133. How to attach this moss to spiderwood?
  134. What's Wrong with My Water Wisteria?
  135. Plant ideas?
  136. Permit to Sell Java Moss
  137. All new growth is pink/yellow
  138. Help! My tank looks awful :(
  139. Putting substrate in an aquarium that already has water in it
  140. Worm castings for a dirted tank?
  141. Carpet plant
  142. My 33g breeder tank
  143. Fast growing plants.
  144. Plant question
  145. Flourish Advance experiment
  146. My BW light is working again!
  147. QT procedure for new plants
  148. DIY root tab - Osmocote alternative?
  149. How to get true emersed growth out of swords?
  150. Water poppy?
  151. Marimo moss balls
  152. Hairgrass trouble
  153. Seachem Plant Fertilizers
  154. Mulberry leaves
  155. New crypt
  156. Unidentified plant
  157. It's duckweed, not frogbit!
  158. Are There Any Bottom Feeder Friendly Plant Substrates? Fine-grained And Smooth?
  159. New to plants, so maybe silly question
  160. To trim or not to trim that is the question...
  161. Lighting 55 gallon
  162. Low-light alternatives to cabomba/ambulia?
  163. Indian almond leaves
  164. Rasbora Video and Plant Discussion.
  165. Plant pics from my 10l planted tank