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  1. Options for CO2?
  2. If you could only have one type of plant in a tank...
  3. 108 watts on 29gallon?
  4. Totally confused about lighting!
  5. Plant questions.
  6. Ferns that need some help
  7. Amazon Biotope: Plant suggestions?
  8. Lighting issue
  9. Plant ID help, please?
  10. HC/dwarf baby tear light reqs
  11. Fish uprooting plants
  12. Substrate depth for Vallisneria
  13. Vallisneria, fertz + shrimp
  14. DSM Dwarf Baby Tears
  15. Will I need root tabs with these plants?
  16. water sprite...floating to rooted?
  17. Attempting a planted aquarium for first time
  18. 5.5 gal betta tank
  19. disconnect co2 at night?
  20. Cycling with plants
  21. Potassium Deficiency?
  22. Need a plant that floats without being overbearing
  23. Starting my first tank with live plants...help please!
  24. pH Controller Recommendations Please
  25. Flourish vs. Flourish Excel
  26. Question About Defusing CO2
  27. Amazon swords
  28. Can a planted tank be TOO clean?
  29. Requesting suggestions for low-maintenance plants
  30. api or seachem root tabs?
  31. Enough light for cabomba?
  32. Plans to add pressurized CO2
  33. thinking of doing highr light requirent plants
  34. id on two plants
  35. Working on my first cory/planted tank and need advice on substrate, lighting, plants
  36. Lighting for 20gal, brands, any other useful info on lights please! D:
  37. Getting rid of snail hitch hikers!
  38. mixing black diamond sand with flourite...
  39. ideas on shorter plants for shrimp.
  40. Plant ideas for column-style tank
  41. fast growing hardy plant?
  42. pros and cons of dirted tanks?
  43. Rockwool... why? WHY?!
  44. Planting a pre-existing tropical community tank
  45. CO2 recipe
  46. Good plant ID website? MY LFS just sell the plants...as plants.
  47. 29g tall 36w of T-5 67k lighting what light range of plants?good online plant shops?
  48. Wild Lake plants
  49. CO2/O2 Balance... That's the Question
  50. 3" rule, does it always apply?
  51. Noob needs planting techniques advice please!
  52. Flourish Comprehensive NOT working!!!
  53. Planted Tank on a Budget
  54. can i use emt style scissors for my plants?
  55. "excellent list of low light plants"
  56. yay i think im about to order the plants for my shrimps
  57. Fertilizer question
  58. planting large portion of dwarf hair grass?
  59. Beginner Planting
  60. Reccomend me a plant.
  61. Plant id's ?
  62. Replanting a Plant?
  63. Need help with lighting - just so confused!
  64. Seachem Flourish root tabs any issues with PH changes? or the copper?
  65. Substrate for a planted tank
  66. Talking Fertalizers
  67. Dying Java Fern
  68. Would appreciate an I.D for this plant
  69. Do all plants need added fertilizer?
  70. Putting Sand (Or Other Substrate) On Top of Gravel
  71. Aquarium Plant Tools
  72. Where you all buying your plants from?
  73. lets talk about substrate...
  74. Which liquid fert for my plants?
  75. Best val for a 55
  76. Plant Aquascape ideas
  77. Plant Idenitfication
  78. Plant IDing
  79. Ugh grey algae what can I do to get this ugly stuff out?
  80. How are Katville fish root tabs?
  81. Question regarding fertilizers and nitrates too.
  82. Miracle grow organic potting mix?
  83. Gravel vacuum on planted tank & re-directing the mulm to areas with plants???
  84. hair algae help
  85. Anybody use Purple Cabomba anymore or Ambulia?
  86. Any thoughts on using native aquatic plants?
  87. Just cant get plants to grow in tank
  88. Help me plant my 29g tall. 36w t-5 15w compact lighting 67k
  89. can someone tell me what sort of plant this is ?
  90. trying to ID this plant
  91. Wil this work for a planted tank?
  92. In the planning stages...
  93. favorite easy stem plants?
  94. Will floating plants help with protein film?
  95. Algae help
  96. Petco pre-packaged plants
  97. Disinfecting live plants
  98. What my plants names? *photos*
  99. Need help with floating plant: wont stay down
  100. Plant ID?
  101. Starting a cold water Asian biotope aquarium, looking for plants
  102. A Few Questions
  103. Thoughts on a light that will bring me up to 3 watts of t-5 HO 6500k a gallon
  104. Will this bulb work for plants?
  105. How are my plants doing?
  106. Upgraded my 29g to 96 watts of t-5 HO plant, fert, and co2 injecter suggestions plz
  107. Strange green arrow shaped spiky leaved plant that has been producing rhizomes helpID
  108. Cheapest source of co2 to refill my 20oz paintball tanks?
  109. How Do You Get Your Plants to Stick in the Substrate?
  110. Plants not growing?
  111. Amazon Sword & Lighting
  112. Question about DIY CO2 system
  113. Resurrecting a failing planted tank
  114. the difference plant nutrition makes
  115. Identify and how to plant?
  116. Why you shouldn't put a Hornwort in a standard bleach treatment
  117. Have anyone tried ordering plants from Asia
  118. What plants can I grow under these lights?
  119. Plants lacking nutrients in new cycling tank, or transplant shock?
  120. Looking for java moss and floating plants
  121. What kind of plant is this?
  122. Wanting Plants
  123. Is this what Hornwort should look like?
  124. Plant and light suggestions for a 36g bowfront...
  125. info on Selaginella willdenowii
  126. need help with apon's
  128. needing a bit extra iron in my substrate
  129. Added more plant's
  130. new Java Fern bud ?
  131. anyone know what this is?
  132. id please
  133. Struggling with Live Plants... Advice Needed
  134. Plants for the Newbie...
  135. Dying for live plants in tall 38 gallon
  136. hydrocotyle that doesnt climb?
  137. went on a walk and saw some cool stuff, ID if you can
  138. Which fertilizer/s should I use?
  139. Will these plants work in a 55 gal
  140. will these animals eat African water fern (Bolbitis heudelotii)
  141. 10,000k vs 6,700k
  142. would a 48-72 hr black out hurt my plants too much?
  143. 75 gallon sword tank help
  144. Lighting
  145. Can you trim Vallisneria, like grass?
  146. Plant suggestions
  147. what do you dose for ferts?
  148. Problem with plants?
  149. Snails?
  150. Help me Identify my plants please.
  151. Light Requirements for Plants
  152. Stiff Plants, Small Space
  153. Vacuuming Gravel
  154. Can I plant with this set-up?
  155. Time to replace stock HO T5 bulbs, but in which config?
  156. 1st REAL attempt at planted tank. Am I on the right track?
  157. Suggestions for plants?
  158. New Plants? something tall and leafy
  159. Api CO2 plant booster for freshwater plants? Anubias Nana, Java Fern, Amazon Sword.
  160. 10 gallon planting options
  161. Need advice on Corkscrew Vallisneria
  162. Question about breaking apart a large plant
  163. Aquatic Combo
  164. Plant being eaten?
  165. Ferts, Nitrates, and Java Ferns
  166. Amazon Sword with brown spots and transparent leaves?
  167. Is it normal to replace plants regularly?
  168. Help identifying this plant
  169. Lighting advice for a 30g, 16" tall, 36" L, 12"W
  170. Is my nitrate level considered too low for plants?
  171. I.D for these plants + requirements
  172. Planting in soil and new lights - newbie
  173. How to create carpet - Dwarf Baby Tears?
  174. Help with explanation
  175. Plants dying!
  176. Java Moss
  177. good groundcover?
  178. Identification please
  179. Jungle Val roots rotting or turning brown? Help
  180. How to save/grow Cabomba plant?
  181. Indentity for this carpet plant?
  182. How to fix weak stems?
  183. just can't wrap my head around co2
  184. Dwarf Lily
  185. Pressurized co2 in a 6 gallon
  186. What plant is this?
  187. Tank lighting comparisons
  188. Amanos v DHG
  189. White Fuzz Growing on Plants
  190. Help me please im new!
  191. Lighting
  192. Hair Grass in a
  193. Aquaticlife Edge LED for Plant Growth 24" deep tank
  194. CaribSea Eco-Complete Black questions
  195. how long to light
  196. Advice please?
  197. Question for the plant people
  198. was this a good idea?
  199. Alternanthera plant dying at alarming rate
  200. My plants
  201. What is this?
  202. Cutting down plants for sale
  203. Planting Advice
  204. my poor crypts....
  205. Plant Setup (Beginner)
  206. i cant belive ive been just passing by the petco tubes plants....
  207. Saving Eco complete
  208. My planted 55
  209. When to dose ferts after water change?
  210. What red plants?
  211. Propagating Java Fern?
  212. Problem Growing Plants
  213. Rotala Rotundifolia
  214. can you identify these 2 new plants?
  215. More plant questions
  216. plant id please?
  217. Rotalas taking on colour
  218. Plant ID needed
  219. Ready for dry ferts. Help!
  220. Discovered a new plant (To me at least)
  221. About to order dry ferts
  222. Lilaeopsis chinensis
  223. what the heck is this on my moss
  224. Dwarf Sag I hear
  225. Dwarf Hairgrass Mat carpet for my Pleco??
  226. advice on 1st DIY CO2 diffuser
  227. Information on Silk Plants? I have been looking on the net. Questions about it?
  228. advice for an app
  229. Amazone Sword is Planted in the Tank Now!
  230. Fast Growing Low Light Plants
  231. Any clue what plant this is?
  232. Root Bound?
  233. Converting a normal tank into a planted tank.
  234. weird film on plants?
  235. pruning and replanting
  236. Found Silvinia molesta
  237. Use of the Colocasia(taro) plant in a freshwater refugium ?
  238. Dry start of dwarf hair grass in the cold?
  239. New Project
  240. Worst things for aquatic plants?
  241. Help for live plant as a "secondary concern"
  242. New to plants
  243. How to start a planted tank?
  244. Glue your plants down?
  245. Deciding on a sword
  246. Fertilizer Needed?
  247. Low Light Planted aquarium
  248. 29 gallon lighting
  249. Best plant/moss for aquatic tree. Low tech
  250. Help ID plants