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  1. Cory Barbs missing...
  2. Possible Fin rot? Please help [emoji30]
  3. Cory cats with fungus and platies acting odd
  4. (Goldfish) How to slow down fin rot until medications arrive (in about 2 weeks)??
  5. Is this Hydrogen Peroxide safe to use on my fish?
  6. Are the platies still sick?
  7. Can't get rid of worms! Help!
  8. Please help save my daughter’s (remaining) fish
  9. Kanaplex
  10. Epsom salt bath
  11. Sick fish diagnosis
  12. Sick Blue Dwarf Gourami
  13. MY gold fish looks sick
  14. Black Neon - Pregnant or a Tumor?
  15. Help diagnose my guppies? / cure?
  16. Balloon ram staying at top of tank
  17. I think my platy has ich
  18. Ich, I'm going to pay for my sins now. :(
  19. Paraguard dosing question
  20. OMG what is wrong with him??
  21. Still having issues in my 75G
  22. First time fish owner with popeye issue and medication. Please help!
  23. What to do?! Tetra with a *serious* wound on belly
  24. Need help please, weird swimming behavior
  25. It comes in threes
  26. Bala flew out of the tank and is now blind
  27. What is on the new CPDs?
  28. Need Help Diagnosing an Injury/Infection
  29. Gourami sick - please help identifying and finding a cure
  30. White bubble around dead fish
  31. What is this on my barb?
  32. What is this on my Kuhli Loach
  33. Fish losses
  34. finrot help please!
  35. Platy with hole in cheek?
  36. Did I? I did, didn't I?
  37. New fish rubbing a few times on aquascaping/plants
  38. Something Wrong with Dwarf Gourami.. Maybe Sick?
  39. Please take a look at this phantom
  40. Sick rummynose tetras from chain LFS
  41. White spot on top of gourami
  42. Goldfish Looking very sick, please help!
  43. Bug in tank, hitchhiked in on plant.
  44. Swelling and loss of skin on kuhli loach?
  45. sick cory - unsure of what to do
  46. Prazipro in food dose
  47. Fish infection
  48. My very sick fish
  49. Not sure whats wrong with my betta..?
  50. Recent, referenced article on columnaris
  51. Help with my EB ram
  52. White around plecos anus
  53. Looking for a diagnosis Pls HELP
  54. First Time Treating Ich, Please Help
  55. Everything has died except one
  56. Serpae tetra bullying and sickness
  57. red minor tetra - now dead
  58. Sick Neon Tetra
  59. treating parasites in dwarf puffers
  60. kanaplex/kanamicyn side effect?
  61. Help Please
  62. Dropsy
  63. How to Euthanize a Fish?
  64. Treating with Furanol and Metro
  65. Does this angel have a problem?
  66. Tetra has swimbladder issues and is trembling
  67. Cichlids wasting/losing weight
  68. Discus disease or mixed med killed fish
  69. Callamanus worms in the fishroom PLS help!!!
  70. Best Ich Medication?
  71. Rozy barb with a tumur?
  72. Help! I can't identify this growth
  73. Oscar is acting strange.
  74. Help with ich
  75. Ich always in the tank?
  76. Woes of not having a QT tank. Help.. Fungus? :(
  77. Iridescent shark in a bad shape
  78. Is my betta sick?
  79. Rescued sick tetras
  80. vic with sunken belly
  81. Med toxicitiy and dosage
  82. Pleco hernia?
  83. Parasitic nematodes What does this mean?
  84. Gram neg bacteria
  85. Green Terror Whirling
  86. Cories and qt
  87. My Gourami is sick.
  88. Betta fish turning white! Help!
  89. Sick fish,help with meds please
  90. Rummy has weird white ring around eye, swollen gill
  91. Thin Cory
  92. All my fish died (by parasites?) and I'm afraid to put new fish in the tank...
  93. Sick Fish!!!
  94. Constipated angelfish
  95. Microscope or not?
  96. My shark has a huge growth on his head
  97. Old-ish Pleco problem
  98. Please help!!! Discuss thrashing BAD!!
  99. Too many choices
  100. Angelfish still look skinny :(
  101. 3 mouths without eating ,Please help
  102. Black Molly with White Spots/Fuzz?
  103. Help with my fish, Carla
  104. Excellent Research Article on Flavobacterium columnare (Columnaris)
  105. Help with a swelled goldfish
  106. Is this normal?
  107. Danio with a hole
  108. Another sickly looking serpae
  109. Mystery Illness???
  110. Meds adverse react?
  111. Furanol and gyrodol{nitrofuran and Praziquantel}
  112. Jackie Dreamer has Ich!
  113. A danio that's not eating.
  114. Flame tetra in QT
  115. Is kanaplex and furanl safe with sanils?
  116. Swim bladder disease?
  117. Auratus bloated
  118. Quarantine question
  119. Swollen eye
  120. Something's wrong with Sunkist!
  121. Is this an unhealthy poop?
  122. Mold in fish tank
  123. Sick Oscar
  124. walking catfish very sick
  125. I don't know what's wrong... fish dying
  126. bayttril dosage
  127. Epsom baths
  128. Vic with mouth growth
  129. Fungus on a pleco
  130. bloated guppy
  131. Otocinclus Affinis
  132. Help with sick guppies
  133. Diagnosis and direction for Betta
  134. Help Apistogramma Clamped Fins, Hiding
  135. Male halfmoon betta’s tail turning pink
  136. Tumor?
  137. What's up with my Molly's lip?
  138. Water perfect yet fish continue to die - please help
  139. Iridescent shark isnt eating
  140. Oodinium without Host
  141. Oto with Popeye
  142. Cherry Barbs with Ich in QT tank
  143. Sick guppies
  144. Sick goldfish with popeye
  145. Levamisole HCL weird smell
  146. Scalofi spitting his food
  147. Sick goldfish
  148. Guppy help
  149. Majority of fish medication to be banned in Canada
  150. Sick angelfish. Help!!
  151. Very sick GF
  152. Cories with fin rot.
  153. Redness and no appetite ,Shark
  154. Disease or aggression
  155. pleco bad poop
  156. blood parrot spitting
  157. Auratus changed color
  158. blood parrot spitting ,now not eating
  159. lethargic fantail
  160. Parrot truned white
  161. Black Moor With Creeping White Stripes
  162. Rescued pangaisus Neuroligical prob?
  163. Sick goldfish
  164. Bumps on my fish
  165. Betta with fin rot
  166. parasites?
  167. Weird poop
  168. Good Video on Ich Treatment
  169. Mysterious Disease (with pictures)
  170. Very sick betta - no med has helped! :-(
  171. Fish is bleeding
  172. Mbuna with sunken belly
  173. red blood parrot fish has bump
  174. Cherry barbs
  175. Gill problem
  176. Unsure about this condition? Missing scales? Something else?
  177. Lip parasite or disease?
  178. Not eating and swalloed mouth
  179. very sick guppy
  180. Guppy spitting his food and swimming at the bottom
  181. Whirling GF
  182. Betta species issue. Or is it fin rot?
  183. Lethargic betta
  184. swolloed mouth malawi
  185. discus help
  186. Emergency fish inshock!
  187. bloated and possible prolapse
  188. African fish losing weight
  189. Help! very distressed fish!
  190. fish keep getting worse
  191. Goldfish dosent eat with swollen face
  192. Possible tumour?? Help!
  193. Goldfish - Tail tips have turned black
  194. Using Epsom salt bath to treat constipation for GloFish Tetra
  195. Update: Glofish swimming erratically - Videos
  196. Glofish Tetra upset bc of loss of tankmate
  197. RE: Fin problem and Sideways list
  198. What is this " Growth "...going around on my fish?
  199. Anyone Know what this is?!
  200. Help Identifying
  201. Treatment resistant Whitespot.
  202. Ick treatment/temperature interactions