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  1. ID This Disease
  2. White fungus on tail fin
  3. Blue Ram with Pop eye
  4. Treatment of Ick of GLO tetras
  5. Cory with Fungus
  6. Is it an ich or not?
  7. Female convict has a sore with some type of tissue sticking out
  8. Is this TB?
  9. Totally stumped on what's wrong with my Angel, any ideas?
  10. Heat treatment again!
  11. Platy - Ich?
  12. Humane way of euthanizing fish?
  13. Help! Possible Velvet or something else? API Super Ick Cure?
  14. fish scratching again on decorations
  15. Sterbai cory - fungus infection?
  16. What has this angelfish got on his eye?
  17. I'm almost certain this is ich- But i was about to change substrates...
  18. River fish found with black stuff on gut lining... Sick?
  19. Cardinal Tetra with worms on it! Help please!
  20. Fin Rot (?) Troubles
  21. Red on fish
  22. Treating a tank with Prazi Pro
  23. What disease is this?! please help!
  24. To euthanize or no? Listless betta.
  25. Dying fish - help please!
  26. Roseline sharks, possible bacterial infection?
  27. Cloudy eye silver dollar
  28. Shrimp safe intestinal parasite killer?
  29. Gas Bubble Disease
  30. Aftermath of Ich
  31. Something up with female angelfish.
  32. Decomposed Fish
  33. Strange worm spotted...
  34. Anyone ever used seachem metronidazole?
  35. strange large white area
  36. treating my tank for a fungus
  37. hard to decide to treat or not to
  38. Angelfish with prolapse and infection
  39. How to disinfect tank?
  40. Fish bleeding out of gills - urgent
  41. sick molly
  42. Water change between doses of medication?
  43. I am having the HARDEST time with helping my Betta. Please help!
  44. Swim bladder disease!! Help!!
  45. fungus...
  46. Sick rummynose tetras
  47. To treat or not to treat....
  48. Sick Female Guppy
  49. Strange Red Spots on Oto's Head
  50. Maracyn 2
  51. Buenos Aires Tetra - Swollen Gill
  52. Dollar floating like "C shape
  53. flake food?
  54. waving the white flag...
  55. My gold fishes have Fish Lice
  56. Fuzzy face, spotted stripe, and the frayed fin crew....
  57. Platy with Drops. Need help urgently!
  58. tough little thing...
  59. Detritus Worms
  60. Fish Tuberculosis, are all fish in contact automatically contaminated
  61. No symptoms other than lethargy.
  62. Is this fungus on my Gold Ram??
  63. Battling ick for 2 months now. Exhausted ALL treatment. Any Advise?
  64. Sick apisto. Is this fungus?
  65. neon tetra looks faded and does not school hd vid included
  66. Is this ICH or am I just paranoid?
  67. Hatchets with ich?
  68. Swimming in a circle help!!
  69. Severum, protruding anus
  70. Anchor worms and fungus?
  71. 3 sick little ADFs
  72. Did mardel shut down.
  73. I think I just cured fungus in 48 hours
  74. My poor Betta is sick
  75. What are the plant-safe medicines for fish?
  76. Is this fungus and what else should I do?
  77. Whirling disease?
  78. red gill bacteria infection???
  79. ICH Emergency
  80. Help!! Sick Lab
  81. Oh dear - Sickly American Flagfish
  82. Platies with ich, getting worse despite treatment.
  83. Ich - recommendations to cure?
  84. Fungus on Cory?
  85. Fish gills red or normal on these cherry barbs and otincupulus
  86. Concerning sponge filters and meds
  87. Angelfish health problems
  88. Repost of "Lethargic and flashing checkerboard"
  89. Gill flukes vs Cycle?
  90. Finrot? - Bronze Cory
  91. unknown disease
  92. Angel fish sick hurt/sick
  93. Food passing through fish undigested - right after feeding!
  94. Guppies / Mollies seem to be swimming surface of water from time to time
  95. First case of illness
  96. Weirdest Platy Poop I have ever seen
  97. Medic!!!
  98. Very Toxic...What?!
  99. Really drawn-out illness (Columnaris?)
  100. Does Dip Method Work?
  101. Fish just hanging and not eating - help do I euthanize
  102. German Ram pop eye
  103. Anchor worms?
  104. Ich on channel catfish
  105. ich on Neon Tetras and possible ich Transfer
  106. Losing lot of fish over mouth disease
  107. Please help with ID for proper treatment
  108. 2 year old Oranda very ill, Looking for help if possible.
  109. help! callamus worms
  110. Danio - Possible Problem?
  111. Ich or fungus?
  112. Ich?
  113. Betta's fin changing color and deteriorating
  114. Red nose!!!!!!!!!
  115. Hole in the head
  116. Urgent assistance required
  117. Medications-ingredients-disease Treated
  118. Red Guppy Tail and change in behavior
  119. Tail Rot?
  120. ID my neon problem
  121. Bump on catfish?
  122. Fish dying, what do I do now!
  123. Need advice on treating sick platy
  124. Dwarf Gourami Black Marks
  125. Euthanizing a fish?
  126. Need Help Curing Angelfish Please
  127. cloudy eyes and popping/swollen
  128. bizarre deaths
  129. different types of antibiotics
  130. Maybe not a tumor?
  131. pearl gourami with white dots on eyes, help.
  132. Frog Tumor?
  133. Will malachite green (for ich) interfere with my biological filtration?
  134. 2 different medicine?
  135. White patches on betta?
  136. Really skinny tetra
  137. Yellow fish is sad- tetra
  138. Sick Cichlid
  139. fin rot??
  140. Does our Guppy have TB?
  141. My Cardinal Tetras/ rummynose tetras keep dying
  142. Treating ick on goldfish
  143. Parasites in the eyes
  144. Swelling on pepperedcat
  145. Fish eye
  146. Closed fin / clamped fin
  147. Please help me identify this...?
  148. Ugh..I hope I did the right thing..
  149. Velvet and Ich- suggestions?
  150. Need help identifying issue
  151. HELP! False Julii Cory is dying!
  152. bruise or something else?
  153. White specs on my aquarium walls
  154. Melafix
  155. lost the 2 honey gourami and my last endler livebearer to ich or velvet
  157. HELP- Severe ICH infestation-Fish deteriorating fast
  158. Help, Please Identify what kind of disease my fish died
  159. Is this Ich or something else?
  160. Alternative to prazipro?
  161. Fish with Shimmies
  162. Treating Ick/Ich with Seachem Paraguard
  163. Parasites in the flesh
  164. Ich
  165. My green tiger barb is sick :(
  166. fat lips disease
  167. Neon tetra disease??
  168. Goldfish going red, is this ammonia burn?
  169. Mickey platy with long brown strand hanging out of rear
  170. Sick Oto.. suggestions please.
  171. Camallanus worms : does white ones mean dead ones?
  172. Ick treatment with live plants and Cory cats
  173. Fin Rot or actual physical damage
  174. Help with Ammonia, Nitrite, and Nitrate
  175. Study of Melafix - does not have antibacterial properties
  176. Found CAE dead, bloated. Starved, constipated, or dropsy?
  177. Zebra danio going insane
  178. Ich Problem
  179. Help Diagnose
  180. Medication for fish + fertilizers for plants, yes or no?
  181. How to dose this Levamisole HCL?
  182. Bosemani Rainbow - Yellowish Patches on Head
  183. Any Ideas What Has Happened Here?
  184. Black fin rot
  185. Pregnant or ill?
  186. Panda cory with growth on forehead
  187. Fish had pop-eye, I think the eye poppped
  188. Could my clown pleco be sick?
  189. Ulcers forming in swordtails
  190. Help with German Blue Ram
  191. need help sick angelfish!
  192. Sick angelfish... .please help
  193. My Fishes become blood red all over mouth and gills
  194. Tiny white "worms"?
  195. Ich and fenbendazole
  196. Sick swordtail
  197. Recommended meds for internal parasites
  198. Spinning disease ? , Tiger Barb
  199. help with bent dwarf gourami ID and possible lymphocystitis on golden ram
  200. Tumor on T. espei
  201. Beginnings of a die off?
  202. What's growing on my gravel?
  203. Seachem Paraguard
  204. Popeye from Nitrogen in Water?
  205. First time planted tank, now ick.
  206. Fenbendazole
  207. Erratically Swimming Lemon Tetra
  208. Gourami looking bad
  209. Mistaken ich?!
  210. Brown Knife eyes
  211. Help 3 of my Cichlids have Died!! What is going on?? Picture showing the problem!
  212. genetian violet for cotton fungus?
  213. What is this????
  214. Kanaplex compatibility
  215. Why would just the Serpae tetras die?
  216. Help with sick fish
  217. Sick Discus-no visual signs
  218. Heat treating Ich - will my fish tolerate 86F?
  219. joy another ick battle other bad luck lately
  220. help? Dark spot on tiger barb belly?
  221. Hydra in my planted guppy tank!
  222. Sick danios?
  223. Unusual (and likely paranoid sounding) question
  224. Rope Fish Dying
  225. Discus with open wound
  226. Don't want to contaminate new 40B
  227. Guppy dead with hole!
  228. Gold Barb With V-Shape Downward Protruding Stomach (No Bloating)
  229. Dwarf guarmi with lump on one side
  230. Help me and my Rummynose!
  231. Heat ICH TREATMENT DID'NT WORK / How to remove ich?! HELP !!!
  232. Ich or no?
  233. Fish Tb, Parasites Or What?! Help !
  234. Treating White spot/Ich in a cold water tank
  235. Possible mouth fungus or parasite in Harly Rasboras?
  236. Goldfish with a black eye
  237. an effected psuedosphromenus cupanus
  238. Leopard Ctenopoma With Ich
  239. Swim Bladder Infection?
  240. Black spots under gourami's scales?
  241. Ick, I'm ticked!
  242. Best medication for mouth "fungus"
  243. Lymphocystis
  244. I thought this was ICH!
  245. Angelfish not swimming
  246. Can anyone tell me what this is?
  247. Some help please...
  248. Rasbora Espei - Ugly growth, Eratic Swim
  249. Mollies Not Behaving Normally, PLEASE HELP!
  250. Black spot on phantom tetra