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  1. Could this be TB?
  2. How Long Can TB Last Without Host?
  3. Formalin MS, how dangerous?
  4. ick
  5. My fish is ill!
  6. Just found Ich
  7. What is this fungus? Help!
  8. Goldfish sick for 1.5 months
  9. Life or death!! Help my Oto!
  10. fin rot contagious?
  11. New Tank, Diseases, Treatments?
  12. The all-too common upside down goldfish...
  13. Incubation period for Pleistophora Hyphessobryconis (neon tetra disease)
  14. help with black moore
  15. Dwarf Neon Rainbow (Melanotaenia praecox) Finrot? Please help identify
  16. Bloated guppy...should I euthanize?
  17. Properly disinfecting my QT after disease
  18. ammonia troubles
  19. I Keep Losing Goldies to the Dreaded "Swim Bladder Disease"...
  20. White cotton tuft like fungus on fish fin
  21. How to deal with the Ick
  22. white fury thing on my fish
  23. What am I dealing with?
  24. Assistance needed please, so frustrated
  25. one of my cory panda has a pop out eye!
  26. Mooch is losing tail fringe - treat or wait-and-see?
  27. Severe Tail Rot
  28. fin rot or nipping on my colombian tetras?
  29. What are these patches on my african cichlid?
  30. Need help , angelfish
  31. Is this dropsy?
  32. ich in 90 gal tank - treatment guidance please
  33. Guppy at risk?
  34. white spots on my new neon tetras
  35. What causes this???
  36. white spots on my neons!
  37. What is this? Advice?
  38. Problem with my aquarium...Possible anchor worm
  39. Spot of White, Raised Scales on Rasbora
  40. I'm at my whit's end!
  41. Is it ich or did I jump the gun?
  42. Really????
  43. ICK article worth reading
  44. Help With Panda Cory And White Stuff On Body?!
  45. Equipment Contamination
  46. red area around celebes rainbowfish mouth?
  47. Gibbiceps 'skin' shredding
  48. Weird symptoms, can anyone diagnose?
  49. 2 Raised bumps on Black Phantom Tetra
  50. Fish has weird skin disorder
  51. Not eating head down tail pointing upwards breathing heavily
  52. Green Terror sick. Mouth/eating problems
  53. Anchor Worm and Clout Concerns
  54. Unknown, possible columnaris?
  55. white around mouth of celebes rainbow.\
  56. Don't want Boomer to die
  57. I cannot catch a break right now...
  58. Oto with a concussion?
  59. golden wonder cancer? bacteria?
  60. 55 Gal Freshwater Barb tank
  61. Hi there... Help!!
  62. Potassium Permanganate Dips - Anchor Worms
  63. please help fish dying!
  64. Laceration?
  65. Sick Gourami
  66. Columnaris or Fungal Infection?
  67. fin rot/loss on one of my cory panda
  68. Cardinal Tetra,
  69. Help!!! tetra swimming head up tail down
  70. Weather Loach/Dojo Growth or Parasitic?
  71. tetra with wound on side
  72. red tail shark question
  73. Possible columnaris infection...
  74. Bent tail and floating fantail
  75. Betta with fin problems
  76. Nematode worms ARE HARMFUL to most fish
  77. New Albino BN Pleco with fin rot
  78. Does my new jewel cichlid have velvet?
  79. Tetras, and disease tolerance?
  80. It this a parasite hanging out of my guppy?
  81. Help! fish 'flashing' but nothing seems wrong..
  82. Oto, Julii troubleshooting
  83. Golden Wonder Swimming straight up & down
  84. Sick Guppy
  85. Not a clue, but many words
  86. Help!! Fading fast...
  87. Lost 2 cory pandas this week
  88. Ich am I doing this right?
  89. Please Help!!! We Love Our Angel!!!
  90. Another ich question!
  91. My fish is sick
  92. Please help identify fish condition
  93. PraziPro ok 4 shimp?
  94. Is medicine hurting my angelfish?
  95. How long as Velvet stay on plants?
  96. Fishes turning red?
  97. What do you think?
  98. Shuld i put him Back ??
  99. Sick looking croaking gouramis
  100. Cory Cats Dropping like flies - fin rot?
  101. Question about dropsy
  102. Bacterial infection questions
  103. Another Sick Cory - Very different symptoms
  104. What treatment should I use??
  105. Fuzzy white/gray patch on Betta
  106. NEED HELP on SEVERE Fin Damage on my Goldie
  107. Gills Inflamed?
  108. ICH outbreak!!!!
  109. Please help diagnose
  110. Confusing
  111. sick goldfish
  112. Swollen Comet - advice needed please
  113. Angelfish "Twitching"?
  114. false julli's dying randomly
  115. Ich! questions and concerns.
  116. Betta floating at top
  117. Help me ID this parasite? (photo included)
  118. possibly ich?
  119. Searched for hours, can't find a match :( Pics included
  120. Boomers laying on the bottom of the tank :(
  121. Persistent infection on dwarf rainbowfish
  122. Black growths on tetra
  123. Diamond Tetra
  124. Fish can't keep upright
  125. white spot on 3 bloodfin tetra
  126. pop-eye
  127. Green Sev - white spots on fins. not ich??
  128. flukes I think
  129. I don't know what these are
  130. Ich on Goldfish
  131. Can fish bruise?
  132. Some kind of cloudy mold or fungus growing in my QT
  133. What disease is this?
  134. Neon Tetra Disease? Columnaris? Any takers?
  135. Possible ich out break
  136. Interesting Article
  137. QT strategy
  138. Oto with white spots and eroded tail
  139. Pentazona Barbs with white spots on fins
  140. Guppy with Dropsy and Fin Rot
  141. ammonia burn or something else?
  142. Need some confirmation
  143. ich maybe?
  144. Treating one thing to treating another
  145. Need help - sick geophagus
  146. what in the WORLD is going on!?
  147. One sick, one dead, brand new beautiful aquarium. What's going on?
  148. Round jelly-like bumps on new Otocinclus
  149. Serious Fungus Problem
  150. Fish TB/other diseases surviving outside of tank?
  151. Rope Fish fell in Hot Water :(
  152. Is this pop eye on our Bala Shark?
  153. This isn't ich...
  154. Dwarf Gourami help
  155. My niece's tank has ick...
  156. Tetra swimming side ways
  157. Oranda Help!
  158. Neon Tetras are losing color...
  159. Can Livebearer fry get CAMALLANUS?!
  160. Help needed with BN plec
  161. Anyone know the dosage for LEVAMISOLE HCL powder form?
  162. Angels and Fin Rot
  163. My quarantine process
  164. Where can i purchase Phenoxethol?
  165. Possible Sick Fish
  166. popeeye on angel
  167. I have no idea which course of action to take! PLEASE HELP!
  168. Serpae Tetra head down & coughing motion...
  169. Swallon and small red lump coming out of the Papilla
  170. Best fin rot medication
  171. Please help all my tropical fish are dying
  172. possible costia or velvet
  173. Really need help with identifying disease!
  174. fin rot/body rot
  175. Help diagnose my Gourami?!
  176. Ok...What?!
  177. Consistant ICH problem!!
  178. Ich problem?
  179. Sick fish getting attacked?
  180. Blood Parrot Black spot disease
  181. Betta with ammonia burn!!?!?!
  182. Fin rot vs new growth
  183. Are there worms inside my gourami's tummy?
  184. Blue spot on blood fin tetra.
  185. what to do about sick guppy?
  186. Swim Bladder Problem? Unusual Symptoms
  187. Red worm???
  188. Bolivian ram unknown sickness
  189. Ich attack and water clarifier?
  190. fish herpes?
  191. Possible parasites or constipation?
  192. Guppy bloating (see picture) - is this dropsy ? constipation ? hemorrhoids ?
  193. chronic buoyancy problems
  194. Oh crap, swim bladder disease I think
  195. Cleaning of tank post major die off help
  196. Best way to treat body fungus?
  197. Out of Ideas
  198. Need help!
  199. Large wound on Zebra Danio
  200. DG, with swim bladder, bloated ?
  201. Sick Rummy nose... She looks exhausted
  202. Parasite?
  203. Resistant Ich?
  204. help with bumblebee cichlid
  205. Bosemani Rainbow showing odd reddish discoloration on tail...
  206. Fin Rot Disease?
  207. White coloration on Betta's chin
  208. Ich coming back? How long to treat after last spot???
  209. Neon Tetra-Large Bump?
  210. Pond Emergency!!!
  211. There are Little somethings in my tank
  212. Tetra with swollen black lip
  213. Wild collected fish brought the plague! Need advice
  214. Swim Bladder Problem?
  215. Flag Fish at the bottom of the tank
  216. Betta - parasite, dropsy, constipation, rapid onset spontaneous leg mutation, or...?
  217. Possible Mouth Fungus
  218. Very concerned...White Cloud Mountain Minnow with bump on side
  219. Why is this tetra's tail curving up?
  220. How Long Does It Take For A Fish Being Treated For Ich To Stop Flashing?
  221. Help with Betta?
  222. Finrot and white spot.
  223. GBR with long white poo - parasite?
  224. Sudden decline in young betta!
  225. Mbuna Head Problems? Weirdness is at hand
  226. Ich outbreak! Im a newbie and this is my first encounter need advice.
  227. Rasbora with faded color, NTB? Please Help-
  228. Heeelllllp!!!!!
  229. Bettay has cloudy eye
  230. Medicine chest stocking?
  231. Will the Heat and Salt Method Kill Mystery Snails?
  232. rummy nose has white spots
  233. Help... big white spots on top fin of my cat fish
  234. Answer these questions along with posting your problems/issues
  235. help needed....fin rot betta and guppies!!
  236. White stuff hanging from fish wound?
  237. Guppies dying with same symptoms
  238. Can peacock gudgeon handle salt?
  239. Fire eel twiching
  240. Whats wrong with my giant betta?
  241. HITH - Metronidazole - What is the dosage rate when treating both food and water?
  242. Big "RAW" sp0t 0n my plec0
  243. something is wrong with my female black phantom tetra
  244. Rope Fish w Swim bladder infection
  245. No idea what my tank has
  246. Large White Lump Growing Out of Side
  247. Goby Dragon having issues with eyes, red gums/teeth
  248. Discus Fish Disease
  249. Fish staying on bottom and top
  250. Ich Disease Nox-Ich Treatment