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  1. Have a question
  2. Tank size?
  3. is there a way to tame a pleco?
  4. Pleco quit eating
  5. Help! otos eating wrong food!
  6. A little scared.... though could be my imagination
  7. feeding question
  8. Rarity of these guys?
  9. baby identification?
  10. watermellon for bushynose plecos?
  11. ID of baby pleco from LFS?
  12. Want to add a StingRay Pleco
  13. Smallest pleco?
  14. pleco help please!
  15. What should I feed my pleco?
  16. Question About Algea Eater
  17. Plecostomus survival
  18. New BN -- quite a time!
  19. Confirm name please
  20. Do plecos need wood?
  21. Reliable royal pleco salesman?
  22. Is this normal? - Bristlenose Pleco
  23. Feels like a death in the family
  24. Dwarf Pleco Beginner Guide
  25. Albino Bristlenose behaviour
  26. Pleco Feeding Schedule..advise pls
  27. Smaller "Big" Plec Suggestions
  28. Growing My Pleco... Help?
  29. Best substrate for plecos?
  30. How much/how often to feed?
  31. Baby Bushynose Feeding Question
  32. Pleco vs Cucumber
  33. Can I add fish to my tank?
  34. Missing Albino BN pleco
  35. new baby pleco - so cute
  36. Why is my bristlenose pleco making a hill of sand?
  37. Urgent ph & Plec help needed
  38. Clown Pleco care - driftwood type?
  39. ? pleco + Blue crayfish?
  40. Growing out a Royal Pleco
  41. getting cucumber and zuccini to sink
  42. Pleco breeding tank
  43. Cannot stress this enough
  44. Gibby Growing FAST!
  45. Clown pleco diet
  46. need info please (thank you)
  47. pleco + koi fish?
  48. Could I Do This?
  49. The No-Direct-Sunlight Rule...
  50. Algae growing on Bristlenose
  51. Feeding cucumber or zuccini to Pleco's for first time
  52. zebra pleco
  53. What are the odds?
  54. BN Pleco Pics
  55. 2 L187b Plecos in QT, help
  56. how good are plecos on plants?
  57. Hi, Im Scotti, I have an addiction . . . . . . .
  58. Finally!
  59. Pics of YOUR plecos
  60. stingray with pleco???
  61. Pleco Help
  62. Bristlenose Pleco/Catfish
  63. Three Beacon Pleco
  64. Pleco looks sick...
  65. Different Plecos
  66. My BN came out to say hello!
  67. L-148 LOVES current
  68. Awesome
  69. Trouble with bristlenose
  70. My Pleco's love cucumbers!
  71. Will a royal pleco outgrow
  72. Clown pleco
  73. Stocking question
  74. too MUCH zucchini?
  75. Feeding the Rubber Lip
  76. My new Orinoco Banded Pleco, L243... Pic
  77. Here Pleco Pleco...
  78. help needed identifying pleco
  79. Is pimafix safe to us with Pleco's?
  80. plecos are sneaky
  81. Rubber Lipped vs. Gold Nugget Pleco
  82. bottom feeder questions
  83. BN Questions
  84. BN ...male or female
  85. What's my odds?
  86. Poll: suggestions for a new pleco
  87. Baby BN Male or Female
  88. Starlight Pleco L183
  89. Identify this Suspect!
  90. See through Albino BN
  91. unexplained Emperor pleco death
  92. Feeding the Clown Pleco
  93. "I need a pleco to keep my tank clean"
  94. Gold Nugget Pleco feeding question
  95. Want to get an Pleco.
  96. Finding a members picture
  97. Woooo Hoooo
  98. New Tank Update !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  99. Pleco floats sometimes floats upside down
  100. Bushynose Pleco Newbie
  101. Where did my thread go??
  102. Pleco problems??
  103. Bushynose Not Growing?
  104. Leopard Frog Pleco
  105. Panaque maccus QT question
  106. Ancistrus fry won't grow
  107. Bristle Nose, Thin spikes vs forked spikes?
  108. Is this really a bristlenose???
  109. Albino vs Common Bristlenose
  110. Lost Homers mate
  111. Butterfly Pleco
  112. Can or will a Bristlenose suck off slime coat?
  113. need advice on housing these plecos
  114. Lowest temperature for Pleco
  115. bristlenose behavior
  116. Bristlenose and Betta
  117. snail killed BN Placo?
  118. Breeding Bristlenose pleco/catfish
  119. Longfin Lace Pleco or Longfin BN Pleco?
  120. Translate this!
  121. Veggie variety for BN plecos
  122. chcolat pleco
  123. Ideal dwarf plecos for a 29g planted/driftwood heavy tank.
  124. ID help? and How to sex these critters?
  125. Borneo Sucker?!
  126. l129 zebra pleco worth $40?
  127. where the American market gets it's plecos... Florida!
  128. Is manzanita okay for plecos?
  129. Leopard Pleco
  130. Green phantom pleco price question
  131. L142 size question
  132. L200+L240 , is it possible in one tank.
  133. L200 high fin or regular?
  134. bristle noses every where.... but
  135. sinking Veggies?
  136. L333 Fry
  137. Dark patches on L200
  138. what kind of pleco is this?
  139. Baby britslenose pleco impulse buy; when can you sex them?
  140. Help ID pleco
  141. A little help with BN plecos.
  142. peppermint pleco suitability?
  143. Did Petco lie to me?
  144. Help IDing Pleco
  145. Bloat in BNPs
  146. Possible L002/Tiger Pleco?
  147. How to care for Pleco eggs...
  148. BN PVC cave sizes
  149. Need clown pleco advice
  150. Plecos And Driftwood
  151. May I introduce to you my rescue pleco, Sumo.
  152. Could these plecos work in a 55g tank?
  153. Green Phantom(l200) VS Starlight BN(l183) Help deciding
  154. Got myself a longfin BN pleco by accident; behavior and sexing advice needed.
  155. Frequency feeding veggies?
  156. please ID
  157. Leporacanthicus Joselimai (L264) & H. Debiliterra (L129)
  158. Whats in a name ?
  159. What am I doing wrong with my Bristlenose Pleco
  160. Please help!
  161. is a 10g truly too small for a bn pleco?
  162. BN Babies
  163. Gold Nugget Pleco
  164. Longfin albino BN are males more aggro than females?
  165. Rubberlip Pleco isn't eating anything
  166. Pleco and Zucchini
  167. what is this pleco from Petsmart?
  168. L144?
  169. Will golden nugget plecos attack twig cats?
  170. one serious Panaque tank!
  171. Looking for info on plecos
  172. "Rubberlip" Pleco idling in odd spot
  173. anyone here breeding LDA08, Gold Marble Pleco
  174. Yellow King Tiger Plecos?
  175. 30 smallest Plecos
  176. Breeding Bristlenose
  177. Ancistrus - possible disease?
  178. Albino LF BN had a pumpkin around so I figured I'd cut him a piece then....
  179. Long finned BNP questions
  180. Levamisole HCI Pure and Baby Pleco's
  181. How many algae tabs for a 3.5" BN pleco?
  182. Is the plecostomus a solitary fish?
  183. My pleco has a lovey...
  184. Territorial Bristlenose!
  185. Lost one to slime
  186. Gold Nugget Pleco Growth Images (2 1/2 years)
  187. Spotted or regular?
  188. Ancistrus fry (possible crossbreed?)
  189. Mild pleco addiction
  190. Sex My Yellow King Tigers
  191. Surprise bristlenose spawn
  192. Need help IDing pleco for sale
  193. whats wrong with my snowball plec?
  194. Thomasi Pleco (L-187b) (Chaestostoma thomasi)
  195. How many ancistrus is sensible?
  196. Male Albino Bristlenose Pleco Parenting Fail?
  197. Beautiful Plecos
  198. Can anybody ID this pleco?
  199. What's wrong with my Plecos?
  200. Is my pleco sick?
  201. Is my pleco ill?
  202. To Drift or not to Drift?
  203. ideas???
  204. My Pleco is not sure of the Driftwood I put in the tank
  205. OK is this one a Common Pleco? Picture of him.
  206. Is a panaque a pleco?
  207. Bristlenose suprise
  208. My Pleco loves his new spot in the tank!
  209. HELP-Rhino Pleco not doing well
  210. Wifes Pleco
  211. bn pleco and live plants ?
  212. Large Pleco Compatibility?
  213. BN male protecting babies?
  214. Baby Bristlenose
  215. Bn pleco breeding
  216. L010A/ Rineloricaria sp./ Red Lizard Whiptail VS other Plecos? Info/experiences pls
  217. my gibbi pleco has stopped eating and is digging up the gravel, help
  218. Clown Pleco
  219. Pleco Behavior
  220. Shy pleco?
  221. Will bristles grow back?
  222. I'm thinking this is a common placo
  223. Lost a pleco today...
  224. Do plecos need to hide?
  225. Olaf the pleco
  226. Starlight Bristlenose is no more.
  227. Help needed please - sick bristlenose pleco
  228. Feeding algae wafers
  229. So I'm thinking about getting a little pleco...
  230. need help iding pleco.
  231. How to tell a panaque apart from other types of pleco?
  232. what are good tank mates for plecos ?
  233. Pleco and Crayfish BFFs
  234. Pleco Eye Problem
  235. PLECO for coldwater.
  236. Weird pleco disease?
  237. Albino bushynose died bloated
  238. Bristlenose Plecos and there babies
  239. i almost killed my pleco
  240. Pleco id?
  241. L201 Orinoco pleco suitable??
  242. Breeding of Plecos (esp. bristlenose and rubber lip)
  243. Pleco for my first tank
  244. Enticing a Sailfin Pleco to come out from under a rock...
  245. Pleco in Pond
  246. Pleco and badis?
  247. Missing Pleco Found after 4 weeks!!
  248. Can't keep tank and all fish, want to keep "The Dude". Advise?
  249. Super Red Ancistrus
  250. Name that pleco..