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  1. injured zebra? urgent.
  2. I added a few more.
  3. Expiration of water test kit!
  4. Holy Cow! Just got the shock of my life!!
  5. mbunas
  6. help I think my fishes are sick
  7. Need help with Identification of this Mbuna
  8. Choose a species of Mbuna :)
  9. Joanjohnsonae or Maingano?
  10. Oxygen and food question
  11. Pictures of my Yellow tail aceis
  12. Yellow Labs and Yellow Tail Aceis
  13. Cool video
  14. Aggressive Benga Peacock lol
  15. Do your fish recognize you?
  16. Breeding at the moment!!!
  17. Will these get along?
  18. Ocean Rock and Substitutes
  19. Just witnessed my rusty's breed
  20. Quarantine Tank Question with Mbunas
  21. Spotty Pseudotropheus
  22. Just lost a clutch
  23. Malawi Cichlid set up got to move to new house advice needed?
  24. Cyrtocara moorii
  25. Red Zebras
  26. suggestions for 1st African cichlid tank
  27. Need fish suggestions please
  28. Compatibilities of various Mbuna
  29. Cichlid ID
  30. This may be a stupid Question
  31. Can female mbuna have egg spots too?
  32. Red Zebras in 75 Gallon tank
  33. Red Zebra
  34. Which Tank do you like Best?
  35. Two females holding in the same tank?
  36. dither fish?
  37. Play Sand for Malawi Cichlid Tank?
  38. cichlid compatbility advice
  39. breeding behavior
  40. My yellow lab is holding
  41. My new Blue dolphin
  42. Auratus African Cichlid help
  43. Are you familiar with these?
  44. Some new photos. : -)
  45. Found babies, Auratus hybrids?
  46. Any one have a planted Malawi tank?
  47. Malawi or mixed?
  48. holding maingano :)
  49. I am looking at getting a bigger filter.
  50. My Yello Lab had babies
  51. My Mbunas
  52. When is it a good time to start feeding my yellow lab babies
  53. Is my yellow lab holding again?
  54. Lethargic Electric Yellows
  55. Help figuring out if my Mbuna have parasites (pics)
  56. favorite breeder mbunas?
  57. Baby yellows.
  58. Lake Malawi Mbana tank
  59. advice on catching holding mamas?
  60. quarantine mbuna
  61. mixing mbuna and peacocks
  62. Live Fish Direct
  63. More Baby yellows
  64. Changing my gravel
  65. I found some new fry.
  66. Can cichlids fit in a 20 gallon???
  67. Got rid of my Rock Slide
  68. Beginning to plan a Peacock tank
  69. What is the proper water levels for cichlids?
  70. Bushy nosed pleco
  71. Auratus help!
  72. Fish sacrifice
  73. what have you kept?
  74. What's compatible with a re zebra mbuna?
  75. peacock wont leave other peacock alone
  76. New Tank Cloudy Water
  77. breeding progress
  78. Stocking Ideas
  79. Tank Advice - Considering Malawi
  80. Please Help! Identify Illness Dragon Blood Peacock
  81. starting 55g peacock tank
  82. advice needed on stocking
  83. Will 3 female kenyis cause problems?
  84. Can Anyone Identify This Peacock/Hap?
  85. Yellow Lab Fry.
  86. Help Identifying this cichlid.
  87. yellow lab help
  88. cichlid water levels
  89. 150 gal filtration
  90. Yellow Labs Spawning
  91. When to put Mbuna fry in grow out tank?
  92. OB peacock breeding colony
  93. New Mbuna Tank
  94. Zebra snail
  95. Dominant yellow lab male coloring?
  96. Mbuna and non-Mbuna
  97. Please Identify for Me.
  98. Will Yellow Tail Acei Males carry fry?
  99. A few pictures of my Yellowtail Aceis
  100. Mbuna tank and frontosa
  101. Looking for opinions
  102. Yellow labs must be related to rabbits.
  103. I am in Calgary and I Am going to buy fish.
  104. Adding larger male to a colony
  105. ruby red attacked new tank mate what to do next
  106. Sick or constipated
  107. Advice needed, Please
  108. Clown Afra?
  109. Can anyone take a guess?
  110. How is it looking now
  111. Peacock Cichlid Breeding
  112. Help me identify if possible pretty please with sugar and stuff
  113. Another New look, Advice Appreciated.
  114. Stocking ideas for 125g african cichlid tank
  115. Stocking ideas for 125g peacock tank
  116. What kind of rock...? (very exciting)
  117. 55 gallon stocking idea -Need input
  118. 75g Peacock/Hap Stocking.
  119. I think I might be starting to have a problem in my African tank. Need reassurance :)
  120. Where to order from online?
  121. All Male African tank
  122. Overstoked juvies how/when to weed?
  123. Do mbuna like current
  124. African Cichlids with Malawi Bloat
  125. New yellow labs, this normal?
  126. What is this...
  127. Leaving for the Marines, Rookie parents taking over the Tank
  128. Feisty 1-day old Demasoni's
  129. Trouble feeding mystery cichlid mutt rescue, and tank size requirements.
  130. 2nd tank for Mbuna Community...Current or not?
  131. What to do with the 3".
  132. My first Mbuna community tank ready for fish....BUT
  133. Mbuna and NLS foods
  134. fish ID please
  135. I'm getting frustrated with my aggressive cichlids...help!
  136. Electric Yellow w/ Tetras/danios?
  137. Cichlid Tank Stocking Ideas
  138. Stocking ideas
  139. Which African cichlid has the most red
  140. Should I Try An All Male Tank Buying Online ?
  141. Peacocks/Haps Or Mbunas ?
  142. Need help with my African Yellow Cichlid
  143. Using a predatory fish to control "breeding like rabbits" Mbunas
  144. Mbuna with Venustus?
  145. Mbuna 55 gallon JUST STARTED
  146. Blue Cobalt Cichlid breathing heavily... HELP!
  147. There is such a thing as TOO MUCH rockwork.
  148. Raising PH Should I Worry?
  149. Getting Fish No Decor?
  150. What kind of rocks for Malawi setup??
  151. Food Suggestions for a Peacock/Hap Tank
  152. How many peacocks in a 110g
  153. Identification of livingstonii cichlid
  154. How do you guys...
  155. Been awhile!
  156. Cichlid beginner
  157. Peacock Cichlids
  158. african jewel eggs....oh boy
  159. Dwarf Snakehead
  160. ID please :)
  161. Malawi cichlid -(Aulonocara Ob)-Peacock Malwai
  162. Acei fry Dilemma.
  163. Ideal Tank Boss ?
  164. Question about venting peacock fry
  165. Questions..
  166. BumbleBee
  167. Planning a 75
  168. Acei Cichlid hyperventilating
  169. Help with Mbuna
  170. Taking good photos of cichlids
  171. What is the best plant to use in a refugium to reduce nitrates in 55 gallon tank?
  172. Growth hormones and cichlids?
  173. Love is in the air
  174. Fish to house with a male Giraffe Cichlid?
  175. New Cichlid Tank- How many fish to add at a time
  176. New 55g malawi tank idea.
  177. New member: Substrate mix for cobalts, other Malawi spp.
  178. Best bottom cleaners for a L. Malawi tank?
  179. Tankmates for auratus, 29g set up?
  180. Uneducated morons at my local pet mart
  181. Looking for some advice
  182. Metriaclima callainos and pseudotropheus saulosi
  183. Lake Malawi 46 gallon bowfront
  184. cichlid compatabillity
  185. Want to set up my 55 for africans.
  186. tank problem
  187. Why are my cichilds growing so slow and will they be stunted?
  188. 50 gallon stocking mbunas
  189. Malawi Stocking :)
  190. Auratus annd Red Zebras
  191. setting up Labs/Rusty
  192. Strange baby cuckoo/acei behaviour caught on tape!
  193. 55 with peacocks?
  194. venustus
  195. Identification Help
  196. How to identify a P. Saulosi?
  197. What is going on with my 55g cichlid tank??
  198. suggestion for peacock tankmates
  199. Synodontis lucipinnis vs synodontis multipunctatus in a 90g peacock/hap tank
  200. Is it okay to move a brooding Taiwan reef?
  201. New 93 Gallon Cichlid Tank
  202. Mbuna Tank
  203. will cichlid release fry if threatened in main tank?
  204. Demasoni Cichlid
  205. Electric Yellow Labs
  206. Help ID?
  207. Thoughts on Stocking a 40B tank w/mbuna?
  208. Albino stopped eating
  209. will any of these work in a 55 gal.
  210. Better Combo?
  211. The making of my Mbunas tank.
  212. Hows this look for a Mbunas tank?
  213. juvenials in a ten gal tank.
  214. What Mbunas?
  215. hope it worked
  216. Auratus Questions
  217. We'll dang!
  218. My Mbunas tank
  219. Malawi Calicos?
  220. New 55 Stocking Ideas
  221. Malawi :)
  222. New Malawi setup
  223. My mbuna cichlids.
  224. moving 2 yellow labs from a 20 gl to a 55gl
  225. 50 Gallon Cichlid Stocking
  226. advice
  227. ID Help Please!!
  228. Dolphin, yellow electric and other cichlids
  229. Rocks for Cichlid Tank
  230. New to hobby and need advise please! TY!
  231. Do these cichlids go together?
  232. Please bare with me as I learn here.... LOL.... new ?
  233. Try to identify
  234. Help yellow electric cichlid breeding picture
  235. please identify cichlids
  236. Mbumba build
  237. Msobo Compatibilty
  238. Peacock Cichlids not coloring up...need help-advise
  239. 33g African tank?
  240. How many peacocks for a 190litre/ 50g tank?
  241. For someone who wants a breeding group of rare fish...
  242. Male only Mbuna tank ?
  243. New fish what kind are they
  244. my 70g mbuna tank setup ... suggestions welcome
  245. Have a question about my bumblebee cichlid fry!!!
  246. Rocks?
  247. Can u tell me what this guy is
  248. Needing help with a fish ID
  249. How to stock males and females?
  250. New thank for Mbuna