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  1. my turqs
  2. What's the best food?
  3. Question about discus.
  4. Age?
  5. Raising discus fry
  6. discus companion
  7. Discus and angel?
  8. how many
  9. Preparing For Discus
  10. Sad Discus
  11. Bullying discus and ideal numbers
  12. How many?
  13. old discus
  14. old discus fish
  15. discus that has stopped eating
  16. Discus fry
  17. Discus to die for.
  18. Water Hardness
  19. My new discus
  20. Discus with Angels
  21. tankmates
  22. Low Ph
  23. Fighting
  24. PH fun
  25. Questions about potential discus tank
  26. Discus Prices
  27. Just wow...
  28. Rescued discus
  29. How to raise discus
  30. My discus
  31. Mad Discus Disease?
  32. Discus colour
  33. Nice discus and cichlids online
  34. Discus and Bichir
  35. 10G Cichlids
  36. Discus information pls?
  37. Discus Mating
  38. Discus Biting
  39. Discus Turning Black
  40. snail mail
  41. Hardness is at 20
  42. sick or starving discus
  43. 7 Gallon
  44. Discus Fish, Everything You Need To Know
  45. Discus Not Eating
  46. discus newcomer
  47. My discus are shaking..
  48. New to discus and nearly killed them already! Please help!!!
  49. How many can i fit in a 100 gallon?
  50. when can I get my baby discus now?
  51. me again...I have started my discus tank
  52. one big question for all of you who are experienced...
  53. how to make new discus eat different foods?
  54. Hi all, I have more questions...
  55. Starting a discus tank?
  56. Discus breeding questions
  57. Discus 90 gallon freshwater refugium
  58. can i put a discus in my 4ft?
  59. cheap discus
  60. sick discus
  61. oscars versus discus
  62. Discus tank filtration
  63. My discus
  64. Discus Food
  65. black dots on my discus
  66. rare color for discus
  67. Discus Food
  68. Carbon and Discus
  69. Am I just asking for trouble?
  70. Discus laid eggs. Now...
  71. male/ female discus
  72. Help! Help! Help!
  73. Problem with Discus
  74. Urgent:Discus Got attacked!
  75. OK to keep discus and other tropical fish in same tank?
  76. Major Problem!!!!!!! Please Help!
  77. Columnaris Problem
  78. Breeding tank setups...
  79. Moving my discus fish
  80. color of lighting
  81. What is the behaviour of a discus pair
  82. Discus Problem
  83. Help, My blue diamond is dying
  84. Bad water
  85. Peat in the filter media....
  86. Just a few photos
  87. Best choice for filter media????
  88. Are plants, Driftwood etc required for a Discus Tank?
  89. Can I use C02 Gas in my discus tank?
  90. R/O system
  91. Does this seem a little fishy?
  92. Looking for Peat...
  93. Putting my fish back in the tank...
  94. Other fish
  95. Discus Hexamita
  96. Why are all of my discus breathing at the surface?
  97. goldens
  98. Which should I get
  99. Could I add 2 discus to.........
  100. Planning a 55g + this summer
  101. Is this crazy?
  102. Keeping Oxygen in my tank
  103. Problems with my discus tank
  104. Discus, Bumblebee Gobies and Ghost Shrimp ...
  105. New Life Spectrum
  106. My Very First Discus Photos
  107. How hard are Discus really?
  108. My Discus
  109. whats the right number of discus for my tank
  110. What is on my discus????
  111. Whats the minimum size tank for a discus?
  112. Ankh and Morpork
  113. Blind Discus
  114. What is happening?!
  115. Help with sex determinatioon
  116. What am I doing wrong?
  117. how to stop an agressive discus
  118. Do breed juvenil discus need to be at 86 degrees.
  119. how to sucsessfully breed discus?
  120. A few questions about a Discus aquarium
  121. Stocking Question
  122. Some Discus Basics
  123. how hard is it to look after discus fish ?
  124. discus eating neons
  125. Need some Pro recommendations on Equipment
  126. WOW red solid nhamundá Discus
  127. some discus im getting
  128. Am I correct in assuming
  129. My tested Water for growing tank, what would you do?
  130. juvinile discus looks sick.
  131. Q about water storage / transfer pumps
  132. Are my API water tests accurate after using Prime?
  133. Build your 210 gal Discus tank here
  134. my new discus from malasia
  135. Need to know if this is true.
  136. Whats going on with my fishless tank cycle?
  137. Heckels / Wilds,......Lets Discus / Discuss
  138. how many discus can i keep in 102litre tank
  139. Could I get some Discus?
  140. A little advise please!!
  141. Added Melafix! Help!
  142. finally finished the set up!!!!!!!!!!!
  143. Question about slime in my tank
  144. I had a question about a juvinile discus in my tank?
  145. How much do discus generally cost??
  146. discus with forehead swelling
  147. Board newbie with Discus Question
  148. I seek for help !!!
  149. Best algea eater for discus?
  150. Shady Eyes
  151. Help
  152. discus and tetras?
  153. In Loving Memory...
  154. Discus Info
  155. Discus Color
  156. Question about sick discus.
  157. question about nitrate level in aquarium.
  158. New to forum and Discus
  159. Help PLEASE!!!
  160. What's Wrong With Him?
  161. Question about how many discus is a good number for my tank size.
  162. How long have you kept discus
  163. plant fertilizers in discus tank
  164. Discus and Angels?
  165. discus-when do they breed?
  166. what do you think?
  167. Aggressive Rams Towards Discus And Others
  168. 75 tank big enough to breed discus babies?????
  169. A True Red Melon??????
  170. Discus Egg Care
  171. bare bottom for discus SPAWN OR NOT??????
  172. blackwater extract for breeding tank.
  173. fertilizer for planted discus tank? ? safety?
  174. New Life Spectrum or Tetra fry food? ? b.quality?
  175. Discus babies alive! i have babies?
  176. Estes Sand Good For Plants?
  177. pidgeon Blood discus where to find?
  178. lights for disucs
  179. moving discus parents!! help.
  180. eye colour orange or red? debate. to cull?
  181. amano schrimp in with discus?
  182. more developed dorsal fin?
  183. why higher temps with discus if farm bred?
  184. tank prep for future discus babies.
  185. garlic to prevent disease in discus???
  186. dicus farmed as hardy as other cichlids?????
  187. Red Melon 250$$$$ fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  188. Can cats go in with baby discus??????
  189. How long in captivity can a discus thrive????
  190. Longest Discus set up ????
  191. Discus fish swimming in a spiral?
  192. water circulation for discus fish?????
  193. Pics of my Fish per Northernguy's request
  194. Ordering Discus on line??? Homeowner?
  195. Setting up a new tank
  196. !!!HELP!!! Ich or fungus on discus?
  197. Breeder Locator
  198. Discus care like angels?
  199. Discus for sale on craigs list california
  200. Treating discus gill flukes
  201. setting up for failure?
  202. discus basics
  203. Pale lethargic Marboro Red
  204. Red Leopards & Blue Torqs ..
  205. Help with Discus Choice
  206. discus eat eggs and breeds
  207. Discus Compatability
  208. Is tank too small
  209. Lucky Day
  210. Prazi Pro / Praziquantel
  211. Wild Discus spawning ...
  212. Help please. discus not eating.
  213. Fry not latching on to Discus as well as eggs being eaten!
  214. water changes after discus lay eggs and fry hatch...
  215. Female discus problems
  216. How long can discus fry live without eating?
  217. Discus fry and egg sacs...
  218. COlor of discus eggs before and after fertilization?
  219. most popular discus fish ?
  220. White spots on discus
  221. what do you think?
  222. how many
  223. Can any one help me
  224. My Cichlids Lay down
  225. Is livebearers tankmate of discus?
  226. thinking of discus but have hard water
  227. Found Blue Turquoise Discus in MA
  228. Discus food?
  229. Best algae eaters with discus?
  230. Any Feedback on somethingsphishy.com please
  231. Referrals for any NY/no.NJ/eastCt discus breeders plse
  232. Filteration on discus tank and keep sucker fish
  233. Discus in a 30g
  234. lookin for discus in kuwait
  235. Discus trouble
  236. Does anyone know any good discus shops/breeders in sydney ?
  237. I need an African ID
  238. UniQuarium 55 gallon reviews?
  239. true or false??
  240. ozone
  241. Discus pair fighting please help
  242. breeding discus
  243. discus food
  244. Minimum Tank Size?
  245. Sex of the discus
  246. Out of the following books which is the best about Discus....?
  247. Discus Pictures..See attentively please
  248. 125g discus tank
  249. Newbie
  250. Phosphorus removal and discus