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  1. Bolivian Ram or Cockatoo Dwarf in 27 Gallon?
  2. Need some advice
  3. is there a dwarf cichlid for this tank?
  4. Amazing colors on my GBRs!
  5. lfs has some apistogrammas, have some questions
  6. Looking to add..
  7. Strange bolivian ram behaviour
  8. Bolivian rams liplocking?
  9. Help Diagnosing my dwarfs
  10. gold ram with fungal infection
  11. New addition questions
  12. Kribensis eggs!
  13. bolivian ram compatability
  14. Few Questions
  15. Anyone experienced with Kribs?
  16. Stuck between rams and borellis?
  17. GBR no longer spawning - any ideas?
  18. Want to get another ram
  19. GBRs moving babies around?
  20. which species is more peaceful
  21. Rocks for low PH tank; Plants in sand substrate
  22. How many Dwarves in a 4-foot?
  23. Bolivian Ram Pictures
  24. My GBR
  25. Sick Bolivian?
  26. Bolivians and Golden Rams... Will they breed?
  27. Help w/ sexing Rams
  28. Freshly cycled tanks and GBRs also wild caught or tank bred? What tetras with them?
  29. German Blue Ram White Spot, really dont think its ich
  30. GBR & Golden Ram
  31. New Tank Addditions
  32. Looking for a dwarf cichlid
  33. How long until my tanks ready for a GBR? at 6 weeks now.
  34. Blue Ram not showing its colors :(
  35. Crossing ram strains
  36. 2 females and one male blue ram? Or 2 males and a female?
  37. how do u sex a Golden Ram?
  38. Electric Blue Ram just found out about them and I'm considering changing my plan.
  39. German blue rams breeding 2 less than 2 weeks in
  40. How Many German Blue Rams in a 55?
  41. ram aggresion
  42. Breeding Rams
  43. New Nannacara anomala!!
  44. C. Apisto won't eat flake food.
  45. Any Apistogramma species suitable for this water or would I be safer for Kribensis?
  46. Peaceful Dwarf cichlids for new tank
  47. Deciding what to do: My bolivian's color problem and high pH dwarf cichlids
  48. Sexing my apisto (told it's a macmasteri but bought as vejita)
  49. Starting a 20 gallon long with dwarf cichlids
  50. German blue ram fry tank and how to buy rams
  51. Sexing GBR's and EBR's?
  52. My female ram.
  53. Can Rams and Apistos coexist?
  54. Which Apisto to get...
  55. Interesting APIST0 article
  56. Bolivian Ram Changing Colors: Good or Bad?
  57. apistos co-exit with........
  58. Breeding German Blue Rams
  59. male and female Kribs aka bonnie and clyde
  60. Male ram aggression
  61. Bolivian rams in a 36 bow? What will work?
  62. My new Apisto
  63. My GBRs
  64. I need an algae eater for a German Blue Ram. 20 Gallon.
  65. would a 20g high be enough space for 3 aspitos?
  66. help Id gender of my gold ram?
  67. slightly softening water? (safely)
  68. sexing Kribs
  69. Tank layout for a German Blue Ram?
  70. Can I Put A Female Convict In The Tank With My Female Krib
  71. Sexing Blue Rams
  72. Can you tell the gender yet? Dorsigera
  73. Potential tank mates for Rams
  74. 15 gallon with cichlids?
  75. German Blue Ram- is my water chemistry safe?
  76. How many GBR could go in this tank?
  77. 20 gal only 1 femal Krib?
  78. Cockatoo Apistogramma
  79. German Blue Ram Temperatures?
  80. How much aggression is okay from Bolivian Rams as they sort things out?
  81. It's a girl!
  82. My Male is Finally Coloring Up!
  83. Rams Fin Nippers?
  84. Do apistogramma cacatuoides need caves?
  85. 12 Gallon Fluval Freshwater Aquarium
  86. Krib Agression
  87. Seperating a. cacatuoides from eggs
  88. Can I keep multiple female Bolivian rams together?
  89. Rams and Kribensis?
  90. Brichardi beh. Need advice ASAP
  91. lamprologus occelatus
  92. black occelatus compatable with?
  93. Kribensis attacks neon tetra
  94. Keep a single Bolivian Ram with single German Blue Ram?
  95. Love my angelfish but I always wanted a German Ram.. How wuld it mesh w my other fish
  96. Kribs bred, now what?
  97. Kribensis pairing
  98. Sos...911...help!!!!
  99. we lost our female GBR.
  100. What kind of ram is this?
  101. Inverts for a planted Blackwater Nannacara cichlid tank?
  102. Stubborn Red Zebra
  103. Golden ram spawn
  104. GBR sick?
  105. Bolivian Ram Substrate?
  106. German Blue ram died
  107. Looking to add cockatoo cichlid
  108. Laetacara dorsigera or not?
  109. Kribensis aggresion
  110. Picked my new baby out yesterday
  111. Tank mates for a German Blue Ram?
  112. Clean up crew with bolivian ram?
  113. What sex is my ram?
  114. Bolivian ram stocking
  115. Dwarf Cichlid Ram sexing and breed help please
  116. Dwarf
  117. What Is This Ram Doing?!
  118. Male or Female?
  119. Can anyone sex my rams?
  120. Dwarf cichlid stocking in 48 gallon community?
  121. Should I separate my rams?
  122. Mix dwarf with neons
  123. My Long Fin Rams and their fry.
  124. My new pair of cockatoo apisto weird behaviour?
  125. Blue ram help
  126. My female cockatoo dwarf cichlid change of behaviour.
  127. Bolivian ram help. Video included.
  128. Is my male apisto eating frogbits?
  129. which apisto?
  130. My new Apisto agassizii "fire red"
  131. Acceptable Temp for German Blue Rams??
  132. clean up crew for apistos?
  133. Cockatoo apistos and shrimps?
  134. What is the cause of a male cockatoo apisto killing his female?
  135. New additions! :)
  136. Thomasi Dwarf Cichlids
  137. What substrate to use
  138. Sensitive cichlids into a QT for two weeks - issues or tips?
  139. Borelli and fry.
  140. Orange head electric blue Ramirezi
  141. cockatoo apisto rubbing behaviour.
  142. GBRs: difficulty sexing and aggression
  143. Dwarf cichlids setup in 29g tank- Help!
  144. German Blue Ram sexing
  145. Gph and filtration
  146. Newer Tank Help/Suggestions
  147. My new Rams spawning
  148. Creating a new tank - Compatibility with GBRs
  149. Best substrate for GBRs?
  150. A few questions about GBRs and water quality
  151. The best way to have a healthy pair of GBRs?
  152. GBRs and guppies?
  153. Bolivian ram
  154. German Blue Ram Died
  155. New Amazon Biotope 55g
  156. An EB ram's fin rot story
  157. First time seeing GBRs do this
  158. What should I do with my EBRs?
  159. Apistogramma questions
  160. new tank
  161. Cacatuoides : pair or 2 females?
  162. Can you keep german blue rams from breeding?
  163. Dwarf Cichlid Question
  164. Bottom Feeder GBR tankmates
  165. Kribensis after having fry/broke up...
  166. About to get some Kribensis
  167. Old Kribensis With New Krib
  168. Feeding ram in a community tank
  169. Kribensis community
  170. Sexing Bolivian Rams
  171. Breeding rams
  172. Apisto questions : Substrate, filtration
  173. When to Add German Blue Rams
  174. Community dwarf tank?
  175. Apistogramma Agassizii Pls Me!
  176. Super reds darkening with stress?
  177. Bolivian Ram Agression
  178. Black swollen lips on one side?
  179. Kribs
  180. May be a dumb question apisto coloration
  181. Male Kribensis?
  182. Day 3 of GBRs and they laid eggs!?!?!
  183. Order a pair of apistogramma borelli
  184. Dicrossus maculatus
  185. Apistogramma macmasteri
  186. Apistogramma cacatuoides and her fry!
  187. Hemichromis lifalili breeding pair at Imperial Tropicals
  188. Apistogramma nijsseni
  189. 10/20 gallon cichlid tank?
  190. Mikrogeophagus altispinosus breeding pair at Imperial Tropicals
  191. Mikrogeophagus ramirezi breeding pair (German Blue Ram)
  192. Mini tour of my dwarf cichlid breeders!
  193. Sexing Gold Ram
  194. High Shutter Speed Photograph of Bolivian Ram
  195. Apistogramma baenschi
  196. Dwarf Cichlids in the Wild
  197. Laetacara dorsigera
  198. Rams
  199. Apistogramma hongsloi
  200. New to the forums and new to GBR's and have a few questions
  201. Nannacara anomala