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  1. Compatibility
  2. Stocking for 125 gallon aquarium
  3. Eba help
  4. Stocking 75 gallon tank
  5. New Kribensis Cichlid Parent
  6. Stocking for 75 gallon
  7. New 125 gallon south, Central American cichlid tank
  8. *fixed* time to thin out my 200g eartheater growout
  9. My Flowerhorn, Can you identity the strain or type its called ?
  10. The Terrors
  11. A little surprise
  12. Stocking Question
  13. 40 Gallon Breeder stocking
  14. Sexing Bolivian Rams
  15. Thoughts on Electric Blue Acaras?
  16. How many fish can I put in my 40 gallon breeder?
  17. Switched from Saltwater to South American Cichlids!
  18. Not sure it's a texas
  19. Looking for a peaceful community Cichlid - Bolivian Ram vs. Apistogramma agassizii?
  20. Cichlid compatibility and Stocking Advice?
  21. Looking for cichlid species suggestions.
  22. 54 G Bowfront corner tank stock
  23. ALTUMS finally!
  24. SO many questions about my cichlid tank!
  25. Need Advices! relocating and making it PERFECTTT
  26. Male German ram is a bit of a jerk!
  27. Need Stocking Help and Ideas
  28. Favourite Fish Foods
  29. Finally pulled the trigger, New Tank Stock!
  30. Angelfish Changing Color
  31. Considering Geophagus for Show Aquarium
  32. Latest free fish, I'll be keeping this one.
  33. Female with possible fin issue
  34. Info about housing agressive fish together.
  35. Softwater for 'softwater' cichlids
  36. Experiment, had to do it.
  37. Newest rare fish.
  38. Please help me sick green severum
  39. Are my German Blue Rams okay?
  40. hi im new and new to cichlas so i hope some one could help me in its feeding
  41. Geophagus Winemilleri breeding pair at Imperial Tropicals
  42. Keeping multiple species of gymno in the same tank.
  43. New rare fish.
  44. "Other" South American cichlids?
  45. Heros liberifer (Red Mouthbrooder Severum)
  46. Wild altum Tank update.
  47. Heros efasciatus
  48. Geophagus.
  49. Identity severum
  50. Any thoughts on pike cichlids