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  1. Jumping Dolphin injures boater and more
  2. Hmmm...
  3. Otto the Rock Star Octopus
  4. So Sad - Puntius Denisonii - Red Line Torpedo Barb
  5. Post Halloween catch-up
  6. Shark fin Soup
  7. Piglet Squid - Just so cute!!
  8. Scientists find new creatures of Australian deep
  9. Dolpins freed from ice jam in Canada
  10. Barreleye - Bizarre!
  11. Deep Sea Fish
  12. Stay of Execution
  13. Psychedelic fish discovered in Indonesia
  14. Fascinating
  15. Surprising delivery at a fish store
  16. European mussels invading MI waters
  17. Pink Dolphin
  18. Crazy Worm!
  19. Did anyone see the National Geographic show on "megafish"?
  20. No more alligator gar and some other cool fish.
  21. 5000 pound shark washes ashore.. in NY?
  22. Deep suspicions over legendary fish's death ~ yahoo featured story
  23. Humpback Whale mating behavior (video)
  24. Florida poisons entire pond on purpose...
  25. Giant Ray
  26. people catching salmonella from their pet frogs
  27. Sea slug surprise: It’s half-plant, half-animal
  28. Fishbowl causes fire
  29. New fish species
  30. Giant Oarfish washed up in Sweden
  31. undersea hotel!
  32. Handfish gong extinct!
  33. Great look at the cuttlefish
  34. Probably the last place you'd think to put some fish tanks
  35. This is how big Goldfish can get given the right conditions...
  36. New species of Octopus found
  37. Attaching a camera to a giant squid
  38. Swimming in South Georgia
  39. Gender bending fish
  40. Just for the Halibut!
  41. Coral Farms
  42. Nice Catch!
  43. Awesomely Small Fish
  44. Interesting Article
  45. Angel Fish Mystery Solved
  46. Marineland stealth pro recall issue
  47. Killer Shrimp Invading England
  48. grr... petsmart...grr
  49. What kind of fish is this?
  50. Aquatic Achievements of the Aztecs
  51. Cleaner Wrasse Cheating
  52. Progress or all wrong?
  53. Craigslist coming through for me, well sort of
  54. Giant Danios being used to help study for Muscular Dystrophy
  55. Ugh - made me sick
  56. new specied of cichlid identified
  57. River Monsters *Season 4*
  58. few new articles about the round goby in lake erie
  59. Snakehead bounty in Maryland
  60. Fish Tank Kings
  61. Support Fellow Fish Keepers
  62. Aquarium Podcasts
  63. 13,000g tank explodes in Gulfstream Casino!
  64. fish fillets come to life?
  65. whale thought to be extinct washes up in NZ
  66. Corals Using Chemical Signals To Summon Helper Fish
  67. Native Eel Slaughter
  68. The International Space Station has had fish on it. :-D
  69. Octopus offers mankind a gift of peace
  70. French Lake Turns Blood Red; 'It Looks Like Something Extra-terrestrial'
  71. Record Cesium Level Detected In Fish Around Fukushima Nuclear Plant
  72. Kiwi boy stuck in mud rescued; 'He had sunk as far as he could go'
  73. 'It Was My Worst Nightmare': Horseshoe Crab Sculpture Destroyed During Sinking
  74. Los Angeles: Failed fisherman pleads no contest to choking pelican to death
  75. The century-old remains of the windowed billiard room an eccentric millionaire built
  76. Russian Scientists Claim Lake Is Home To Siberian Loch Ness Monster; Sonar Spots 'Gia
  77. Vietnam: Farmer Catches Strange Fish With 'Snake Head, Pig Tongue'
  78. Ethereal photos of the spirit that haunts Russia's underwater crystal cave
  79. Life's a beach: Toy figures mingle with the fish in hilarious underwater scenes
  80. Australia dolphins 'saved' by juvenile's distress call
  81. Canada: Man to donate fish instead of doing community service
  82. First as Pakistan preserves 40-foot, 30-ton whale shark
  83. US environmental group backs anti-shark finning in Taiwan
  84. Snapped up: Wildlife ranger poses next to terrifying 13ft crocodile caught lurking in
  85. New species of fish discovered in ocean trench near New Zealand
  86. Scientists find guests at risk from handling Cayman Islands farm's turtles
  87. Humpback whale hits canoe during breach off Maui
  88. South Africa: First As Man Convicted Of Killing Great White Shark
  89. Latin America Expresses 'Strongest Objection' To Japanese Over Antarctic 'Scientific'
  90. Philippines Rejects US Navy Study Of Damaged Reef
  91. Coldest Place On Earth: Russian Divers Reach Bottom Of Lake Labynkyr
  92. Hawaii: Monk seal dies after swallowing fish hook
  93. Photos: Billions of dollars' worth of dead herring
  94. Owner provides tiny 'wheelchair' for disabled pet goldfish
  95. Weird underwater waves spotted from space
  96. Officials: Monk seal death was painful, preventable
  97. Scot university to research using shark immune systems to develop drugs
  98. California considers listing great whites as endangered
  99. Caught in the act: Whales' early mating ritual finds eager audience
  100. Hawaii: Monk seal dies after swallowing fish hook
  101. Hong Kong brides say 'I don't' to shark fin soup
  102. European Parliament backs major fisheries reform; 'anything but toothless'
  103. California: Federal judge upholds shutting down of popular oyster farm; 'a deal is a
  104. Report: Extracting Stranded U.S. Minesweeper May Take 2 Months
  105. Reward For Canadian Seal Killers Increased to $5000
  106. Study: Costs, Lack Of Demand Makes Whaling An 'Economic Loser In The 21st Century'
  107. Could Kidnapping A Baby Dolphin End The Slaughter At 'The Cove'?
  108. Hefty Seal Put On Diet And Exercise Regime After Piling On The Pounds
  109. Explosive Federal Mandate Killing Thousands Of Red Snapper; 'As A Scientist, I Think
  110. Philippines: Salvaging Of US Ship On Tubbataha Reef Suspended Due To Weather
  111. Report: 'Human-Causative Factors' Blamed As Number Of Shark Attacks Hit 12-Yr High
  112. Touristsâ
  113. Sea Slug's 'Disposable Penis' Surprises Scientists; 'I Haven't Seen Anything Like Thi
  114. Group Warns: New Zealand Dolphin Faces Extinction By 2030
  115. Indonesia: Activists Praise Minister For Closing Dolphin Attraction; 'Circuses Are Cr
  116. Philippines Official: US Ship Crewmen Involved In Tubbataha Reef Grounding Cannot Be
  117. Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd Claims Japanese 'Killed Whale In Australian Waters'
  118. Malaysia: Fisherman Impaled By Swordfish; 'I Will Never Forget The Sight Of The Fish
  119. Study: Dolphins Call Each Other By Name With 'Signature Whistle'
  120. 'We Have No Choice But To Kill Them All': Beluga Whales Trapped By Ice Providing Feas
  121. Alaskan Senator Proposes Bounty On Sea Otters
  122. Goldfish found in Lake Tahoe
  123. Philippines: Crews Begin To Remove Parts Of Grounded U.S. Navy Ship
  124. Chemicals Linked To Problems With Otters' Penis Bones; 'Could Be A Warning For All Ma
  125. Chile Navy Tries To Save Stranded Whales; 'We Never Thought There Would Be So Many'
  126. Pictures Of New Jersey 'Sea Monster' Go Viral
  127. Divers Locate Meteorite Impact Craters On Russian Lake Bottom
  128. Mystery Shark Caught Off Western Australia ID'd As Mandarin Dogfish
  129. 'Leviathan' Puts Viewers Inside Its Subjects (Whether Fisherman or Fish)
  130. Understanding How Nature Works
  131. Face Ripper! Animal Planet's 'River Monsters' With Jeremy Wade New Season Could Be Be
  132. A Whale Of A Success Story: Gray Whale Comeback Boosts Business; '60 Years Ago This W
  133. Investigators Confirm Two Sharks Involved In Fatal Attack On Kiwi Filmmaker Adam Stra
  134. Ancient Superpredator Ate Sharks For Lunch; 'The Most Terrifying Creature During The
  135. Commercial Fisher Snags Monster Bluefin Tuna Weighing 415kg; 'Nothing Ever As Big As
  136. Researchers Develop Robotic Fish The Can Utilize Aquatic Environment 'Flowscape'
  137. Report: Spain Biggest Exporter Of Shark Fins To Hong Kong
  138. 149 And Counting: Manatee Deaths Caused By Red Tide Near Florida Record
  139. Whale Wars: 'Pirate' Paul Watson Vows To Continue Anti-whaling Ways; 'There Is No Par
  140. 'Historic' Day As Hammerheads, Porbeagles, Oceanic Whitetips, Mantas Gain CITES Prote
  141. Armenia: Yerevan's Dolphinarium Closes Amidst Controversy
  142. Ukraine: Military Dolphins With Frickin' Guns Attached To Their Heads Have Gone Missi
  143. Right To Arm Cetaceans Bogus: Ukrainian Military Dolphins Not Actually On The Loose
  144. The Loneliest Whale In The World: The Whale Whose Unique Call Has Stopped Him Finding
  145. There Here: Florida Angler Reels In Great White Shark; 'We Were Just In Awe'
  146. Record Levels Of Radiation Found In Fish Near Japan's Fukushima Plan
  147. The Town That Drowned: Eerie Pictures Of Real Life Atlantis That Was Underwater For 2
  148. Possible ban on importing fish into US
  149. Spike In Marine Mammal Strandings Documented Along Louisiana, Mississippi Coast
  150. Indonesia: Bali Urged To Ban Shark Fishing, Build Sanctuary
  151. Fish With Human-like Teeth Caught On Video
  152. Seal Pup Found In Swedish Forest Mystifies Locals; 'Gone In The Wrong Direction'
  153. Scientists Confirm First-Ever Two-Headed Bull Shark; Connection To Deepwater Horizon
  154. Uproar As Sea Shepherd Claims Branding Killed Sea Lion; 'We Can't Feel For Them'
  155. Aliens Or Elephants? What's Causing The Perfect Ice Circles In A New York Pond?
  156. Reports: Pollution Killing Fish On China's Yangtze River; Effluent From Factories Eye
  157. Conservationists: Whale Shark 'Enclosure' Plans In Kenya 'Flawed And Misguided'
  158. Death Of Whale Found At B.C. Salmon Farm Remains A Mystery; Canadian Officials Eye Ne
  159. Monster Wave Surfer Shows Freaky Lack of Fear; 'I Don't Know Whatâ
  160. Shark Dive Operator Adjusting To An 'Invisible' Shark Cage Wall; 'A Pretty Uneasy Fee
  161. Vicious Shark-tooth Weapons Reveal Lost Species
  162. Brown Trout
  163. Heart of Sharkness: Reunion Island Surfers Vow To Fight Shark Menace
  164. Tassie Fishermen In Pitched Battle Against Giant Swordfish; 'A Once-in-a-lifetime Cat
  165. Dolphin Researcher Caught Fishing In Great Barrier Reef Green Zone Sparks Fine Debacl
  166. Scientists See Cruelty in Killing Method Used In Japanâ
  167. New Species, Genus of Transparent Fish Found in Amazon
  168. Philippines: Chinese Vessel Runs Aground In Tubbataha Reef
  169. Philippines: Now, It's Chinese Boat Stuck In Tubbataha; Coast Guard Holds Crew For Qu
  170. Polluting Plastic Waste Invades Great Lakes: Pacific Garbage Patch May Have A Rival
  171. Pictures Of Another Two Headed Shark Surfaces
  172. Keith The River Severn Seal Feared Dead
  173. Malaysia: Longest Underwater Clean-up Record Set
  174. Dead Dolphins And Shrimp With No Eyes Found After BP Clean-up
  175. 'Like Something From A Horror Film': Alien-like Parasite Found In Tesco Fish
  176. New Protections Proposed For Giant Pacific Octopus In Puget Sound
  177. Outrage As Pilot Whale Meat Sold To Unsuspecting Tourists; 'Hazardous Material'
  178. Canada Seal Hunters, Hit By Bans, Say Harvest Up; Nutritional Seal Oil 'High In Omega
  179. Video: Whale Carcass Explodes On Dutch Beach; 'It Ate A Lot Of Other Creatures'
  180. Lost At Sea For 27 Hours, Surfer Rescued From Circling Shark And Vicious Gull
  181. Kona Catch Of 958-pound Blue Marlin Could Be A World Record
  182. Aussie Boy, 12, Lands 1.5m Bull Shark With Hand Reel
  183. Fisherman, 29, Escapes Crocodile Jaws Around Head By Punching His Way Free
  184. Photographer Captures Dramatic Battle Between Orcas And Sperm Whales
  185. Miracle: Ship Sinks, U.S. Tourists Swim For Nearly 14 Hours In Shark-Infested Waters
  186. Philippines: Tour Guide Prays For More Whale Sharks In Donsol's Sea
  187. Experts: Friendly Dolphin 'Fungi' Could Continue To Entertain For Decades More; 'He's
  188. Bob Irwin Launches Blitz To Save Reef Where Son Steve Died; 'It's Your Reef'
  189. Invasion New York: Snakeheads Spotted In Central Park Lake; Anglers Urged To 'Secure
  190. Dereliction Of Duty: Navy Charges Two In Deaths Of Two Divers At Maryland Pond
  191. U.S. Government: Shark Fin Bans 'Significantly Undermine Conservation And Management
  192. German WW II Bomber To Be Salvaged From The English Channel
  193. Iceland Readying For Fin Whale Hunt; 'The Quota Is 154 Whales Plus'
  194. Rare Royal Fishing Rod On Sale; Prince Albert Salmon Pole Found Languishing In Wareho
  195. Scientists: Navy Sonar 'Did Cause Mass Dolphin Deaths' During War Games Exercise Off
  196. 'Sea Monster' Mystery Spawned After Bizarre-looking Carcass Washes Ashore in New Zeal
  197. French Man Killed By Shark While On Honeymoon Off Reunion Island
  198. Loss Of Confidence: Head Of US Navy Dive Unit Relieved Of Command Following Diver Dea
  199. London Zoo Desperately Seeking Mate For Almost-extinct Fish Species
  200. Underwater Images Show 'Britain's Atlantis'
  201. Iceland: Sea Turns Red As Whales Die To Satisfy Lust Of Gourmets; 'The British Love I
  202. Australia: Secret Images Reveal Grisly Sea Lion Deaths In Fishing Nets
  203. Good Or Bad News? Scientists Spot First Grey Whale South Of Equator
  204. Airline Exposed As 'A Thinly-disguised Freighter' For Shark Fins To Hong Kong
  205. Pandemic Swine Flu Virus Found in Seals; 'Where Did It Come From?'
  206. Fijiâ
  207. Argh! Man Undergoes Facial Surgery After Humpback Whale Breaches, Collides With His B
  208. Video: Florida Lifeguard Wrestles Shark Back Into The Water
  209. Navy Dolphins Locate Historic Torpedo Lost For 130 Years; 'We've Never Found Anything
  210. Diver's Shock As Boyfriend Plucks Dazzling Diamond Ring Off The Seabed In Elaborate U
  211. Dead Sea Lions Found In Peru, Rat Poison Suspected
  212. Massive Submerged Structure Stumps Israeli Archaeologists; 'It's Very Enigmatic, It's
  213. Cookiecutter: The Most Terrifying Description Of Ocean Swimming I've Ever Read
  214. Australian Woman Prepares for Cuba-to-Florida Swim
  215. Model Exposes Cosmetics Industry's Cruel Use Of Shark Liver Oil
  216. Fisher Snags Monster Halibut Off Norway; 'Itâ
  217. Two More Beluga Whale Deaths At Marineland, Canada?
  218. Sonar Image May Show Amelia Earhartâ
  219. Researchers: Sharks Worth More Alive Than Dead; Ecotourism Netting Over $314 Million
  220. Report: Slaves May Be Catching The Fish You Eat
  221. Whale Meat Promoted As Nutritious Food In Japan
  222. US Puffins Suffer From Warming Waters And Declining Fish Stock
  223. Fisherman Catch 'World-record' Deadly Shark They Describe As '1323lbs Of Nightmare'
  224. Researchers Find New Fish 1,000 Feet Below Caribbean
  225. 'World-record' Shark Catcher Corey Knowlton: 'We Worked For Four Years To Try To Find
  226. Mako Shark Jumps In Boat, Stuns Anglers; 'We Have A Big Problem, This Thing Is Going
  227. Russian Military Beluga Whale Goes AWOL Again
  228. 'Shock' As 'Large Number' Of Rare Dolphins Discovered Deep In Bangladesh Jungle
  229. Aussie Swimmer Eyes Swim From Cuba To Florida This Week; 'Itâ
  230. Official Chinese Broadcaster: 80% Of Waters In East China Sea Polluted By 'Constant I
  231. Freak 11-stone Halibut Caught With Fishing Rod Off Shetland Coast And Sold To Restaur
  232. Too Much Prozac Makes Minnows 'Edgy And Aggressive, Even Killers'
  233. Newly Planned Dolphin-swim Facility In Bahamas Vehemently Opposed
  234. Group Denies It Hid Discovery Of Amelia Earhartâ
  235. Chaos: One Shark Dead, Another Wounded In Coney Island Applebees Aquarium Debacle
  236. U.S. Seizes Jean-Michel Cousteau's Boat Over Marine Protection Violations
  237. Mekong Dams Threaten Extinction of Giant Catfish; 'You Canâ
  238. Monterey Bay Aquarium Takes A 'Break' From Collecting 'Endangered' Great White Sharks
  239. Chicago Area Angler To Make World Record Attempt For Most Fish Caught In A 24 Hour Pe
  240. First As Penguins Conceived Via Artificial Insemination
  241. Australia Makes Final Bid To Stop Japan Whaling; 'We Want Commercial Whaling To Stop'
  242. Diving Icon And 'Lord Of The Sharks' Hans Hass Is Dead
  243. Rare White Whale 'Migaloo' And Another White Whale Seen Migrating North From Antarcti
  244. Bubble-eyed Goldfish Swims On His Own In Case He Bumps Into Others and Bursts His Eye
  245. Scientists Discover Thriving Colonies Of Microbes In Ocean 'Plastisphere'
  246. Mystery As Millions Of Krill Wash Up On Oregon, California Beaches; 'Something Going
  247. Missoni Plane Found In Venezuela: Survey Vessel Discovers Wreckage 240 Feet Below The
  248. Alaskan Beaches Blighted By Up To Ton Of Garbage Per Mile
  249. The Worst Marine Invasion Ever: 'Obese' Lionfish Thriving Off Carolina Coast
  250. Why Nobody Threw Back 200-year-old Rockfish Caught In Alaska