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  1. Let It Be: Animal Activists Warn People To Stop Putting Beached Dolphins Back In The
  2. Pod of heroic dolphins are filmed defending a humpback mother named Spirit and her ca
  3. Bloom Boom: Third species of algae, fueled by decomposing fish, is found blooming in
  4. War on sharks: Chinese demand for fins driving rogue fishing fleets to plunder ocean'
  5. Canada: Whale-watchers ask why herring fishery carries on where right whales sighted
  6. Monster: Kiwi divers stumble upon 4.2 metre long squid carcass
  7. Dramatic moment a beached killer whale is returned to the sea by dozens of volunteers
  8. Contestants breathless as underwater chess plumbs new depths
  9. 230 live Tiger sharks and 800kg of fish seized, 35 Vietnamese nabbed
  10. Icelandic whalers kill a rare 'Blue whale hybrid' just a month after same company 'Ac
  11. Robots ready to start killing crown-of-thorns starfish on Great Barrier Reef
  12. Store 'Closed Down' For Putting Googly Eyes On Fish To Make Them Look Fresher
  13. The 'Pac-man' that could gobble up plastic from the Great Garbage Patch is ready for
  14. Trillion ton iceberg cracked off Antarctica last year is spinning with a 'Spectacular
  15. Hundreds of Seals Have Died in Maine: A mass die-off of seals has scientists searchin
  16. China: Fish dies, man lives after stingray sticks it into tourist's crotch
  17. More: Whale stranding death toll rises to 58 in Scotland and Ireland
  18. New research busts myth surfers and swimmers are safer from sharks with dolphins in w
  19. Is This Fish Self-Aware? The cleaner wrasse appears to have passed the mirror test
  20. I Want To Believe: Mysterious Traces Discovered 2.4 Miles Under The Ocean
  21. 5600 Meters: China's 'Sea Dragon' underwater robot reaches record depth on test dive
  22. NOAA lays plan to capture ailing orca J50, announces public meetings; 'This is a very
  23. Gone? Massive search on for sick orca J50 that researcher fears could be dead
  24. Ailing killer whale declared dead, but feds to keep looking; 'We haven't given up hop
  25. Cape Cod: Shark Kills Boogie Boarder; 'It was like right out of that movie Jaws'
  26. Tributes to man who was killed in shark attack off Cape Cod beach
  27. Mysterious great white shark lair discovered in Pacific Ocean
  28. Eating your kids may improve your sex life? Sounds fishy.
  29. Wreck of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour 'Discovered' off US coast
  30. In Rare Video, Young Orcas Learn to Hunt Sea Turtles
  31. Devil Fish: How scientists captured a stunning, hellish menagerie of half-dissolved c
  32. Baked, Then Steamed: A Maine restaurant owner is giving weed to lobsters before they'
  33. Whale rescue mission off Tasmanian coast as entangled animal spotted again
  34. Lantern fish: These Glowing Fish Spread Parasites to Sperm Whales
  35. How did piles of Haiti's trash end up on NC beaches? Hurricane Florence is a suspect
  36. Aphrodite: Newly Discovered Neon Fish Species Is Named After Greek Goddess of Love
  37. Can the Ghost Dolphin Survive Obscurity? Researchers struggle to save something they
  38. Lured to their death: Shocking footage shows how endangered sharks are impaled by bai
  39. Ecstasy Turns Antisocial Octopuses Into Lovestruck Cuddle Buddies--Just Like Us
  40. Kelly, the Sassy Dolphin What can one brash dolphin teach us about personality?
  41. 'We Hear Them': What Do Killer Whales Do at Night?
  42. Dozens Of People Rally Together To Rescue Massive Humpback Whale Stranded On Argentin
  43. Cash carp: World's most expensive fish bought for £1.4 million
  44. Tokyo's iconic Tsukiji fish market, a popular tourist spot, closes after 83 years
  45. Free Willy plan to ferry Thames Beluga whale back to Arctic
  46. Experts Fret: Thames whale Benny the beluga 'Cannot be hauled out'
  47. Soaring antidepressant use is turning our waters into a 'drug soup' and changing mari
  48. Pachy Rider: Campaign calls for the end of underwater elephant swimming shows in Thai
  49. How tiny fish ear bones can reveal criminal activity
  50. 'Underwater Chernobyl' sunken Nazi submarine will be buried under rubble off of Norwa
  51. How Mexican cartels and illegal fishing are leading to the extinction of the vaquita
  52. 6-foot bull shark leaps into family fishing boat, 'Petrifies' kids
  53. #SharksToo: New Research Shows Some Mating Scars On Female Sharks Are The Result Of R
  54. Sewage Divers remove wet wipes from Charleston Water Treatment Plant after massive ba
  55. Florida's Chance to Protect Threatened Sharks: Easy policy changes can save protected
  56. $29K Anti-lightning tool will help keep Florida city's fish cam online
  57. Last of the Cetaceans: Scientists Catch Rare Glimpses of the Endangered Vaquita
  58. Humpback whale calf shown nursing in first-of-its-kind footage
  59. Wheelchair diving artist transforming preconceptions around disability
  60. Irish Houdini: Waterford stuntman to carry out world's toughest ever *underwater esc
  61. California's Underwater Forests Are Being Eaten by the 'Cockroaches of the Ocean'
  62. 2018 Ice Odyssey: NASA spots a second 'Monolith' iceberg in Antarctica
  63. Black Market: Preparations For Illegal Sale Of 13 Killer Whales From Russia To China
  64. Vietnam's fish-filled 'Koi cafe' tanks after accusations of animal abuse
  65. Florida: Dolphin pushed dead calf for miles along Florida's Indian River Lagoon; 'It'
  66. Rescue Roo: Drowning kangaroo rescued by Australian police officers; 'He was drowning
  67. Venice on 'Code red' as city sees worst flooding since 2012
  68. An Underwater Grave Site Was Untouched for 7,000 Years
  69. Another Look at Fish and Pain
  70. An Entangled Whale Tell-All: A diary of life and death, straight from the whale's mou
  71. Hero fisherman leaps onto a massive humpback whale in an epic three-hour rescue missi
  72. 88 Hours Underwater: Diving in to splashing good memories of an underwater World Reco
  73. Florida: Rare set of manatee twins, mom make splash
  74. Real Time: Orca calls transmitted live from Puget Sound
  75. Russia investigating 'Whale jail' holding 101 captured Orcas and Belugas in Pacific b
  76. Again: New Shark Attack on Surfer Closes Aussie Beach
  77. Many Shark Repellents Don't Work: Scientists pit five commercially available shark re
  78. Dox'd: Scientists reveal age and gender of Matariki the whale, who charmed Wellington
  79. California May Soon Unravel Controversial Nets Used To Harvest Swordfish
  80. Whale entanglement causes and solutions detailed in new report
  81. Aussie bodyboarder 'Extremely lucky' after being mauled by shark south of Perth; 'Mea
  82. Hostile Waters: Orcas thrive in a land to the north. Why are Puget Sound's dying?
  83. Norfolk angler John Wilson dies at Thailand home; voted 'The greatest angler of all t
  84. Incredible underwater footage shows wreck site of last boat sunk during WWI
  85. 'They're all dead': Florida officials explain may why red tide has quit dumping fish
  86. Get Out: Group finalizes endangered orcas proposals with ban on tours off Puget Sound
  87. Argentine sub found partially 'Imploded' after yearlong search
  88. Earth Is Eating Its Own Oceans, Three Times Faster Than Previously Imagined
  89. Searching for the world's largest octopus in the waters of West Seattle
  90. Scientists wind up deep-water probes in Caribbean waters
  91. Computer simulator gives new insight into right whale rope entanglements
  92. Japan's 'Ama' Grannies Cling To Their Freediving Fishing Tradition
  93. Florida Keys Study Finds Dolphins Work Together To Complete Tasks
  94. Vancouver: Koi evacuated as search for Chinatown otter continues; fate of old, rare f
  95. Mutant Gene: An Unexpected Hint of a Limb Found in a Fish's Fin
  96. Australia: Nearly 30 whales stranded on remote Victorian beach
  97. Underwater 'Snowstorm' triggered by soft corals during annual coral spawning on Great
  98. Aussie surfer felt like he was caught in steel trap when shark bit foot
  99. Fifty whales die in another stranding in New Zealand; Experts baffled by a 'String of
  100. 'I will swim with sharks again': 8-year-old boy bitten by shark
  101. What's in the Great Blue Hole? Fabien Cousteau will find out
  102. Indigestion: Dolphin rescued from Phuket beach vomits plastic
  103. Research: Mystery of color patterns of reef fish solved
  104. The Original Shark Used in Universal's 'Jaws' Ride Can Now Be Found in a Staten Islan
  105. Photos: 'Harassed' seal pup dies in Cornwall
  106. Captive Audience: Visitors wowed as Okinawa aquarium becomes world's first to exhibit
  107. Australia: Man who calls himself 'Shark bait' attacked by shark in NSW
  108. Study: Effects of Antidepressants Span Three Generations in Fish
  109. Scientists sound the alarm on underwater blasting's effect on whales and other marine
  110. Urban waterways are under siege by a new invasive species: e-scooters
  111. The orca and the orca catcher: How a generation of killer whales was taken from Puget
  112. Report: Even fish get the bends, and it's 'worse than in humans'
  113. 'Animals are not entertainment': Aussie Sea World shuts down dolphin shows after prot
  114. Fish Fraud: It's very likely your supermarket fish isn't what you think it is
  115. Ray of hope: scientist use contraceptive to curtail 'Highly fertile' fish
  116. Two Adriatic Dolphin Pods Scrupulously Avoid Each Other; Researchers don't know exact
  117. Whale Tale: Benny the beluga whale causes chaos for £6billion River Thames project
  118. The news is always bad: Expert says increased Florida manatee numbers will mean 'More
  119. A wealthy explorer just reached the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean
  120. Scuba-diving lizard can stay underwater for at least 16 minutes
  121. The Detail That Goes Into Moving 2.8 Million Dead Fish
  122. The marine biologist on a mission to change the image of sharks; 'Fear of sharks is l
  123. Canada: Stubborn young beluga won't stay away from the Maritimes; 'He just kept intru
  124. Death Sentence: Sea lion control bill signed into law by President Trump
  125. Harpoon's Away: More nations could follow Japan's lead on whaling Say Kiwi Sir Geoffr
  126. 11-year-old bitten by Hilton Head shark in May is still recovering —and so is his f
  127. Divers put Christmas tree at bottom of lake in Russia
  128. Scot divers reveal St. Kilda marine life in 'Good condition'
  129. 11-year-old boy uses all his strength to pull man from bottom of pool, saving his lif
  130. Hand it to Digit: This baby sperm whale was tangled in ocean trash for 3 years
  131. Desperate bid to save 30ft-long sperm whale tangled for more than 24 hours in rope in
  132. 'What is the sea telling us?': Māori tribes fearful over whale strandings
  133. Researchers: The 'Little Ice Age' hundreds of years ago is still cooling the bottom o
  134. Indonesian circus forces dolphins to stay out of water, lie on dry plastic sheets so
  135. Over? Electric ferries are cleaner and quieter. But for orcas, that might not be enou
  136. Australia: Mass fish deaths at Menindee sparks viral video from emotional farmers; 't
  137. Vancouver: Vets discuss treatment options for pair of ailing endangered orcas
  138. Vaquita Wars: Sea Shepherd vessel falls under assault by poachers in Mexico
  139. War is Peace: California sea lions killed to protect migrating fish
  140. Japan rebuts NY Times editorial on whaling; 'It is unfair to single out Japan'
  141. German WWI U-boat resurfaces off French coast
  142. SeaWorld uses playful otters, killer whales and giant sea turtles to reconnect with v
  143. Banned Fish Trap Returns To Columbia As Sustainable Way To Catch Salmon
  144. Peru: Good Samaritans Come to the Rescue of Trapped Whales
  145. Plastics: Divers Make Depressing Discovery At The Bottom Of Great Blue Hole
  146. 2018's Award-Winning Ocean Photos Will Transport You to Another Planet
  147. Remains of two finless porpoise discovered in Hong Kong taking total number found sin
  148. Humpback Whales Separated by a Continent Are 'Remixing' Each Other's Songs
  149. How Plastic Cleanup Threatens the Ocean's Living Islands
  150. Invasive giant sylvania
  151. Is This Tiny Copepod the Key to Sustainably Producing Omega-3s?
  152. San Jose Man Convicted of Fatally Shooting Great White Shark
  153. An Underwater Skin Sensor Lets Swimmers Track Their Sweat
  154. A New Underwater 'Tent' Might Make the Ocean Your Next Campsite
  155. Divers find grisly Mayan blade used for sacrifice
  156. It's alive!!! Experts concerned after carp survives mass fish kills
  157. Study: Brief air exposure not a threat to fish survival
  158. Law of the tongue: Man and orca combined to hunt for whales in Aussie Eden
  159. Rare Footage Shows a Humpback Whale Calf Just Minutes After Birth
  160. 4 Dead in Arizona: Protest planned as another dolphin dies at desert Dolphinaris
  161. Sign of the times: Japan on earthquake and tsunami alert after seven giant deep-sea f
  162. My two fishes are pregnant