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  1. Over: Missing Argentine Submarine Families End Vigil; 'Anomalous, short, violent'
  2. South African scientists claim to have designed '100 per cent safe' shark barrier
  3. Scientists Call For Ban On Glitter, Say It's A Global Hazard to Oceans
  4. Citizen-Scientists Help Researchers Better Understand Endangered Whale Sharks
  5. How does Japan get away with 'Horrific' whale hunting?
  6. Check Out the 'World's Tallest Underwater Christmas Tree'
  7. South Africa: Sharks won't chow us‚ say 'Mad Swimmers' as they set off
  8. Vaquita porpoise facing extinction after £3m rescue plan abandoned; end to Illegal f
  9. 'Perfect storm' mystery deepens: Divers searching the hulk of trawler that sank in br
  10. Researchers tag Amazon dolphins for the first time
  11. Watch: Orcas' upside-down hunting moves may be a clever way to 'Zombify' stingrays
  12. A sad countdown: Scientists watch a species go extinct
  13. Diver Recovers Woman's Lost Engagement Ring in Remarkable Moment Caught on Tape
  14. California Kills 2018 Abalone Season as Population Collapses
  15. Mysterious 'White plague' threatens South Florida coral reefs; 'State of emergency'
  16. Archeologists Discover Oldest Burial Fish Hooks, Showing Prehistoric Women Fished, To
  17. Florida authorities make three arrests in connection to viral shark dragging video
  18. Does the U.S. Military Maintain Secret Underwater Bases?
  19. Actually, Dolphins Don't All Look the Same Humans are more than capable of telling in
  20. More like 392: Newly discovered Greenland shark is not 512 years old, although it is
  21. 2nd Swimmer In 24 Hours Attacked By Sea Lion Off San Francisco Aquatic Park
  22. Third attack by marine mammal in San Francisco's Aquatic Park prompts swimming ban
  23. White Lies? Angler Battles for $2.8 Million Prize Money After Tournament Officials Sa
  24. Kiwi surfers chased from the water ... by cranky sea lions
  25. Glow in the dark sharks: new species discovered in Hawaii – and it glows
  26. Biologists record the machine-gun sound of the loudest known fish
  27. Epigenetics explained: Hatchery Fish Often Fail in the Wild and Scientists Might Now
  28. 17 amazing and important things about sharks and rays that scientists discovered in 2
  29. Argh! Whale hits paddler's canoe off Kohanaiki; 'Just a bit shocked how it all went d
  30. South Carolina: Fishermen believe they caught world record Black Bass
  31. Woman claims video shows 'shark' swimming in Lake Michigan
  32. Magical Japanese Fish Can Literally Be Made into a Sharp Kitchen Knife
  33. Secret to Porpoise Sonar Revealed: The animals can adjust structures in their forehea
  34. All the times humans tried to keep a great white shark in captivity - and it died
  35. Taiwanese Fishermen Catch Viper Shark
  36. How We Know Megalodon Doesn't Still Exist?
  37. Regenerating Fish Brains May Hold the Key to the NFL's Concussion Problem
  38. This miraculous three-hour operation to rescue a seal from a remote beach will warm y
  39. Brazil: Mass Deaths Of Endangered Dolphins Baffle Environmentalists, Over 80 Carcasse
  40. The mind-blowing technical capabilities of new MH370 search vessel Seabed Constructor
  41. Are Excluder Devices Saving Sea Lions or Covering Up Their Deaths?
  42. Meet the Rare Jellyfish Filmed 4,000 ft. Underwater, Resembling an Explosion of Firew
  43. SeaWorld CEO slams activists who criticized the company for breeding killer whales in
  44. U.S. Navy Transport Aircraft Located Under Three Miles of Water; will be deepest airc
  45. Great white victim prepares for 'Bucket list' shark cage dive; 'I gave myself up for
  46. Whale Allegedly Protects Diver From Shark But Scientists Are Skeptical of Altruism; '
  47. Sea lion attacks fourth swimmer in San Francisco Bay
  48. U.S. appeals court: Captive orca Lolita can stay at Miami aquarium
  49. Whale saved from entanglement after 285 feet of rope removed from mouth
  50. Mermaid Academies Are a Thing. Why You Should Be Afraid.
  51. Aussie PM Malcolm Turnbull urged to pressure Japan over whaling during security talks
  52. Sea Smoke: It's so cold in the South, the 64-degree Gulf of Mexico is literally steam
  53. World's Largest Sea Turtle Could Come Off 'Endangered' List
  54. Man ate raw fish almost every day - until a 5-foot tapeworm slithered out of his body
  55. MH370 'Wreck hunter' says debris found disproves pilot suicide theory
  56. Australia's attempt to save the Great Barrier Reef is like treating cancer with banda
  57. For $130,000, you could be one of the few to see the RMS Titanic in person this summe
  58. Eating With the Fishes: Norway to Build Europe's First Underwater Restaurant
  59. We will Rock You: What Dramatic Orca Hunt Video Tells Us About Dolphin Intelligence
  60. 'A Very quiet Place with Very Little Oxygen': Oceanographer Says MH370 Passenger rem
  61. Report: Pacific coast shark attacks on the rise and kayakers may be most at risk; Dis
  62. Angler: Lake Winnipeg ice fishers reeling in 'fish of a lifetime' thanks to 1997 floo
  63. Let it Breed: Marine parks celebrate as France overturns ban on captive dolphin breed
  64. Report: Hong Kong's appetite for reef fish 'Unsustainable'
  65. Australian submarines could hit other boats or even whales in 'poorly regulated' Indo
  66. Researcher Uses Drones To Learn How Whales Respond To Noise Pollution
  67. Whales' daily diet of 171 plastic items: Filter feeding animals most at risk because
  68. Fail: 'Test Message' tsunami warning sent to the East Coast, Gulf of Mexico and Carib
  69. Attack of the zombies: The way the world catches fish defies all economic logic
  70. Tourist's mermaid pose incites wrath over coral damage
  71. court: Vancouver park board lacked authority to ban whales, dolphins at aquarium
  72. First images of creatures from Antarctic depths revealed
  73. Scots fish farm bosses fear 50,000 salmon made break for freedom through hole in unde
  74. Winners of the Underwater Photographer of the Year Award 2018
  75. Giant Robots Are the Future of Underwater Mining
  76. Snapping Shrimp 'Dinner Bell' May Tell Gray Whales When to Eat
  77. Bad Cod: Maryland woman claims she found a worm in her fish from Costco
  78. In a world first, Switzerland deems it illegal to boil a lobster
  79. Keep Britain Tidy: Litter campaign group say Blue Planet II was 'A game changer'
  80. Toxic plastic particles are found in 75% of deep sea fish in the Northwest Atlantic
  81. Beachgoers stomp on dead blue whale, take selfies and carve graffiti on its carcass a
  82. Off the Green and into the Blue: A staggering number of golf balls wind up in the oce
  83. Half of world's oceans now fished industrially, maps reveal
  84. 'Shape of Water' Producer on the Challenges of Telling a Fish-Monster Love Story
  85. Whale with no tail makes appearance off California coast
  86. After year of record deaths, right whales produce no new calves, which could be 'cata
  87. Divers' amazing discovery after wakeboarder loses arm in Bay of Islands; 'Slipped off
  88. 'I need a fresh challenge': Mick Fanning, the surfer who fought off a shark by punchi
  89. Why don't you see people-sized salmon anymore?
  90. Feed the whales: $1.55-million Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for Proposed
  91. 'Incredible business loss': Washington's net-pen fish farm ban has Canadian consequen
  92. Diver films wave of plastic pollution off Bali on scale 'Never seen before'
  93. World War II carrier Lexington found 2 miles under sea by Allen expedition
  94. Cruel Western Australia fishermen captured dragging dying shark behind car at high sp
  95. Measures taken: Efforts afoot to save endangered Blind Dolphin
  96. Exclusive: Rare, Mysterious Gervais Whales Filmed Professionally for the First Time
  97. Australia: Swimmer says his pink swimming shorts and right hook scared away a shark o
  98. Free Tokitae: Native American tribe demands Miami Seaquarium return orca Lolita home
  99. 68-year-old woman catches 130-pound 'monster' fish on casual trip
  100. Are Dolphins Mammals Or Fish? Here's What Science Says
  101. Can you own a sunken island? Virginia man vows he still owns vanished NC island
  102. Climate Change: More Florida manatees died from cold stress this winter; 'One big fre
  103. Scientists: Narwhals get confused whether to flee or freeze when subjected to human-i
  104. Dolphins Kept in Armenian Best Western Pool Sent to Iran
  105. Gone: Five Hector's dolphins killed in Kiwi fisher's net
  106. Watch this robotic fish flap its fins in Fiji's Rainbow Reef
  107. 'Rotting' betta fish makes amazing transformation after being transferred to new tank
  108. Heartbreaking photos show 150 whales beached in Australia as sharks feast on their ca
  109. At some Philly homes, toilets get flushed into the city's drinking water source. Don'
  110. Virginia Beach-based Navy divers recovered torpedoes from the Arctic. Here's how they
  111. Last Northern White Male Rhino Dead.
  112. A Scheme to End the World's Worst Acid Trip: Geoengineering idea is potentially risky
  113. Finding Nemo: See How Fish Get From Coral Reefs to Your Aquarium Tank
  114. This Camera Was Lost at Sea for 2 Years -- Its Photos Just Led to Its Owner
  115. Shark trophy hunting puts famed Monkey Mia dolphins, tourists at risk, but shire can'
  116. Marine mammal center says selfies the worst thing for seal pups since orcas
  117. Nigerian Man Poses With The Dolphin He Killed in Akwa Ibom State
  118. Report: Von Miller facing investigation after posting photo with hammerhead shark
  119. South Africa: Shark attack at Cape St Francis
  120. Toxic gas: Pet owner reveals how cleaning out fish tank nearly killed him
  121. Whales without tails? Increase in flukeless gray whale sightings raises alarm
  122. 8-Metre Jesus Christ Statue Sunk in the Sea for Underwater Stations of the Cross in C
  123. Beach Sewage 'Cesspool': Idyllic Philippine Resort Island of Boracay Is Closed to Tou
  124. Dramatic footage shows community's frantic efforts to free beached humpback whale aft
  125. Malaysia: NGO fishes for divers with wrecks at Tioman Island
  126. Avant-Garde Gonads: An overlooked sea urchin species may find a spot on the menu as t
  127. How Culture Guides Belugas' Annual Odysseys Across the Arctic
  128. Appearance of Pink 'Smiling Dolphin' Seen as Bringing Good Luck
  129. #VonnToo: A hammerhead shark death could spark change
  130. New World Record Attempt For Longest Underwater Human Chain To Take Place In June
  131. Is a Changing Environment Bringing Baby Bull Sharks to North Carolina?
  132. This Film Crew Might Be the First to See Humpbacks Give Birth; 'It just sort of happe
  133. He Wanted to Photograph a Shark Feeding Frenzy. It Took 3,000 Dive Hours
  134. Video shows monk seal pup playing with knife
  135. Warm-water bottlenose dolphins, false killer whales documented off B.C.'s Vancouver I
  136. Police: Abandoned Alligator Found in Fish Tank at New York City Park
  137. Man escapes with life after shark tears hole in paddle-ski
  138. Up: Mekong river dolphin population rises for first time in 20 years
  139. Futile: Sea lion relocation fails to protect fish at Willamette Falls
  140. Daredevil Dolphins: Bow riding is a dangerous behavior with no clear motivation
  141. Australia: Surfer grabs shark in freak encounter at North Coast beach
  142. Great white shark Hilton, 1,326-pound real life 'Jaws,' spotted off Gulf Coast
  143. 'Dead zone' larger than Scotland found by underwater robots in Arabian sea
  144. Underwater filmmaker Ken O'Sullivan is 'Shocked and delighted' at reaction to whale a
  145. How a social lifestyle helped drive a river otter species to near extinction
  146. Kiwis Call for 'Unsafe' shark cage diving to be regulated
  147. Semo, Oldest Known Male Dolphin In US, Dies At Six Flags Discovery Kingdom; 'Ruggedly
  148. 'Dead fish swimming': Lice from fish farms infecting wild baby salmon in B.C.
  149. Australia: Drumline trial hooks 15 sharks off Kiama, Ulladulla
  150. Vice: We Went Fishing with Japan's Shark Hunters
  151. Living in the Rariphotic: 100 species discovered as scientists find new ocean zone
  152. This amazingly creepy fish has human-like teeth and a crushing bite. But what is it?
  153. Man Who Stole Dolphin from South China Beach Identified by Authorities
  154. 78 Foot: Scientists believe massive wave is southern hemisphere record
  155. The activists are wrong: Aquariums support conservation
  156. Bowhead whales, dwellers of icy seas, enjoy steady growth off Alaska in the age of cl
  157. Whale Caught In Fishing Gear Off Coast May Be Permanently Damaged
  158. Giant great white shark feared to be stalking British beach after dolphin carcasses w
  159. Ghost Flight: Aviation experts believe current MH370 search is nowhere near wreckage
  160. Ukraine's Dolphin Army in 'Patriotic Hunger Strike' After Russian Capture
  161. These Epic Underwater Photos Were Shot Below Breaking Waves
  162. New electronic tracking system trailed on Great Barrier Reef to improve safety for to
  163. Sharks: Western Australia dive shops close doors after fear turns customers away
  164. Kiwi researchers searching for Nessie will scour Loch Ness for 'Fish dandruff'
  165. China: River monster being eaten to the brink of extinction after it was discovered t
  166. Watching Japan's King of Tuna Cut Fish is Mesmerizing: Inside the world's largest fis
  167. Scientists say fish feel pain. It could lead to major changes in the fishing industry
  168. Dolphins Have a Mysterious Network of Veins That Could Be Key to Preventing the Bends
  169. Mussel-covered junk and mortar shell pulled out of Lake Geneva
  170. Florida: Fisherman bitten while releasing shark at Ponce Inlet
  171. Captive dolphin 'Happiness' measured by scientists in France; 'It's their life'
  172. Sperm whale ???
  173. A Fish Called Rockweed: In Maine, a strange legal debate is raging over rights to the
  174. Fremantle's century-old fishing culture inspires local history buff to preserve stori
  175. Enemy Mine: Former Illegal Fishers Lead Fight to Save Near-Extinct Porpoise
  176. Cambodia volunteers step up battle against illegal fishing; 'Annihilation trawling' t
  177. Scientists Baffled: Why has this blue whale swam into the Red Sea for the first time
  178. Group: Media's Interpretation Of Captive Dolphin 'Happiness' Study Is 'Misguided' And
  179. Study: High seas fishing would go broke without 'Massive' subsidies
  180. Sorry Charlie: Research says dolphins purposely killed for use as fish bait
  181. U.S. won't prosecute Alaska grey whale killed by local hunters; 'The law was broken'
  182. 'It looked pretty bad': Hawaiian man hospitalized after apparent shark bite
  183. Scientists shocked as whale washes up on German beach
  184. PETA blasts Chinese marine park after trainer puts lipstick on beluga whale for viral
  185. Incredible Clip Shows Shark Attack Another Shark
  186. Lens: An Underwater Photographer Documents a Meditative World
  187. Hunting, fishing causing dramatic decline in Amazon river dolphins
  188. When faced with a killer whale should you fight or flee? It depends on whether you ar
  189. Mote manatees measure metabolism on treadmills
  190. Gone: B.C. killer whale believed dead, dropping southern resident population to 75
  191. The wetsuit inspired by seal blubber that can keep Special Forces Navy SEALs alive in
  192. Canada: B.C. fish farms to require First Nations approval starting in 2022
  193. Incredible Gold Artifacts Discovered In Wreck Of Famed 19th-Century Luxury Steamship
  194. Hungry dolphin's rare 'Mud ring' trick caught on video
  195. Running Late to Meeting, Man Paddleboards Across Hudson River in Business Suit, Dress
  196. Bourbon warehouse collapse contaminates creek, killing 'Hundreds' of fish
  197. Bahrain: Diver stumbles on oyster with 8.4-carat pearl inside while exploring new bed
  198. Navy Will Test Swarming Underwater Drones in Summer Exercise
  199. Sonar anomaly off NC investigated. Could be shipwreck, rock formation -- 'or otherwis
  200. They're back: Great white shark spotted in Spanish Waters for first time in 30 years
  201. Tour Operator: Fish farm vessel didn't change course when warned of orcas in its path
  202. Mexican Fishing Industry: Vaquita protection measure could cost thousands of jobs; 'F
  203. Underwater photographs by Barbara Cole that look like oil paintings of bathing women
  204. Harvard Robotic Cockroach Walks Underwater; The HAMR is tiny and amphibious
  205. Drones are revolutionizing how we study humpback whales
  206. Sea Weed: Man catches 2-pound brick of marijuana while fishing in Florida
  207. In the Arctic Ocean, Hurricane Season Hits in the Summer
  208. A secret mission, torpedoes, sharks and the men who survived: The story of the 'India
  209. How first four of 12 trapped Thai schoolboys were rescued from the cave
  210. Orcas of the Pacific Northwest Are Starving and Disappearing; 'We have orcas in our s
  211. Deep-sea monster? Fishermen catch 16ft long fish off Chile coast
  212. The Worst Thing You Can Do Is Panic; A veteran cave diver explains the unique risks,
  213. Icelandic whalers are accused of killing a rare blue whale off of Iceland - the first
  214. Thailand cave rescue: Richard Harris opens up about experience on flight home to Aust
  215. Group: Swimming with baby whales and dolphins to be phased out worldwide
  216. Hundreds Of Crocodiles Massacred In Vicious Revenge Attack In Indonesia
  217. As Reefs Disappear, Some Fish Find Themselves Defenseless
  218. What Were Two Humpback Whales Doing with a Dead Gray Whale Calf? Researchers are stum
  219. Russian warship carrying £100 billion worth of gold found off South Korea
  220. Don't Squish the Jellyfish. Capture It With a Folding Robotic Claw
  221. Shark Week Triggers a Marketing Feeding Frenzy
  222. Baked: Fish eggs develop weirdly when given cannabis
  223. Shark Week: Young Great White Sharks Thrive In Monterey Bay As Older Ones Mysteriousl
  224. Shark Week: Shocker As 20-foot great white 'Deep Blue' caught on camera
  225. Going: Yangtze finless porpoise population drops to 1,012
  226. Why? Mogul the right whale's appearance off Iceland puzzles scientist
  227. Court grants ban of fish imports from Mexico caught with nets that hurt endangered po
  228. Why Mantis Shrimps, Not Sharks, Might Be the Most Amazing Predators in the Sea
  229. Watching Whales Die: 'First they enthralled me. Now they haunt me.' Notes from a whal
  230. Dead Dolphin Found At Mumbai Beach Among Trash and Plastic; 2nd Case in 2 days, 4th T
  231. Killer whales are not fooled by the #WhatTheFluffChallenge
  232. A Pregnant Dolphin. A Fatal Gunshot. A Disturbing Trend.
  233. Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste: Orca mother's grief reinforces need to protect salmon
  234. A red tide ravaging Florida may have killed a whale shark for the first known time
  235. How an Epidemic Exposed the Ecological Importance of Sea Stars
  236. Horror as tourist is killed by a shark while holidaying with his wife and children in
  237. It Lives: Rare 10-foot squid washes up on Oregon beach
  238. The Deep: The Science Behind Decompression Sickness
  239. He Lost: Bachelor party guest drowns during competition to see who could stay underwa
  240. Warning as venomous weever fish that swim in shallow water return to Britain's shores
  241. Chinese Conservationists Slam Porpoises' Relocation to Aquariums
  242. U.S.-based shark tagging expedition coming to Nova Scotia waters
  243. Gone: After 17 days and 1,000 miles, grieving mother orca Tahlequah drops her dead ca
  244. Marine Worms Are Eating Plastic: Now In the burgeoning plastisphere, these worms are
  245. Video showing divers riding endangered whale shark described as 'deeply troubling'
  246. After 42 years of fishing, he's never seen anything like this 310-pound bull shark
  247. Sea turns blood red as entire village including young children round up and slaughter
  248. Starving for Attention: Environmentalists sue federal government in Seattle to protec
  249. No Permit: Florida restaurant named after Jimmy Buffett served protected game fish
  250. Dinner: Baby whale butchered in Nigeria