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  1. Aquasonic: The Worlds First Underwater Band Playing Looks Like Something Out of A Nig
  2. Angler's Massive tuna a potential world record but for a costly mistake
  3. Canada: Marineland sues Black Water filmmaker over video secretly shot by seasonal em
  4. The Vaquita, the World‚
  5. Rare beaked whale with 2 extra teeth baffles scientists in Australia
  6. 'We're devastated': Canadian Koi Fish Caper Leaves Eleven 'Family Pets' Pilfered From
  7. Surf and Turd: Sheltered beaches with weak waves stagnate and accumulate bacteria
  8. They're Here: Man-eating Nile crocodiles slither into South Florida; 'They didn't swi
  9. EgyptAir Flight MS804 Crashed in Deep Seas Near Underwater Mountains
  10. Are squid the big winners from climate change? Cephalopods have flourished in the pas
  11. San Diego Boy, 12, Becomes One of Youngest PADI Junior Master Scuba Divers
  12. Dolphin echolocation is powered by snot: Mucus is the secret behind marine mammals' a
  13. 'River Monsters' Jeremy Wade brings (not so) deadly friends to Daily News to take a b
  14. Fisherman catches a surprise: The same tiger shark he caught last year
  15. Uh Oh: Once dismissed, shark attacks may hit new record in 2016
  16. Underwater Giant [Photos]: Scariest Mouth In The World Belongs To A Turtle
  17. Orcas are first non-humans whose evolution is driven by culture
  18. Scientists Discover a Likely Hammerhead Shark Nursery in Fiji‚
  19. Man claiming to catch record fish on Facebook charged with wildlife violations
  20. Scientists: Underwater 'lost city' is a natural phenomenon; 'Mineralized Hydrocarbon'
  21. Surfer dies after losing leg in Australian shark attack
  22. Shark kills Australian diver; 2nd deadly attack in less than a week
  23. daredevil diver pats a 15ft great white shark on the nose and mouth after it attempts
  24. Study: Fish can be trained to recognize faces and spit on them
  25. Activists Say Officials Arbitrarily Enforce the Law on Lolita the Orca's Tank
  26. Study: Sperm Whales in Caribbean Have Distinct Culture
  27. Venomous ‚
  28. 'Concrete prison' SeaWorld park shows off its happy cetaceans as it denies 'miserable
  29. Workplace Violence: Swordfish Attacks diver off Brazilian coast
  30. What did a submarine find at the wreck of the Andrea Doria?
  31. Sheriff: Body of boy killed by gator At Walt Disney World recovered
  32. Gone But Not Forgotten: Filipino Fishers Recount the Region‚
  33. Out of water: Fish May Have Adapted To Life On Land 33 Separate Times
  34. The Barrier Reef is in danger ‚
  35. How Jaws Went From Best Selling Book to Blockbuster Movie
  36. This Scientist Is Making Batteries Out of Recycled Crab Shells
  37. Sell or Die: Wal-Mart Targeted for ‚
  38. French Bulldog Can't Stop Making Out With Fish
  39. 13 Crazy Behind-the-Scenes Facts About Blake Lively's Shark Movie, The Shallows
  40. Mysterious Great White Shark Attacks on Sea Otters Surge; 'We're deep in I-just-don't
  41. 'Cutest little monsters': dolphins on the Florida Coast make friends, enemies
  42. Stolen football trophy recovered after being thrown in North Sea
  43. A Great White Shark Got Caught Napping on Camera for the First Time Ever
  44. Should Pacific Bluefin Tuna Be Listed As An Endangered Species?
  45. Like feeding dolphins? Stop. You‚
  46. Fishing Rodeo $20,000 For Record Tiger Shark 'Like a Bounty'
  47. Hope: Aussie Shield kept sharks away from bait
  48. Father of Toddler Killed By Florida Gator: 'Second' animal involved in attack
  49. Study: Venomous fish could be repository of medicinal compounds; 'Super Complicated'
  50. NOAA authorizes Oregon to continue killing sea lions to save endangered fish
  51. Partly Cloudy: Whale shark poops on diver filming it from behind
  52. Fish With Creepy Curved Backbones Could Help Explain Scoliosis
  53. Fisherman hooks GoPro on line, internet finds its owner
  54. 57 dead sharks found on Mobile Bay shore
  55. Possibly rabid beaver attacks paddle boarder on Beaver Lake; 'Help, I'm Being Bitten'
  56. How Aegean Archaeologists Discovered 23 Shipwrecks in 22 Days
  57. Houston boy, 6, hooks great white fishing off Cape Cod; 'He thought it was a submarin
  58. He's back: Rescued great white shark returns to Cape Cod waters
  59. Bill that would ban SCUBA divers from feeding sharks in U.S. waters introduced in Con
  60. Queensland adventurer rescues humpback whale; 'It was trying to show us something'
  61. Arowana: Meet the World's Most Expensive Pet Fish
  62. Incredible picture shows the moment two daredevil fishermen pose with a giant tiger s
  63. Most Whales Don't Know How Bad They Smell And other fragrant underwater tales
  64. Flight MH370 Update: Two Years Of Underwater Hunt Focused In Wrong Area, Search Team
  65. How Did a Shark in a Sydney Aquarium End Up With a Human Arm?
  66. dentist recovering after shark attack in the Bahamas; 'I felt like I was hit by a fre
  67. World First Anglesey 'Sea kite' Project in Licence Bid
  68. Norway to build world‚
  69. Vietnam Plays the Blame Game Over the Fish Kill Disaster
  70. sergeant Fish: Fisherman faces felony fraud charges for entering friend's monster fis
  71. Illinois DNR Looking to Enlist 'Rriver Monster' to battle Asian Carp in Mississippi a
  72. Argh! Iconic humpback whale is given a police escort
  73. Manatee deaths from boat strikes on record pace in Florida, with 71 killed so far in
  74. Wildlife photographer takes daughter diving with 200lb crocodile
  75. The Underwater Adventures of a Paraplegic Scuba Diver
  76. U.S. Will Launch World‚
  77. Are We Overvaluing Reef Sharks? Most sharks are not apex predators‚
  78. Photo of baby hammerhead shark served on Thai menu goes viral
  79. Mick Fanning surfs through huge chunks of ice broken off a glacier in a half-frozen l
  80. Bikini-clad 'Female Indiana Jones' becomes the First Person to Surf Around a Volcano
  81. Star Belgian sailor becomes first athlete to fall sick after contracting severe infec
  82. Greenland shark got 400 years old ??
  83. Tragedy: Did 'Notorious' animal rights activist's actions Lead to a Dead Baby Orca?
  84. Project Headgear: US Navy Tried to Train 'Suicide Bomber Sharks' to Deliver Explosive
  85. Scientists Fret: Coral reefs need fish urine to thrive; 'If biomass is shrinking, the
  86. 7-Year-Old Phenom 'Flying Squirrel' Takes Surfing World by Storm
  87. Real Cold War: Crazy claim of undersea battle between Russia and aliens emerges
  88. Rarely seen Arctic seal spotted in Washington State ‚
  89. Marine Mammal Commission Rules: Lolita's Tank Is Substandard; 'Less than ideal condit
  90. No rest for the weary: Feds propose ban on swims with Hawaii dolphins to improve slee
  91. Legendary 600-lb ‚
  92. 1048 Days and Counting: Gulf of Mexico Hurricane Drought Now the Longest in 130 Years
  93. Native Hawaiians Face Federal Charges for Sea Burial of Whale; 'Being a native Hawaii
  94. Czech sushi restaurant faces ‚
  95. Barcelos: The Tiny Amazonian City That Supplies Aquarium Fish to the World
  96. Ship Operators Explore Autonomous Sailing; More automation will enable them to optimi
  97. Huge underwater life form found 'Hiding' behind Great Barrier Reef
  98. Interaction Backlash: Kiwi Paddlers‚
  99. Epic Find: First glimpses revealed of WWII shipwrecks discovered off North Carolina c
  100. Shark kills Australian kitesurfer in New Caledonia; 'He fell and was bitten'
  101. Scientists Looking At Whether This Fish Is A Key Puzzle Piece To Evolutionary Transit
  102. 'The biggest, baddest fish in the ocean': Why people are fascinated by bluefin tuna
  103. Australian woman cashes in $500 to save her $12 pet goldfish
  104. Heart-stopping moment a college student takes on a charging great white shark off the
  105. Germans flock to swim with friendly dolphin in Baltic Sea
  106. Ocean Acidification: More Gloom than Doom? Scientists‚
  107. Too Small, Or Not: Government Officials Are Playing Hot Potato With Lolita's Tank
  108. Scientists: Deep-sea Volcano A Host Spot For mysterious Life
  109. Most convincing picture of the Loch Ness monster ever taken?
  110. Is It Too Late to Save Red Sea Sharks? With anti-fishing laws virtually unenforced, s
  111. China's Demand for Rare $50,000 'Aquatic Cocaine' Fish Bladder Pushing Species to Ext
  112. Fish recorded singing dawn chorus on reefs just like birds
  113. Massive Alligator Gar Gets 'Revenge' on Fisherman With Face Slap
  114. Beached boats, pink water as drought depletes Utah's Great Salt Lake
  115. California: Governor Brown Signs Law To Protect Whales From Crab Traps
  116. Giant 7ft tuna fish spotted in a British river 30 miles from the sea is so big its fi
  117. Dolphin Collides With Teen Surfer Riding a Wave in Australia; 'Its nose went straight
  118. And The Sea Will Tell: Autistic 22-yr-old Rescued After 8 Days Adrift From Fishing Tr
  119. Amazon's pink river dolphins reveal the bizarre impacts of seafood fraud
  120. Graphic Images Show Whale Being Cut up With Giant Chainsaw On Brit Beach
  121. Movement: Feds May Change Their Opinion on Whether Lolita's Tank Is Compliant
  122. Growing Concern for Dolphins Trapped in Canadian Bay: 'The Stress Could Kill Them'
  123. Scientists: Satellite Tag Fired Into Orca Led To infection Which Contributed to Orca'
  124. Waterworld: Thiel-Funded Seasteading Institute Cutting Deal For First Floating Commun
  125. Watching an Underwater Explosion at 120,000 FPS Looks Spectacular
  126. Watch: Pacific octopus changes color in time for 'International Octopus Day'
  127. Aussie shark attack victim: 'It was nothing like how I imagined it'
  128. SOS: Titanic-style disaster warning over luxury Arctic cruises
  129. Swim across the Pacific? This man vows to make the 5,500-mile ocean voyage
  130. They're Back: conservationists Say China's 'Extinct' Dolphin May Have Returned to Yan
  131. 5 Million Chickens Dead In North Carolina Hurricane Flooding; Hog Waste Pits Inundate
  132. Fossil of 100-Million-Year-Old Fish With 'Swordfish-Like Head and Monstrous Teeth' Di
  133. Writer: The Great Barrier Reef is 'dead' at the age of 25 million years after 'worst
  134. Baiting, Behavior and Big Sharks; 'There is no shortage of sharks--If you use chum'
  135. Surfers save porpoise - by driving it 130 miles down the M5 in the back of a Vauxhall
  136. Bleaching no block to underwater sex show on the Great Barrier Reef
  137. Rescuers free humpback whale calf from shark net in Australia
  138. Shark diving incident to be investigated By Mexican officials
  139. Strange purple sea creatures found in deep ocean trenches
  140. Maryland: Ocean City flesh-eating bacteria death: 'A horror movie'
  141. Japan and South Atlantic sanctuary main contentions at the Whaling Commission meeting
  142. Seal 'Attacks Surfers' in Rare Australia Encounter; 'I've got two big bite marks'
  143. Golf Balls Littering Ocean Floor Near Pebble Beach Links
  144. The $100 Million U.S. Government Fish Farm Nobody Wants; Ever wonder why we aren't ra
  145. John West fell into the Taronga Zoo shark tank at 17, but lives to tell the shark-tal
  146. Minister: British fisherman will catch hundreds of thousands of tonnes more fish afte
  147. Divers to go head-to-head in underwater pumpkin carving event
  148. Scientists Found an Underwater Pool That Kills Nearly Anything That Swims Into It; 'J
  149. Billionaire Paul Allen Settles With Cayman Islands Over Protected Reef Damage 'Caused
  150. Two-Headed Sharks Keep Popping Up --No One Knows Why
  151. Adopt the giant deep-sea isopod, Bathynomus giganteus, as the National Deep-sea Anima
  152. British Ex-policeman Ben Hooper Begins His 2,000-mile Swim Across the Atlantic in Bid
  153. 'We understood that one day we might not return': Steve Irwin's father says he wasn't
  154. The wave that sunk Atlantis: Deadly tsunamis in the late Bronze Age may have been dri
  155. Narwhals, Tusked Whales of the Arctic, See With Sound. Really Well.
  156. How Did They Do It: In Ancient Trash Heaps, A Whale Hunting Puzzle Emerges
  157. Mysterious noises that have haunted people in the Arctic recently may have a very sim
  158. Vietnam vets are dying from cancer caused by raw fish parasites
  159. Microfibers emerging as new environmental threat as Canada moves toward banning micro
  160. One Million Tons of Post-War Chemical Weapons Dumped in the Ocean Might Pose Threat W
  161. 'All I could see was blood': Surfer Reveals the Terrifying Moment He Was 'Sliced Open
  162. Video: Humpback Whale Nearly Swallows Diver in Barents Sea
  163. The dolphins used to treat PTSD in Ukrainian soldiers
  164. Ailing Vancouver Aquarium beluga stumps vets following death of another whale
  165. Stephen Frink receives 'Oscar of the ocean world'
  166. The Survivors: Living Fossils That Have Been Around for Hundreds of Millions of Years
  167. Last Rites: Health of Vancouver Aquarium's lone beluga whale deteriorates
  168. Massive underwater fault line off Kiwi East Coast ruptures after last week's damaging
  169. Some female fish evolve bigger brains as males develop larger genitals
  170. Scientists: Scott and Shackleton logbooks prove Antarctic sea ice is not shrinking 10
  171. He's Back: Beluga whale Aurora shows signs of improvement after sudden turn for the w
  172. He Didn't Make it: Vancouver Aquarium's beloved beluga whale, Aurora, has passed away
  173. Japan skating rink shuts over frozen fish controversy
  174. No Mistake: Study Says Shark Don't Confuse Surfers For Seals; 'Exploratory Bites'
  175. New Analysis: 'Walking sharks' at greater risk of extinction than previously thought
  176. Mystery Vancouver Aquarium beluga deaths bring back memories of previous poisoning 30
  177. New species of Cichlid discovered in Iran
  178. North Carolina man hooks massive 112-pound catfish while fishing
  179. Sea Shepherd says Custom-built anti-whaling Ocean Warrior set to change the game
  180. Fake orca nearly drowns before it can scare Oregon sea lions
  181. Whale wars: Sea Shepherd Vessels Leave Port
  182. Controversy: Operating without permit, Kiwi Shark cage diving operator flouts law; 'W
  183. Scientists Confirm: 'The Blob' Really Messed Up the Northeast Pacific
  184. Mako shark's 8,500-mile odyssey ends on a NC fisherman's hook
  185. Researchers: Fukushima radiation has reached U.S. shores; 'No danger'
  186. Australia: A 3.2-metre great white the first of five sharks caught in new nets along
  187. Meet the Arctic's New Top Predator ... Killer Whales
  188. Meet Greg Lecoeur, National Geographic's nature photographer of the year
  189. Seven-foot-long fish is 'Largest ever seen in Manchester'
  190. Mysterious shark-eating orcas nab a big one off Monterey; rare video
  191. Going... Mexico plans to catch, protect last few vaquita porpoises
  192. Expert: More Whale Sightings May Mean Less Pollution In NY Waterways
  193. Sea Lion Culls May Not Be Enough to Protect Endangered Salmon
  194. Whale Wars: US, others urge safety during whaling mission
  195. Male dolphin calf born at Gold Coast's Sea World, first in nine years
  196. The Eyes: Russian fisherman shows off strange fish he hooked
  197. At 81, this record-breaking diver isn't done exploring the ocean's depths; 'As long a
  198. Ancient 3,800-Year-Old Underwater Garden Discovered In The Pacific Northwest
  199. This shark attack survivor created anew prosthetic to get back to surfing
  200. How a Fish That Hatches in Coral Reefs Finds Its Way Home
  201. Mexico Makes A 'Risky' Last-Ditch Attempt To Save The Vaquita, The World's Smallest P
  202. Nothing to see: Scientists Says No 'Great Cause for Concern' in Nova Scotia Fish Kill
  203. gangs of California: Seen near Sausalito, dolphins expand range, attack porpoises
  204. Tourist attacked by crocodile in Thailand after trying to snap photo with reptile
  205. It's this big! Japanese sushi king buys single fish for $636,000
  206. Officials remain adrift on reasons for dramatic Nova Scotia fish kill
  207. Serial Killer-Whale Tilikum, Star of 'Blackfish' Movie, Has Died
  208. Rare Video: Tilikum Shown Caged At Canada's Sealand Before Troubled Whale Shipped to
  209. Navy's Secret Underwater Code Revealed: Whale Songs for "Covert By Disguise" Cold War
  210. How Millard Fillmore reshaped the oceans in a quest for guano
  211. Shark Swims Up To Diver For a Cuddle Every Time She Sees Him
  212. Researcher: Largest ever shark was doomed by its taste for dwarf whales
  213. Alive! Rare Ruby Seadragon Caught on Video for First Time; 'A big, charismatic fish'
  214. Japanese illegal whalers 'Caught red-handed in Australian waters with slaughtered wha
  215. Is it real? massive alligator spotted in Florida reserve
  216. Sunken, 600-year-old Buddha emerges from water in China
  217. Vancouver voters could decide fate of whales in captivity; Park board debates potenti
  218. FishTaco can analyze your microbiome before or after you eat a fish taco
  219. Man mauled by shark in far north Queensland
  220. 2,700-year-old goddess statue discovered underwater in Turkey
  221. Courageous rescue of killer whales trapped among ice floes in Russia
  222. Research: Shark attacks returned to average levels in 2016; 'A shark attack is a huma
  223. Mysterious new shipwrecks found in Australian waters; 'These sites are fragile and ir
  224. The Bastards: Another baby dolphin dies because of tourist selfies; 'They let him die
  225. Divers record great white shark attacking cage bars
  226. Expert Warning: Great white danger ahead from Cape sharks
  227. 1,800-year-old Roman shipwreck found off Spain's Balearic Islands
  228. MIA: Canadian Filmmaker Rob Stewart Missing After Florida Dive, Sister Says Time is '
  229. This Terrifying Worm Snatches Fish from the Ocean Floor
  230. Gone: Missing documentary filmmaker Rob Stewert's body found after underwater shoot g
  231. Tilikum: SeaWorld's famous orca that killed trainer died from bacterial pneumonia
  232. Oldfish: 'Granddad', the world's oldest captive fish, is euthanized at Chicago aquari
  233. 'There's a world of heritage that no one yet has discovered': Guns, cars, statues and
  234. What Happened to Rob Stewart?
  235. Mysterious great white shark death off South Africa; were orcas involved?
  236. For Sharks, Even Catch and Release Can Kill; Conservation-minded fishermen are doing
  237. More whales strand in New Zealand, bringing total to 650
  238. Report: Hawaiian Marine Park 'Hiding' wild False Killer Whale For More Than a Year In
  239. Golfer uses putter to fight gator at Magnolia Landing; 'He was looking at me with his
  240. 'Extraordinary' pollution found in deep Mariana trench; Canyons appear to act as sink
  241. No Sole: High-end California restaurant reaches six-figure settlement with prosecutor
  242. Jacques Cousteau throws dynamite at fish in the first documentary to win Cannes
  243. Hammerhead shark tries to eat video camera in the Bahamas
  244. Spearfisherman fighting for life after shark attack in Far North Queensland
  245. What you need to know about the critically endangered whale you've never heard of
  246. 12 more years: Vancouver Aquarium to end display of beluga whales by 2029; 'We believ
  247. Killing of dolphins in UK waters 'Is a massacre' warns wildlife group with 100 found
  248. Mystery fish caught by Florida fishing crew may have been world-record puffer
  249. In Pics: Locals baffled as mysterious creature washes ashore in Philippines; 'Polar B
  250. How a Japanese and Indian Team of Engineers Came Together to Trace the Missing Dolphi