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  1. the Sea Will Tell: Underwater Search Ends For Freediving Great Natalia Molchanova Off
  2. Remnants of 'Underwater Stone Henge' Monument Discovered at the Bottom of the Mediter
  3. Pacific Salmon Caught Off Brit Coast; 'This is quite an unusual find'
  4. Son: Natalia Molchanova was giving diving lesson when she vanished
  5. Georgia Aquarium locked in legal battle over denial of permit to import belugas from
  6. White Whale Mystery Stirs debate: Was it Migaloo or not?
  7. Anger As Environmental Agency Uncorks Its Own Toxic Water Spill at Colorado Mine
  8. Search And Destroy: Feds approved killing birds to save fish, despite warning it woul
  9. 'It‚
  10. 'Sea Monster' Figurehead of 15th Century Ship Found Underwater South of Sweden
  11. Sea Shepherd: Five anti-whaling activists barred from Denmark‚
  12. Canada: Seal jumps on B.C. couple‚
  13. Seagulls Have a Gruesome New Way of Attacking Baby Seals; 'Cruel Way to Go'
  14. Britain: 'Shark alert' on Benidorm beach As Tourists flee When boy, 10, is bitten by
  15. In latest underwater stunt, Putin rides to bottom of Black Sea to see ancient ship
  16. 'Israeli spy dolphin' is arrested by Hamas amid claims it captured the animal wearing
  17. Queensland kills 621 sharks in a year under protection program
  18. Surfer attacked by shark off NSW mid-north coast
  19. Watch: Swimmers save shark hooked to fishing line in Sardinia
  20. Boat strike blamed for young killer whale's wound
  21. Vacationers dive into flooded ruins of former Soviet prison in Estonia
  22. Aussie Surfer Beware: Authorities ‚
  23. Fish and snake caught mid-battle by Australian fisherman; 'I knew This Was Dangerous'
  24. Group: Queensland Shark program has killed 84,800 marine animals; 'It Is Extremely He
  25. Why Freezing Didn't Keep Sushi Tuna Safe From Salmonella
  26. Scientists To Send Out Starfish Killing Robot To Guard Barrier Reef
  27. Australian shark attack sends man to hospital with serious injuries; 'Bitten To The B
  28. Have These Divers Found the World's Deepest Underwater Cave?
  29. Australia: Man bitten by shark on NSW central coast
  30. South Carolina divers seek fossil teeth of world‚
  31. UN Think Tank: Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Could Cause Deadly Accidents
  32. Aquarium to Test World's First Automated Fish Health Monitor; 'It will be fascinating
  33. The Extremo Files: have Scientists Found THe world's Deepest Fish?
  34. The Extremo Files: have Scientists Found THe world's Deepest Fish?
  35. SeaWorld seeks help for whale tank enlargement, Giving Whales 'Extra Dynamic Alternat
  36. 'Confluence of Events': Aussie Marine science expert hoses down fears of more shark a
  37. 850 Tons of ‚
  38. Massive Lungfish reeled in off Japanese coast
  39. Queensland fisherman first in world first to win all six fishing royal grand slams; '
  40. SeaWorld fights worker safety citations; Theme park's attorneys clash with California
  41. Your Jaws Is basically A Fish Gill (Plus Millions Of Years Of Evolution)
  42. Old School: Nunavut Hamlet Lands Bowhead Whale by 'Traditional' Method
  43. 'That's A Tuna Bro!': Expletive-filled Video Of Mystery Fish Goes Viral
  44. Sharks Can Sense Electricity, and That Might Save Them from Extinction
  45. Hold The Chippies: North Sea cod could be back on menu as numbers improve
  46. Feds to Lease Ocean Floor Off New Jersey Coast for Windmills
  47. Australia: Young girl airlifted off Far North Queensland island after shark bite; 'Fa
  48. Treasure Trove: Wellington Harbor clean up rewarded with dramatic find
  49. Australia: Big shark mauls scientific drone; 'Initially we thought that a boat may ha
  50. Water-Gate: Debunking The Viral 'Underwater' Girl Photo
  51. Report: Children in the Philippines Risk Their Lives in Underwater Gold Mines
  52. Researcher: Culling Sharks That Eat Sea Turtles Could Impact Climate Change
  53. Is Belize's Blue Hole The Greatest Scuba diving Spot on Earth?
  54. Behind the Photo: An Underwater Close Encounter of the Third Kind
  55. Vaquita Sunset: Encounter With World‚
  56. The Blob Attacks: Corals reefs suffering from severe underwater heat wave
  57. Hawaii: Man critically injured after shark attack off North Shore
  58. Tokyo district tries to reel in tourists with whale meat; 'The Animals Are Not Endang
  59. Expedition Seeks to Count Endangered Vaquita, World's Rarest Porpoise; 'We're At The
  60. How Fish Guts Launched An International Empire
  61. NOAA Declares Third Ever Global Coral Bleaching Event; Bleaching Intensifies In Hawai
  62. Dead 35ft long whale which washed up on popular beach may have been killed by Plastic
  63. Freshwater sharks rediscovered in Papua New Guinea fish market after 50 years
  64. Environmentalists: Tappan Zee Bridge Construction Killing Endangered Fish In Alarming
  65. No, This Fish Didn't Come Back to Life as a Woman Was Eating It
  66. Scientists Baffled: Plague of dead sea animals killed by mystery illness wash up on a
  67. Aussie Factory Fishing Trawler Deaths Revealed: 12 tonnes of marine life Trashed
  68. huge great white shark appears out of nowhere to aggressively chase a screaming diver
  69. The Pacific Is About to Get a Massive New Ocean Reserve As Palau Protects 80% of Its
  70. Here's What Subway Cars Look Like After Years At The Bottom Of The Atlantic
  71. Leading Whale Activists Make Wild Accusation Against SeaWorld, Fail Spectacularly; 'R
  72. South Africa: Surfer airlifted after Western Cape Great White shark attack
  73. 'They got swamped by a wave': Eyewitness reveals How whale-watching boat sank off wes
  74. 25 And Counting: Mexico Hails Sightings of Near-extinct Porpoise On First Day Of Rese
  75. Tourist captures image of mysterious sea monster off Grecian coastline
  76. Over 90 Illegal fishing Ships Sunk By Indonesia Until Mid-October 2015
  77. Omura: Watch the First Footage of the Planet‚
  78. Shark caught on film biting Kiwi scientist on head; 'I Had Thick Dive Gear On'
  79. Hunt for legendary big wave surfer, Alec 'Ace Cool' Cooke, who went missing while sur
  80. NASA Says Antarctica is Actually Gaining Ice, Sea Level Rise 'Coming From Somewhere E
  81. Revealed: The number of whales, dolphins and porpoises reported washed up on Northern
  82. Swimmer attacked by shark at nude beach in Hawaii
  83. 'Sinking fast': Newly discovered telegram sent from Titanic proves that owners may ha
  84. California‚
  85. Lost at sea: the man who vanished for 14 months
  86. Absurd Creature of the Week: The Mystery of the Arctic‚
  87. Ottawa says Montreal can dump 8 billion liters of sewage into river if conditions met
  88. Research: Fish Shape Evolved To Avoid Being Swallowed
  89. Mesmerizing Underwater Photos of WWII shipwrecks That Sunk In Canada
  90. Montreal fishing tour operator worries sewage dump will kill business; 'I'm getting e
  91. 'Bubble Curtain' Will Protect San Francisco's Marine Life From The Bay Bridge Demolit
  92. Shackleton whale bone sold in Devon for £1,200
  93. Mother of SeaWorld trainer killed: Let's hope the kids don't lose their jobs; She 'Lo
  94. Aussie Surfboard Business Hit by Increasing Shark Attack Numbers; 'I‚
  95. Sea Shepherd's Paul Watson files human rights lawsuit against Costa Rica
  96. Go GMO: Engineered Salmon Approved for Human Consumption; 'We are ready to get on wit
  97. 337 Whales Beached in Largest Stranding Ever Off Patagonia, Chile
  98. Enormous mounds of methane found under the Arctic sea: Underwater pingos may reveal '
  99. Scientists Say Feeding Fish Soy, Not Fish, More Sustainable
  100. Hole In One: Two whales killed by sole fish stuck in their blowholes
  101. Study: Angler education can help protect sharks
  102. Slaughter Horror: Moment petrified whale throws himself against rocks to escape hunte
  103. New Proposal Floated Might Make Surfers Pay for Shark Attack Deterrents
  104. Costa Rican government rejects Shark Enemy nomination; 'We Will Not Abandon Our Fishe
  105. Ocean explorer meets Ironman: This 21st Century Dive Suit Goes 1,000 Feet Down in Sty
  106. Who would do this? Fur seal is left to die in agony after a cruel fisherman lodged ra
  107. 'No Longer Safe to Enter the Sea' - Kiwis Islanders Outraged at Caged Shark Dives
  108. Russian makeup artist sparks intense backlash over her dead fish creations
  109. Stunning images reveal final resting place of US Navy plane downed in Pearl Harbor af
  110. Billions And Billions: Colombia says treasure-laden San Jose galleon found
  111. Wet Suit: Diver Ends World Record Attempt Early With Hypthermia and 'Massive Equiment
  112. Strange Beats: Mysterious New Humpback Whale "Song" Detected?
  113. Austrian Boy Fishes 100,000 Euros Out of the River Danube
  114. Catch of The Day: Amsterdam chef finds dead baby shark inside fresh squid
  115. Saudi veteran Diver Bidding to Enter Guinness World Records With A Week Underwater
  116. A Brief Cinematic History of Whales F*$#ing Stuff Up for Humans
  117. California: Sushi Restaurants Are Passing Off Cheap Fish as Lobster; 'Lie'
  118. Salmon lovers rejoice, you may be allowed to ‚
  119. GrubHub Bans Sale of Shark Fin; 'Corporate Leadership'
  120. Science, elbow grease keep National Aquarium poop-free
  121. U.S. Senate bill bans microbeads that accumulate in Lake Erie, threatening people, fi
  122. Bristol Council plans To Stop People Angling in a Lake - By Killing All Fish That Swi
  123. Thousands of dead fish wash up to the surface of a lake near Jakarta
  124. What's This Tropical, Venomous Sea Snake Doing in California?
  125. Sea Shepherd: Shark Sensing Buoys Put Aussie Boaties at Risk
  126. Man Finds 'Half a Fish' Still Alive at Market - Then Adopts it Out of Pity
  127. Colombian Deep: U.S. recovery crew in fight over billions in sunken treasure
  128. Mysterious giant squid is ready for its close-up in amazing footage shot off Japanese
  129. Pulse Trains: Weird new sound heard among humpback whales
  130. An elephant seal repeatedly attempted to cross a busy highway in California - and no
  131. El Ni√Īo is Still growing as NASA predicts 'Weather chaos' for 2016 as 'Godzilla' phe
  132. Scientists: Polluted waters could be causing male fish to be developing eggs
  133. The Final Countdown: Vaquita Porpoises Could Go Extinct in Two Years
  134. U.S. tuna fishing fleet to be shut out of vast area of Pacific Ocean in fee dispute
  135. Legend? Would the Candiru Fish Really Eat Your Genitals; 'Uniquely occupied in doing
  136. The Circle of Poo: Nutrients from whales‚
  137. Killer whale 'Lulu' found dead off Scottish island, sparking fears for orca future
  138. Iconic Ship Calypso set to sail again
  139. Fail: Great White Shark Dies In Japanese Aquarium After Three Days in Captivity
  140. Fail: Big wave surfers takes on epic 25foot monster ‚
  141. pups in a sump
  142. And then there were eight: Death of Lulu, one of the last killer whales in British wa
  143. Indonesia: Snorkeler killed in freak black marlin attack
  144. It took 200 years to prove this jellyfish is real ‚
  145. Great White Sharks: Underwater Drone Captures First Recordings Of Ambush Attack
  146. They're Back: Thousands of dead fish return to Rio shores ahead of 2016 Olympics
  147. Brit octogenarian diver from Plymouth celebrates 50 years underwater
  148. Swimmers are evacuated from a popular Aussie diving spot just 100 meters from the bea
  149. There could be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050
  150. Finding Our First Fish: New fossils are rattling the fish family tree
  151. Study: World's oceans warming at increasingly faster rate; 'Accumulating A Lot Of Hea
  152. Australia: Dolphin appears to show gratitude at being rescued
  153. The jaws of death: Heart-stopping moment that diver leaned out of cage to pat Great W
  154. Fifth dead sperm whale found washed up on UK beach after corpse of another exploded d
  155. When Pigs Swim: A Bahamian Adventure
  156. The Parrot: What other celebrity fish are in the giant carp's league?
  157. Florida Scuba Divers and Spearfishermen Balk at 68 New Regulations Recommended to Pro
  158. Meet the lumpsucker, the adorable fish revolutionizing salmon farming
  159. New Zealand town being 'targeted' by great white sharks; 'It's only a matter of time
  160. Costa Rica President Sol√*s named 'Shark Enemy of the Year'
  161. Spain creates Europe's first underwater museum
  162. I thought I was done: surfer describes close shave with shark
  163. Florida: Commercial Fishermen Say Industry Threatened by Proposed Ban on Spearfishing
  164. A Third of Tested Restaurant Lobster Dishes Actually Contain Cheaper Seafood, Investi
  165. 'Murderers' in their killing cove: Shocking footage shows wealthy hunters slaughterin
  166. Dolphin dies of unknown causes at SeaWorld San Antonio, fourth mammal death at park s
  167. Sir Richard Branson 'Bitten‚
  168. Massive shark pulled dead from nets in Queensland; 'Sad to see'
  169. Veteran Perth diver back in the water despite double shark attack
  170. 150,000 penguins die after iceberg smashes into their breeding grounds in Antarctica;
  171. Nine Out of Ten Shark Scientists Agree: Sustainable Shark Fishing Is Fine
  172. Breathtaking pictures from the underwater photographer of the year competition
  173. Cuvier's beaked whale discovered for first time in Nova Scotia
  174. Death by Instagram: Rare Dolphin Dies for Mob Selfie
  175. Calgary Zoo employees disciplined for giving pants to otter, resulting in its death;
  176. Strange bug-eyed beast with dozens of needle-like teeth and thick drool coming from i
  177. Aussie angler reels in massive 434kg tiger shark
  178. Hog-tied juvenile humpback saved from drowning off Southern California coast; 'So man
  179. Mysterious Ocean Humming, Buzzing Traced To Daily Fish Migration
  180. What Whales Do at Night: New technology helps researchers make better nighttime obser
  181. Sinking: SeaWorld admits its employees spied on PETA
  182. 'Scary' glow-in-the-dark fish sparks radiation fears after housewife makes strange di
  183. Hundreds of sea lions wash up dead in Chile
  184. Former SAS trooper, 73, aims to cross Atlantic in a whale named Moby
  185. The Lingering Effects of Fukushima on Fish; We can answer ‚
  186. Fish Poachers (Still) Pushing Mexico's Endangered Porpoises to Brink of Extinction
  187. Bizarre shark with humped back and black, dinner plate-sized eyes washes up on New Ze
  188. The Codfather: Fishing mogul released on $1 million bond
  189. Watch an Amazing 'Ghost Octopus' Discovered in the Deep Sea
  190. Scuba diver miraculously survives horror ride through nuclear plant intake pipe; 'In
  191. Russian scuba divers set deepest under-ice dive record
  192. Creepy deepwater fish surprises Nova Scotia fisherman
  193. 2 years of mystery: What happened to missing plane MH370 and the 239 people onboard?
  194. New acoustic mapping system can instantly find all whales in a 60,000-mile patch of o
  195. Mexico: Beached 'Sea Monster' Just a Whale's Head
  196. Has the secret of the Bermuda Triangle finally been discovered? Scientists find giant
  197. Isaac Asimov Predicted We'd Be Living Underwater By Now. Why Aren't We?
  198. Man catches 2,500 pound shark with a fishing pole; 'Like a rhino or an elephant in th
  199. White Out: Coral bleaching tipped to be next attraction on Great Barrier Reef
  200. The Last Generation: SeaWorld To End Captive Breeding Program, Phase Out Theatrical O
  201. US Navy to patent device for submarines that detects anything underwater while keepin
  202. Interview: The Threats Facing Monster Fish
  203. Bob Ballard: What Hidden Underwater Worlds Are Left To Discover?
  204. Update: Lolita's Miami Seaquarium Tank Doesn't Meet Federal Standards, Activists Argu
  205. Florida: Petition launched for Lakeland woman to keep pet gator
  206. Scientists: The World's Largest Whale Sharks Are Disappearing; 'Where Are They?'
  207. Researchers Find Fish That Walks the Way Land Vertebrates Do; 'It's really weird'
  208. US Navy‚
  209. Mini submarine carrying 5.5 tons of cocaine worth $200 million was intercepted by Tex
  210. Activists launch legal action against French marine park over orcas
  211. Research: World's fish population 'could Double by 2050' meaning joy for foods and jo
  212. Diver Has Visited The Same Friendly Fish For 25 Years
  213. Calling for help! Seals are being fitted with 'Smartphones' to help solve the mystery
  214. Uncovered: Vancouver Aquarium seeking injunction to remove documentary from Internet
  215. The bizarre bulbous ‚
  216. Clash of the Titans: Rare Whale and Orca Attack in Puget Sound
  217. Florida Dive team repairing ill-fated Easter Island-inspired scuba site
  218. Scientists Bemoan SeaWorld Decision to Stop Breeding Orcas; 'There's a loss of this r
  219. Indonesia Blows Up 23 Foreign Fishing Boats to Send a Message
  220. Swamp People: Florida Hunters kill 15-foot, 800-pound alligator believed to have atta
  221. Research: Japan to start whale hunting season in North Pacific
  222. Florida man crashes into jumping shark while paddleboarding
  223. Microplastic litter found in digestive systems of Tokyo Bay fish
  224. Loch Thames Monster: Mysterious 'Nessie' creature filmed in London again
  225. Horrifying images show endangered sharks being sold for just £1.50 per pound at a Ch
  226. Nothing Can Go Wrong: Japan prepares to dump tritium from Fukushima plant Into Ocean
  227. The alarming moment kayaker gets up close to a giant basking shark off the Irish coas
  228. Man to Travel in 'Ocean Bubble' From South Florida to Puerto Rico
  229. Snorkeler captures underwater octopus fight on camera
  230. Fishermen in Thailand are baffled by bizarre eel-like fish with razor sharp teeth
  231. Death by a Thousand Ship Strikes: The Canary Island‚
  232. Man catches horrid fish, documents meals
  233. India: Oxygen bottle blast on naval ship leaves 3 divers injured
  234. Sex in the sea: What we can learn from underwater orgies, beach sand bondage and kink
  235. Bubble Burst: Florida Man Using 'Hydropod' at Sea Rescued
  236. Russia's Military Just Bought Five Bottlenose Dolphins and It Won't Say Why
  237. SeaWorld‚
  238. How goldfish became a lucrative Great Lakes commercial catch
  239. Deformed: Half the World's Farmed Fish May Be Hard of Hearing
  240. Cool pictures of different fish!
  241. Vietnam Minister Apologizes for ‚
  242. SeaWorld CEO Rules Out 'Lolita' Rescue; 'She's thriving there at Miami Seaquarium'
  243. Carpageddon: Aussie Scientists To Unleash Herpes In fight Against Invasive Fish Popul
  244. Surfer insurance against shark attacks an industry first; 'Peace of Mind'
  245. A Cull to Save the Kelp: project is rehabilitating California‚
  246. 'We've never seen this before': Watch NOAA's live feed of a hidden, watery world
  247. Protesters call for release of dolphins at National Aquarium in Baltimore; No 'Qualit
  248. Gentle giant attacked: Rare whale shark hunted, strung up in China
  249. Extremely Rare Fish Found Dead After Drunk Idiots Vandalize Death Valley National Par
  250. Baby whale washes up on to beach alive but instead of racing to help the beast, local