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  1. Loch Ness Monster In Vermont? Researchers Claim Incredible Discovery In Lake Champlai
  2. Wild Seal sentenced to Life At Detroit Zoo After South Jersey Beachgoers Domesticate
  3. New 'Red List' Reveals Sushi Edging Pacific Bluefin Tuna Toward Extinction
  4. Fur Seal Sex With Penguin: Why Does It Happen? 'May be learned behavior associated wi
  5. Hawaiian Marine Refuge Now Filled With Garbage; 'Shocking'
  6. Should U.S. Government Kill Thousands of Birds to Save Salmon? 'They Have No Idea Wha
  7. Corruption Scandal Hits Vladimir Putin's Oceanarium; Millions 'Stolen' From Marine Pa
  8. Big Bug: 12-pound lobster Found Off Southern California Coast
  9. Puget Sound: Southern Resident orcas defy recovery efforts; 'Among the most contamina
  10. Study: UAV's Reveal Antarctic ice thicker than previously thought
  11. How Did Manatees Inspire Mermaid Legends? Sailors across cultures thought the aquatic
  12. 'Cuddy' Grey Seals Implicated In Hundreds Of Harbor Porpoises Mutilations; Capable Of
  13. What Will Be the Fate of Another Rare Albino Dolphin Captured by Japanese Hunters?
  14. Miami Restaurants Dishing Out A Solution To The Lionfish Invasion; 'Our fish don‚
  15. Nine whales captured in a single frame by Australian underwater photographer Darren J
  16. Argh! Boat overturned by blue whale off California coast
  17. Thousands of Eocene shark teeth found in Canadian Arctic
  18. Caribbean box jellyfish found in Australia for first time, on Queensland's Gold Coast
  19. Video: Beachgoers deliver 3 baby sharks from dead mother
  20. Scientists: Electric Eels 'Remotely Control Their Prey'
  21. Video: Jellyfish Industry Meets Resistance In South Carolina
  22. Animal rights advocates outraged after teeth taken from dead orca in B.C.
  23. Academic: Western Australia's 'Imminent Threat' Policy To Kill 'Rogue Sharks' Based O
  24. Manhunt: Death of Dolphin Shot With Arrow Sparks NOAA Hunt for Killer
  25. War of the whales: Orcas spotted attacking and killing Humpback calves during a spate
  26. Israel: 7,500-Year-Old Well Excavated at an Underwater Site
  27. Epic Man Saves A Duck From A Frozen Lake, Restores Faith In Humanity
  28. Australia: Massive shark photographed swimming near surfers at Killacare on the Centr
  29. 18-year-old Dead From shark Attack In Northwestern Australia; Expert: Teen Was 'Twice
  30. White House Issues Ambitious Plan to Fight Illegal Fishing; 'Level The Playing Field'
  31. Huge mako shark caught in the Gulf of Mexico
  32. California: Dog Swims 1.5 Miles During Storm To Reunite With Owner After Home On Wate
  33. How scientists found deepest-ever fish 5 miles down; 'It's a new species'
  34. Expert now says half of Florida Keys dolphins could be at mortal risk with morbillivi
  35. Still Wanted, Dead or Alive: Tagged Great White Shark Avoids Aussie Authorities
  36. 1,200 Turtles Have Washed Ashore In Cape Cod -- And No One Knows Why
  37. Entrepreneur Builds a Sleek Ship, but Will Anyone Buy It? 'Nothing like this has ever
  38. Poopo: Bolivia's Second Largest Lake Declared Disaster Zone
  39. Sydney shark attacks: A look back through time at the most gruesome fatal incidents i
  40. Koi carp owner baffled as fish vanish; 'I Don't Know Where They've Gone'
  41. Aussie tour company now lets you see sharks underwater without getting wet
  42. Israel Deploying Underwater Barrier, Sonar Array Against Hezbollah Divers; 'The other
  43. Western Australia Premier Colin Barnett defends hunt for teen's killer shark; 'No one
  44. Ice Boom! Global Sea Ice Breaks Record High For The Day; Antarctic Sea Ice Breaks Rec
  45. Heartbroken owner spends £300 on life-saving surgery for Constipated Goldfish; 'The
  46. AirAsia search In Java Sea Also Graveyard For Major WWII Naval Battle
  47. Solomon Islands: The Search for Submarine Volcanoes Begins
  48. Solent rescue: Captain of grounded cargo ship lauded for his quick thinking
  49. Scientists: Short-lived Dumpling Squid Spend Hours Making Love, Ignoring Predators
  50. Jawesome! Irish Fisherman's Shock As He Hooks into Great white Shark in Australia
  51. Orichalcum, Legendary Metal from Legendary Atlantis, Recovered in 6th-century Shipwre
  52. Watch sharks, delivered on stretchers, swim for first time at Sea Life Michigan aquar
  53. Edith Widder Explains What It Took To Find The Giant Squid
  54. Suicide? Young swan captured apparently drowning itself in distress after the death o
  55. Red Hunt: Photo Of Top Secret Russian Submarine Published In Russian Car Magazine
  56. Researcher threatens to withhold information if Western Australia keeps killing tagge
  57. Mystery Solved: Aussie Beach' Severed Finger' That Baffled Police Revealed As Sea Squ
  58. Researcher highlights critical situation with water level in Lake Baikal
  59. 12 year-old nabs World-record yellow perch
  60. Jennifer Lawrence to star in true freediving drama 'The Dive'
  61. GoPro Video Released Of Teenager Getting Bitten By Shark
  62. Underwater trains in Atlantic may soon be a reality
  63. Motor mouth: Great White Shark Attacks Local Fisherman's Boat in Gulf of Mexico
  64. Watch Arctic Sea Ice Melt Over 28 Years in One Minute
  65. Famed 'First Lady Of Diving', Lotte Hass, Has Died
  66. VIDEO: Labrador dives and swims 12 feet underwater
  67. DOA: Dead Whale Found at Seattle Ferry Dock 'Was Struck By The Propeller of a Large S
  68. Stunning blue hue as algae lights up Hong Kong harbor
  69. World‚
  70. It's Happening: After Brtual Winter, Second icebreaker sought for Great Lakes shippin
  71. Previous climatic shifts deprived oceans of oxygen; 'Whole Ocean Basins Can Lose Oxyg
  72. Researchers: Icebergs Make a Signature Crunch as They're Born
  73. Scar Tissue: Rare footage of beaked whales reveals social secrets
  74. Catch and Die: Controversial amateur shark fishing tournament criticized after Hammer
  75. Photographer David Doubilet On Shooting Underwater, Pearl Harbor Wrecks
  76. Swamp People: Florida man accused of killing gators for Super Bowl dinner
  77. Can a killer whale be a slave? 'My own relatives were captured and forced into slaver
  78. Would you let a dolphin help you give birth?
  79. Mysterious creature in can of tuna may have been identified
  80. Ban on tiny plastic beads spreading nationwide; 'This is one of those things where it
  81. Plan calls for expanding Gulf of Mexico Flower Gardens reef sanctuary
  82. U.S. identifies six nations engaged in illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing
  83. What a catch: Biloxi man's lionfish believed to be world record
  84. Cebu town mayor: Kill whale sharks, dolphins; 'The whales are competing with the fish
  85. Study associates 3-year pattern of Gulf of Mexico bottlenose dolphin deaths with BP o
  86. Nearly 200 whales stranded along New Zealand coast
  87. Climate Porn: Artist Imagines Cities underwater After A 300m Sea-level Rise
  88. The man who shouldn't be alive: Western Australia surfer tells of losing arm and hand
  89. More Shark Attacks? Paul Watson Says We Have Only Ourselves to Blame
  90. Record Number Of Sea Lion Pup Rescues Off California Coast; Marine Mammal Center blam
  91. Feds Propose Protection of Calving, Foraging Areas of Last 450 Whales on East Coast
  92. Study: crocodiles amuse themselves by splashing water and giving each other piggyback
  93. Today Is The Day After Tomorrow: Meteorologist Says Great Lakes 'Likely to Have the M
  94. Half-ton haul: Teen hooks massive blue marlin off Hawaii coast
  95. Blind harbor seal learns basic skills at Alaska aquarium after being rescued... and h
  96. Bullet to the head: Mysterious New Jersey whale shooting death solved
  97. Italian fisherman catches monstrous 280-pound catfish
  98. 'Shark Lady' Eugenie Clark, Famed Marine Biologist, Has Died
  99. No Plane, Many Discoveries in Yearlong Search for Flight 370
  100. Gov't Demands Dive Records, Fossil Reports, GPS locations From South Carolina's 'Shar
  101. Environmentalists demand Costa Rica block exportation of hammerhead shark fins
  102. From Drifter to Dynamo: The Story of Plankton; 'They‚
  103. 'River Monsters' is coming back for its seventh season and there are a lot more monst
  104. Amid reports of dolphin abuse, Georgia Aquarium trainer disappears
  105. Georgia Aquarium's Alleged abusive dolphin trainer found dead in Spain; Activists 'Ha
  106. Pet goldfish recovering after surgery to remove a cancerous eye
  107. The Day After Tomorrow: Giant Chunks Of Ice Wash Ashore On Cape Cod; 'Once-in-a-gener
  108. Environmentalists: End swimming with manatees; 'Way too much to take away'
  109. It Lives: Underwater Volcano Eruptions Creates New Island in the Pacific Ocean
  110. 66-Inch Sturgeon Revived By California Wildlife Officers, Returned To Sacramento Rive
  111. Unprecedented: Frustration With Feds Leads Gulf States To Present Plan to Assume Cont
  112. Tourist 'Luck' coins blamed for permanently destroying Yellowstone hot spring turning
  113. 'Whale without a tail' seems to be doing fine
  114. Canada: Tour operators say new boat rules are whale of a problem; 'We consider the wh
  115. Lolita the Orca: Whether Her Tank Is Too Small Depends On How It's Measured
  116. Lawmaker: Protect coal plants to help the manatees; 'Dependent' On Power Plant's Warm
  117. Scottish Fishing Boat Skipper Says He Was 'Dragged along by Russian Submarine' Off He
  118. Capture of a 'Western Pacific' Giant Trevally Off Panama Makes History
  119. Teen lands massive 263.5kg swordfish off Tasmania‚
  120. Zoo Meeting: Supply And Demand Concerns For captive California Sea Lions; Reproductio
  121. Canada: Federal government moves closer to declaring microbeads as toxic
  122. Iconic Sea Otter Dies From Shark Bite; Olive the Oiled Otter has been tracked since 2
  123. Research: Sexual mutations in deep-sea fish linked to human pollution
  124. Companies Producing Microbead Products Support Legislative Ban; 'Raising Havoc With O
  125. 'Mind-boggling' Number Of Sea Lions Invade invade The Columbia River
  126. Research: Sharks Can Bark Like Dogs
  127. SeaWorld blasts ex-trainer's character; 'Smear campaign, making personal attacks'
  128. New 'Intraterrestrial' Virus Found in Ocean Depths; 'Hostile Environment'
  129. Male Dolphins Form Complex Alliances When Aiming To Control Females; 'Independent lar
  130. Witness: Florida Shark Bite Victim Was Man 'Bitten Right Through Wet Suit'
  131. Fish in Death Valley Hold Their Breath For Five Hours At a Time
  132. Hauntingly beautiful underwater wedding dress scenes rocket photographers to internet
  133. World‚
  134. Probe: high Level Of Mercury In Japanese Whale And Dolphin Meat Products
  135. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson eats an astounding 821 lbs. of cod a year
  136. Research: 'Warm Blob' In Pacific Ocean Linked To Weird Weather Across The United Stat
  137. Suspected Tsunami Debris Boat Towed To Oregon Port
  138. Shipwreck champagne bottle going to auction; 'We think there might be some interest i
  139. Video: Flying fish attack college rowing team in rural Missouri
  140. Deep Diving Sub Streams Live From Unexplored Ocean
  141. Oath of Silence Protects Amazing 500-Year-Old Diving Bell Used to Visit Sunken Roman
  142. Mysterious song hints at new whale species: 'Antarctic BW29' signal is unlike any oth
  143. Gray whale's record migration may reveal bad news: The endangered species may be misi
  144. Texas state aquarium suffers bad loss.
  145. Gray whale's record migration may reveal bad news: The endangered species may be misi
  146. Stressed-Out Shark Dies of Heart Attack at Russian Zoo
  147. Fisherman lands 150kg shark Off French Coast; 'It means that the sea is well, it is h
  148. Savior of the Isle of Arran's Lobster Population Wins £117,000 'Environmental Oscar'
  149. Research: Warm Bodied Great White Shark can swim twice as fast as other Cold Bodied s
  150. Underwater 'Snowstorms': an Unexpected Consequence of Oil Spills
  151. Here‚
  152. 32-pound Barracuda eaten too quickly; could have set world record
  153. India: Scuba Diving Firm's Licence Cancelled, Diving Instructor Arrested Following Un
  154. Listen to an underwater volcano erupt: Surprising sound of one of Earth's most violen
  155. Lost sea lion pup gets a ride in a patrol car; 'Was extremely friendly with the deput
  156. Fisherman Reels In 76lb Cod In Biggest-Ever Catch By British Angler
  157. Video: Fisherman Dragged Underwater By Sea Lion; 'It was terrifying'
  158. Whale Whisperer gets sperm whale in the wild to mimic him
  159. Submarine Or Not, Finnish Navy Unable to confirm nature of underwater object
  160. Why is Oregon's ‚
  161. Aussie Surfer Fights Off Shark Attack, Paddles To Safety
  162. Whales Use 'Bungee-cord' Nerves to Capture Fish - And Their Bodies Inflate Like 'Wate
  163. Fifth Dead Whale In 3 Weeks Washes Ashore Northern California Beach
  164. Snorkeler Mistakes Fake Skeletons for Real Human Remains, Sends Authorities on Hunt
  165. Blackfish Rebound: SeaWorld sees attendance climb after pushing back against critics
  166. Two Dozen Endangered sei whales found beached on Chilean coast
  167. Hundreds Protest In Support Of Lolita, Miami Seaquarium's 'Lonely' Killer Whale
  168. Goldfish undergoes eye surgery in Bristol; 'Brilliant Patient'
  169. Shark Files: Great Whites Swim Near Shore 'Constantly', But Don't Touch Humans
  170. A Strange Underwater Landslide Causes Serious Damage In Norway
  171. New Zealand: Giant squid found on Kaikoura beach; 'What a beast'
  172. Photographer Has 'Once in a Lifetime' Humpback Whale Encounter in B.C.
  173. Divers Prepare to Salvage Civil War ironclad CSS Georgia; 'This is what we live for'
  174. 'You can't lie to the water': Meet the Australian free diver who swims with sharks an
  175. Poachers Get Rich Harvesting This Sea Snail To Near Extinction; 'They‚
  176. Search for the British Jaws: Great White Sharks 'Hunting Ground' Off UK coast
  177. New Search For Missing Amelia Earhart‚
  178. Japan Aquariums to Stop Acquiring Dolphins Caught in 'Cruel' Hunts; 'The Beginning Of
  179. India: Blue whales sighted off Maharashtra, after 100 years Absence
  180. NY Officials Clarify: 'We do not ticket anglers for taking photos of fish'
  181. CDC: Underwater Breath-Holding Games Killing Swimmers 'At any water depth'
  182. Peru: Photos of Couple Manhandling Beached Dolphin 'Which Later Died' Cause Outrage
  183. Mysterious giant squid off Auckland coast stumps experts; 'Everyone's Jaws Dropped'
  184. Research Drought: Record-low 19 minke whales hunted off Tohoku coast
  185. How an Italian Boy Survived 42 Minutes Underwater
  186. 'Missing link' in shark evolution found in 380m-year-old Australian fossil
  187. The Shark Whisperer: Terrifying Pictures show US Filmmaker Patting, Stroking and Hugg
  188. Grim History Traced in Sunken Slave Ship Found Off South Africa
  189. Mary Lee In Danger? Great White Shark Has Company Off New Jersey Coast
  190. Rare 17-foot oarfish washes ashore
  191. Angler Erik Axner celebrates hauling in this enormous 2.1m halibut fish
  192. Gulf of California: Astonishing undersea world found 12,500 feet down in deepest vent
  193. NOAA: 'Newly corrected' Ocean Buoy Temperatures Fix 15-year Global Warming 'Hiatus' P
  194. SeaWorld may be bouncing back from 'Blackfish' backlash
  195. Canada: Revival of seal penis sales part of proposal to Fisheries Department
  196. 'Many people think women can't fish': Mother-of-two Battles for Four Hours To Reel in
  197. Should Fukushima's Radioactive Water Just Be Dumped In the Ocean?
  198. Discovering Roman ruins and underwater towns in the Gulf of Naples
  199. Colossal squid vs huge toothfish -- clash of the deep-sea titans
  200. What made Jaws such an effective thriller?
  201. Limbs Lost As Two Teens Mauled in Separate Shark Attacks at North Carolina Beach; 'Hi
  202. WWF: 12,000 dolphins killed every year in Pakistan
  203. Biggest ever jellyfish invasion could close beaches around Plymouth
  204. Florida fisherman removes 34 baby sharks from the body of dead hammerhead mother as s
  205. Even More So: Lake Erie Sea Lamprey Population Swells to an Estimated 15,000
  206. Shark Chokes to Death on Sea Lion While Beachgoers Watch
  207. Three Shark Photographers You Need to Follow; 'I was driven to capture the gentler si
  208. Japan Aims to Resume Antarctic Whaling Later This Year
  209. Local Appeals Court Sides With Seaquarium In Lolita Fight; USDA 'Balances The Competi
  210. The man who keeps finding new species of shark; 'I Filled up My Suitcases'
  211. 'I was scared': Western Australian surfer describes moment a creature, believed to be
  212. Disabled Orca Stumpy Has Always Relied on the Kindness of Stranger Orcas
  213. Summer Of The Shark: 5th Attack Off North Carolina Beach This year
  214. Again: Teen in critical condition after shark attack off North Carolina coast; 6th At
  215. Sea Shepherd ‚
  216. Jacques Cousteau‚
  217. Don‚
  218. NatGeo: 'Global Warming' Linked To North Carolina‚
  219. Why Us? North Carolina Governor Says Officials Are looking for shark attack patterns
  220. Florida: Jumping sturgeon kills 5-year-old girl on Suwanee River
  221. Texas: Man Who Mocked Gators, Killed by Alligator While Swimming, Despite Warnings Fr
  222. Argh! Scientists Spot White whale Migaloo Off Kiwi Coast; 'White humpbacks are extrem
  223. Wildlife officers try to save rare whale stranded in lagoon on Great Barrier Reef
  224. New Brain Scans Show How Dolphins Use Sound to See
  225. The strongest El Ni√Īo on record may be brewing in the Pacific
  226. Sharcano: Scientists Mystified As Sleeper Shark Pops Up in Underwater Volcano; 'We we
  227. Hundreds Gather For Underwater Radio Broadcast In Florida
  228. Research: Seabird populations dropped by 70 percent since 1950s
  229. SeaWorld Fights Back after criticism from One Direction singer Harry Styles
  230. Split-colored lobster caught off Maine, 1 in 50 million find
  231. NOAA: Record 117-Month Major Hurricane Drought Continues; 'Unprecedented in the histo
  232. Dolphins: Why They Don't Get 'The Bends' During Deep Dives
  233. Bulgarian Sets World Record for Deepest Saltwater Scuba Dive for Women
  234. Desperate Dolphin Mom Seen Helping Her Trapped Baby Breathe
  235. Revolutionary War-era shipwreck discovered off North Carolina coast
  236. Mick Fanning‚
  237. 'Seal scarer' explosives considered to deter animals from Coorong fishers; South Afri
  238. Mexican Poachers Ignore Fishing Ban as the World‚
  239. The Third Man: Forgotten Photographer in the Mick Fanning shark attack speaks; 'I Saw
  240. Strawberry jam sea slugs: Our newest saltwater crush
  241. See Red: 250 Whales massacred In Faroe Islands Beach Bloodbath
  242. Scientists: Lionfish Are Possibly Running Out Of Food And Resorting to Cannibalism; C
  243. In hot water: Columbia's sockeye salmon face mass die-off
  244. Florida Sunken Treasure Discovery From 1715 Shipwreck Valued at Over $1 Million
  245. Notorious Dolphin 'Chet' Attacks Swimmers at Irish Beach; 'His head was twitching as
  246. Britain's biggest barbel fish, the Big Lady, killed by otter
  247. Australia: Surfers 'Steering Clear' of Water After Shark Attacks; 'Normally surfers W
  248. 'World's Largest Fish Farm' Project Underway In the Suez Canal
  249. 'I have a beautiful scar now' - South African Shark Attack Survivor Woo Lost Leg Desc
  250. Stunning underwater ‚