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  1. The Horror: Group Releases Video Of Seal Killings In Namibia
  2. The Soviet SPP-1 Underwater Pistol: Essential Beachware
  3. Japan: Divers Bid Farewell To Strange-Looking Fish Known As 'Benkei'
  4. Argh! Kiwi Surfer Knocked Out By Humpback Whale
  5. Researchers Take Issue With Florida Shark Bite Terminology; Attack 'Is Just Not Accur
  6. 52 Hertz: There Is One Whale That Zero Other Whales Can Hear And Itâ
  7. New Study Reveals Chesapeake Bay Dead Zone Hits Fish Hard
  8. Sporty Goldfish Learns To Play Football
  9. The Netherlands - Goby attack!
  10. Florida: Sturgeon Jumps Into Boat, Injuring Three Kids
  11. World's largest marine reserve weighed for Antarctica
  12. Shark bites 15-year-old French girl in half meters from shore on Reunion Island
  13. New Corydoras.
  14. Water Hazard: Florida mermaid banned from wearing her tail in town's swimming pools
  15. Russia blocks bid to establish protected marine environment near Antarctica
  16. Hundreds of stingrays found dead on Mexican beach
  17. Study: Majority of whale deaths since 1970s caused by humans
  18. Why Is the Baltimore Harbor Suddenly Murky White and Full of Dead Fish?
  19. Heart-warming moment: lost baby sperm whale jumps for joy 5ft above the waves after b
  20. Snooty the manatee celebrates 65th birthday, Possible World Record; 'He's protected,
  21. Tuna capsizes boat, drags fisherman into pacific before Coast Guard rescue
  22. Florida Alligator wrestler recovering after being Bitten by 1,000-pound beast
  23. Humpback whales nearly devour divers
  24. Brazil: Woman tourist killed in shark attack; 'She Lost A Lot Of Blood'
  25. Study: Male Guppies Use Genital Claw When Spurned By Females
  26. Alligator found 20 miles out to sea swimming with whales; 'Bizarre Event'
  27. Robots battle This Weekend for underwater supremacy
  28. SeaWorld Employees Accused Of Animal Cruelty After Failing To Help Stranded Dolphin D
  29. Kremlin Denies 'News' Footage Of Putin Catching Fish Was From 2007
  30. Teens savagely attacked by wild river otter describe it as a scene out of 'Jaws'
  31. Indonesia, India named as biggest shark catchers
  32. Scientists: Ignore 'Distorted Picture', North Pole Not Underwater, But Arctic Ice Sti
  33. Second shark attack in four days forces Hawaii beach closure; 'Shark Can Bite Hard'
  34. Rare sea creatures made up of thousands of clones
  35. Brigitte Bardot weighs in on Bay of the Somme seal dispute; 'Human stupidity, cowardi
  36. Breech: New Fukushima radioactive water leak an 'Emergency'
  37. SeaWorld Orlando veterinarians perform first Ever shark c-section
  38. How I Fell in Love With Monster Fish (And Why You Should Too)
  39. Okeanos Explorer
  40. Zookeeper Suspended After allegedly punching seal as handlers struggled to weigh it;
  41. Swedish men warned of crotch-chomping fish; 'Testicles sit nicely in their mouth'
  42. Mystery dolphin deaths hit Norway; 'It's Absolutely alarming'
  43. Don't let go!
  44. Ingestion of plastic at record high for sea turtles
  45. 11-yr-old attacked by Bull Shark in surf competition: shark latched onto surfboard; '
  46. In honor of Shark Week
  47. Tsunami Ship: Japan To Remove Famous Shipwrecked Vessel
  48. Scandinavian men can return to the water: 'Testicle-eating' fish said to be a myth
  49. How do chimps swim? With The beast-stroke
  50. Red Bull Billionaire Buys A New Million Dollar Extreme Submarine
  51. Research: Melting Ice Caps Could Trigger Tsunamis
  52. How Underwater Drones Are Searching For the Lost Pilots of WWII
  53. Sea snail hatches in little boy's knee
  54. Photographer: Creepy Fin Whale Carcass Fed Polar Bears For A Year
  55. Boy Cuts Knee On Beach Walk, Sea Snail Emerges 3 Weeks Later From 'Big Puss Ball'
  56. Drone Wars: Boeing Predicts 'Game Changers' for Unmanned Underwater Vehicles
  57. India: Highly endangered Gangetic dolphin meat sold openly in market
  58. Have researchers bitten off more than they can chew in trying to uncover the secrets
  59. Scientists claim sea lice in farms kill one third of wild salmon
  60. How Britain's taste for fish and chips is putting endangered fin whales at risk
  61. Right whale breeding ground discovered off Nova Scotia; Aerial surveys and DNA testin
  62. Video: A â
  63. Study: Spilled fracking fluid killed fish In Creek, Like 'Canary In The Coal Mine'
  64. Huge pumice raft from underwater volcanic eruption off New Zealand arrives on Great B
  65. 64-yr-old Nyad Attempts Cuba to Florida Swim Again; Jellyfish Protection 'Better Than
  66. Diana Nyad 'Looking very good' on Cuba-to-Florida swim
  67. 64-yr-old Diana Nyad Completes Cuba-to-Florida Swim, First Without Shark Cage
  68. Testicle munching fish now found in River Seine in Paris; 'They bite because they're
  69. Florida Family's $300K Find: Underwater Gold; 'This is like the end of a dream'
  70. Research: Drugs found in Lake Michigan, miles from sewage outfalls; 'Chemical mixture
  71. Scientist: Underwater Volcano as Big as New Mexico is Largest on Earth
  72. Officials: World's Leading Spot For Begging Dolphins Is In Waters off Georgia
  73. Diana Nyad supporters rebut claims of cheating on Cuba-Florida swim; Current 'Explain
  74. Singing bowhead whales baffle scientists; 'There's definitely this universal sound'
  75. From Cat Food to Sushi Counter: The Strange Rise of the Bluefin Tuna
  76. 233,000 Gallons of Molasses Spilled in Hawaii, Killing Everything
  77. Stuffed To The gills: Alaskan Rainbow Trout Eats Nearly 20 Shrews
  78. Hong Kong bans shark fin at official banquets
  79. Video: Scientist Baffled As Disappearing Ghost Octopus Impossible To Spot on Coral He
  80. Costa Concordia underwater: What's inside of wrecked cruise ship?
  81. Hawaii Helpless Against Molasses Spill, To 'Let Nature Take Its Course'
  82. Raise The Costa Concordia: Stricken Cruise Liner Uprighted off The Italian Coast
  83. Authorities: Divers find remains of 6 people in two cars that were at bottom of Oklah
  84. Alive! Goldfish feared dead in house fire found in his pond after living for Two Year
  85. Swamp People: Guided alligator hunts attract adventurers from across country; Price o
  86. Monster Machines: This Mini-Sub Brings The Deep Ocean's Treasures Within Reach
  87. Cathay Pacific's ban on non-sustainable shark fin cargo delayed 'Approximately Three
  88. Record Breaking Salmon Harvest This Year in Alaska
  89. Diver photographs 'Cookie Monster of the Sea' Sponge
  90. 20 Years After 'Free Willy,' Was It Right to Free Keiko the Killer Whale?
  91. Pakistan: Island Emerges From the Sea After earthquake, Emits Flammable gas
  92. Giant tower in the shape of a puffer fish creates online uproar in China
  93. British police sergeant dives 230ft under water unaided in record breaking two minute
  94. Absurd Creature of the Week: The Half-Ton Giant Freshwater Stingray With a 15-Inch Po
  95. Fish May Be Unfairly Blamed as Primary Source of Mercury Exposure
  96. Report: Predictions Fail As 'Unusual' 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season Closes In On His
  97. Are Humans behind the Massive Dolphin Die-Offs along the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Coast?
  98. Jellyfish-Shredding Robot Eliminates 2000 Pounds Of Jellyfish An Hour
  99. Florida Man Campaigns to Build 'World's Largest Underwater Peace Sign'
  100. Experts Baffled As Right Whales Go Missing From The Bay of Fundy; We donâ
  101. 49 hours and 56 minutes: Malta Scuba Diver Sets New Warm Water World Record
  102. Mystery of why 22 long-finned whales washed up to their deaths on Spanish beach
  103. Captive Orca Helps Newly Caught Orcas Start to Eat Dead Fish
  104. Research: Mosquitofish Mating Strategies Change In The Presence Of Predators; 'Bonier
  105. Amelia Earhart Plane Search to Resume Next Year With Manned Submersibles
  106. 31 in Florida infected by bacteria in salt water; 'This Is Nothing Abnormal'
  107. The Nose Knows: Whales Donâ
  108. The Octopus That Almost Ate Seattle; 'Maybe we shouldn't have done this'
  109. New species of Arapaima discovered
  110. Southern Bluefin Quotas To Rise Highest Levels Since 1989 As Population Rebounds
  111. Absurd Creature of the Week: Elusive Goblin Shark Has Worldâ
  112. Reef or Hazard? The Fate of Sunken Oil Rigs; 'Beneficial to all parties involved'
  113. Swamp People: Alligator Blocks Entrance at Florida Walmart
  114. Photos: Astronauts Take Underwater Moonwalk In 'Apollo 11 Under the Sea'
  115. Killer whales experience menopause – just like humans
  116. Wayne Newton's yacht sinks at Lake Mead; 'It's Heartbreaking'
  117. Cacophony of Shipping Noise Found in Humpback, Killer Whale Habitat; 'Acoustic Spaces
  118. Study: Unprecedented Warmth In Arctic Ocean; 'Outside Any Kind Of Known Natural Varia
  119. New Amazon fish species
  120. Peru to Take Action Against Dolphin Slaughterers; 'A few bad individuals'
  121. Intrigue Grows Over Purpose Of Google's Mysterious Floating Barge In san Francisco ba
  122. Update: Shark bites 15-year-old French girl in half meters from shore on Reunion Isla
  123. Anthony Bourdain defends Seal hunt, slams Canadian seafood boycott; 'Visit The Intuit
  124. Search At Sea: Mystery Deepens As Google 'Floating Structures' Seen In California, Ma
  125. Biologists: Florida manatees dying at record pace; 'Two really bad years'
  126. Kraken sea Monster Theory Resurfaces With New 'Evidence'
  127. Sea Search: Google's Secret Barge Revealed To Offer High-End Showrooms, Party Deck; M
  128. Florida: 6-year-old survives shark attack; 'The Shark Was Pulling Him Out'
  129. Bethany Hamilton Films 'Dolphin Tale 2'; Remembers Shark Attack 10 Years Later
  130. After 50 Years Waiting, Extinct 'Megamouth' Shark Species Finally Identified; 'No one
  131. Whale wars: Paul Watson To Take Stand, Defend Against 'Piracy' Charges In Seattle Cou
  132. Whale Wars: Fugitive whaling protester Testifies 'We're not pirates'
  133. Sea Search: Google Says Mystery Barges Are Really 'Interactive Learning Spaces'
  134. Tuna tagged by scientists in northern Spain is found 4,000 miles away off the coast o
  135. Malaysian Mystery Fish Identified: Species of the Week
  136. Interpol issues warning of new slice-and-dice shark-finning method
  137. Dominican Republic divers Discover Hispaniola's 'Biggest' Cave
  138. SeaWorld to court: The whale Show Must Go On; 'Proximity To Trainer' Key To 'Entertai
  139. How Was it Made? Prehistoric Underwater Bimini Road Divides Scientists
  140. Clam Shame: Scientists kill world's oldest creature trying to determine its age
  141. Robot Camera spots Great White Shark Lurking Off Sydney Coast; 'The biodiversity is g
  142. 2013 will set sea otter harvest record in Alaska; 'A sustainable harvest is extremely
  143. Indonesia: Text Message Saves Trapped Whale Shark
  144. Record-breaking American freediver dies after plunging to depth of 72metres underwate
  145. Fish Farmers Turn To 'Cleaner Fish' To Eat Salmon Parasites; 'An Old Idea'
  146. Swimmer's 'Idiotic' Shark Hug Caught On Camera; 'Close To An Out Of Body Experience'
  147. Is Google's Secretive Research Lab Working on Human-Dolphin Communication?
  148. Keith To Be Captured: Brit Anglers Win Right To Return Fish-eating Seal To The Sea
  149. The Cookii monster: Huge deadly pink jellyfish rediscovered 100 years after last seen
  150. Bizarre Sea Creature Caught Off Miami Beach
  151. Human skeletons, artifacts recovered from WWII Nazi U-boat discovered off Indonesia
  152. EU ban on seal trade upheld on 'Moral' grounds
  153. serial Killer Whale 'Tilikum' Might be Released off Icelandâ
  154. Squirting Air bubbles from Glacial Fjords Could be Used to Monitor Ice Loss in Greenl
  155. Is it safe? Radioactive Japanese wave nears US; 'Odds are statistically low'
  156. Mysterious Deaths Threaten a Population of Southern Right Whales; 'Mass mortality' Ev
  157. Shark Kills Kayaker in Attack off Maui; 'An absolute Danger, Every Single Day'
  158. WW II-era Japanese Mega-submarine Found Off Hawaii Coast; 'It is like watching a shar
  159. IAEA suggests Fukushima consider â
  160. Sharks Do Get Cancer: Tumor Found in Great White
  161. Biologists Baffled: Mysterious Glowing 'Alien-like creature' seen in Bristol harbor
  162. Whale Wars: Japan's research whaling fleet leaves for Antarctic
  163. Norfolk seals 'Fared better than feared' in storm surge
  164. Report: US lost more than 360,000 acres of wetlands over six year period
  165. Amazing 1,300-Year Old Way Of Fishing Involving Birds Diving Underwater Is Going Exti
  166. How an Underwater Bomb in Australia Was Heard Around the World
  167. Beluga Whale Smiles for the Camera in Perfectly Timed Wedding Day Photobomb
  168. Video: 15-yr-old angler Is pioneer In Newest Rage, Sewer fishing
  169. Divers see rare flame shell species for first time in half a century
  170. US Navy aims to expand sonar use even as studies it helped fund show possible impact
  171. Angler hooks largest fly-caught salmon in Scotland for 75 years; 'This is simply incr
  172. Japan: Media get first tour of fish radiation check process
  173. Shark Attack Survivor: I was Protected By An Angel
  174. Great White Sharks Swim Up, Down, Far, Wide--All Over the Place, Really--And We Had N
  175. Blackfish Backlash: SeaWorld takes out ads to defend itself; Employees 'True animal a
  176. Plans to trap 'Rogue' River Severn seal revived
  177. Protestors demand SeaWorld shut down killer whale shows, call them 'A form of slavery
  178. More than 100 shark scientists oppose the cull in Western Australia; Fatalities 'Negl
  179. No end in sight: Virus Kills over 1,000 Bottlenose Dolphins along U.S. East Coast
  180. Santa babies! Amazing infants hold their breath underwater in cute Christmas pictures
  181. Piranha attack in Argentina reportedly leaves at least 70 injured; 'Exceptional'
  182. Sharks on Twitter: Australian scientists use transmitters to warn bathers of dangerou
  183. High But Not Dry: Dolphins Filmed Chewing Toxic Puffer Fish 'To Enjoy Narcotic-like E
  184. Scientist: Starfish Wasting Disease outbreak could be due to radiation
  185. Giant yellow duck explodes in Taiwan... again
  186. Prosecutors Push $25K Fine For Researcher That Fed Orcas; 'Bonehead' Deterrence
  187. Lucky dip as photos resurface of scuba pioneers
  188. Hawaii: Shark Tour Employee Told To Lie To Cover-up On-the-job Bite; 'I loved My Job'
  189. Tokyo: First Bluefin Tuna Auction of Year Brings $70,000; 'Back To Being Reasonable'
  190. Has Fukushimaâ
  191. Keeping Asian carp out of Great Lakes could cost $18B; 'Electronic barriers are not e
  192. radiocarbon dating suggests white sharks can live 70 years and longer
  193. Mysterious Wanderings of Tiger Sharks Tracked; 'Oceanic regions are vital to their ec
  194. This could be the year we start to save, not slaughter, the shark
  195. Meet the Western Australian scientists racing to stop fatal shark attacks
  196. Shark Species Thought to Be Extinct Found in Fish Market
  197. Fishpocalypse Now: Norwegian Bay Flash Freezes, Fish Frozen In Place
  198. Researchers Detect and 'Count' Fish From Just A Glass Of Water
  199. Fishery tragedy
  200. Ex-SeaWorld Trainers dispute "Blackfish"....
  201. Sochi Winter Olympics' orca whale exhibit sparks outrage; 2 of 7 orcas caught northea
  202. Study: Frequency of ship engine noise 'Almost the same' as that of whale calls
  203. Albino Dolphin Among the 250 Held Captive By Japanese In The Cove
  204. Decimation At The Cove: Japanese Fishermen Pick 25 Dolphins for Aquarium Life From a
  205. Colored Cells Chase Each Other To Make A Fish's Stripes
  206. Blackfish Backlash: Family of SeaWorld trainer killed by whale distances itself from
  207. Codename Triton: Student Claims to Have Designed Working Artificial Gills
  208. Minke And Blueberry Jam: Whale Meat Illegally Sold During 'Green Week' in Germany
  209. Glacier fox: Animal becomes latest to freeze solid in Scandinavia's lakes, following
  210. Diver Creates Underwater Museum in Ukraine
  211. Anger as first shark killed in Western Australia's controversial cull program; 'So Sa
  212. Inside the world's biggest shark abattoir: shocking pictures show scale of slaughter
  213. Sea Shepherd footage shows hunters hauling four dolphins from water at Taiji, Japan;
  214. The Cove: Fresh footage of moments around alleged slaughter of up to 65 dolphins in J
  215. New York man pleads guilty to smuggling nearly 40,000 piranhas into the U.S.
  216. Sir Richard: Western Australian shark cull will deter international tourists; 'What o
  217. Sea Shepherd claims to have halted Japanese whaling
  218. Italian Diver Killed After Becoming 'Entangled' In Costa Concordia Wreck
  219. Killer whale activists try again to free Lolita after 43 years at Miami Seaquarium
  220. Man says he ate fish, birds, turtles while drifting 13 months across Pacific Ocean
  221. The First Documented Shark Ray to Breed in Captivity, Gives birth to Seven Pups
  222. Florida tops world in shark attacks for 2013
  223. The Scientific Explanation Behind Underwater 'Fairy Circles'
  224. Better Than Dynamite: A New, More Humane Way to Kill Stranded Whales With Drugs
  225. Ice Fishing in the Great Indoors: Fish shacks are being tricked out with big-screen T
  226. Man, 28, killed by great white shark during fishing trip with friends off Australia's
  227. Florida: Manatee count nears 5,000, Near Record; 'We Are Encouraged'
  228. Florida: Manatee count nears 5,000, Close To Record; 'We Are Encouraged'
  229. Study: Recent Cooling During 'Global Warming' A Result Of Heat Buried Deep in Ocean;
  230. Ice Expert Predicts Lake Superior Will Completely Freeze Over This Winter
  231. Jaw-inspiring: Ancient fish was pivotal in evolution of face
  232. Japan: Tsunami widower searches seabed for missing wife
  233. Toxic Kitty Litter Parasite Found in Arctic Whales; Melting Ice sheets 'An Unpreceden
  234. Open water: Seven Japanese scuba divers missing in waters off Bali
  235. The Hunley: Scientists Zeroing in on what caused Civil War submarine's sinking; 'You
  236. Japan: Giant isopod At Aquarium dies after 5 years without food; 'Itâ
  237. Female scuba diver lost at sea for three days is found dead hours after five others w
  238. Kiwi Woman Lands Potential World Record 411kg Tuna
  239. River Monsters host Jeremy Wade attacks WA Government's shark-kill
  240. Did Discovery Channel fake the image in its giant shark documentary?
  241. Blackfish: Freediver survives death spiral in wild Orca attack; 'I got to my last bre
  242. Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd claims night 'Ambush' by Japanese whalers; 'Ruthless Assault
  243. Whale wars: Sea Shepherd, Japan whalers trade ambush claims
  244. Canada: PR Campaign Launched To Address 'Misconceptions' About 'Humane' Seal Hunt
  245. Foreign fleets pushing Pacific tuna fishing industry to the brink of collapse
  246. Wild Beavers Seen In England For The First Time in 500 Years; 'Highly Significant'
  247. 'Peak Salmon' May Be Unlikely, But Threats To Farmed Salmon Loom
  248. Ships On A Collision Course With Whales In The Bering Strait
  249. Underwater gold rush spurs fears of ocean calamity; 'Itâ
  250. Silent Victims: Scientists Claim Climate change affects fish living in the deepest pa