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  1. New tank help
  2. How to upgrade to a new filter
  3. Hardwater Stain?
  4. How to Embed YouTube Videos?
  5. Help
  6. stabilizing free standing 60 gal + earthquake reinforcement?
  7. how to upload pics
  8. Pond Snails??
  9. Is this enough fish for a ten gallon tank?
  10. How do you post a profile picture to your profile?
  11. How to request a member to be a friend?
  12. How do I find my posts?
  13. why????
  14. Freshwater at the beach?
  15. Tie root
  16. New post button
  17. AC cash?
  18. I lost a Panda Cory :(
  19. Signature?
  20. How to edit profile??
  21. really stupid question
  22. Participation in Contests
  23. help with cycling
  24. smaller fresh water fish
  25. algae eater Id needed
  26. how to take the quizzes & or play
  27. How to get awards/badges?
  28. How do I post pics or video in my posts?
  29. photo information
  30. How Do I Grow and Breed Brine Shrimp? Help Plz.
  31. Where Do I Go From Here
  32. How do I get rid of my 'user title'?
  33. PH
  34. posting photos question
  35. cycleing a tank
  36. Cracked intake tube
  37. Viewing Reputation
  38. Gaurami illness
  39. High Nitrite, Sick Fish, No Ammonia!!
  40. New Tank Setup
  41. Problem AE Tech Protene Sump
  42. How do I say thanks?
  43. HOW TO: API Calcium Test [Video]
  44. Profile Photo?
  45. Trimming Stargrass, Help Required!
  46. How to create a divider for a tank containing ADFs?
  47. BETTA FISH HELP! ( owners of 30 gallon tanks )
  48. Co2 diffuser?
  49. eheim question
  50. new tank owner
  51. turtle pond - need help
  52. Oscar eye popping out
  53. How do you give someone a gift?
  54. need help
  55. Albino Bristlenose Plecostomids
  56. Cannot upload photos
  57. Gift?
  58. buy arowana online
  59. Penguine tetra
  60. How to get a planted aquarium started
  61. Creating a Sandfall
  62. Mystery Snail Eggs
  63. Thumbs up notification - How to turn them off
  64. How to gradually make a brackish tank and then back to fresh
  65. Different picture galleries...?
  66. Need help from some who has owned an Electric blue ram.
  67. User cp.
  68. How To create an artificial Cliff
  69. Siamese Algae Eaters uprooting Micro Swords (lilaeopsis)
  70. How To Join Groups?
  71. Help Please
  72. Permanemtly Lower PH
  73. Moving soon
  74. Thumbs Down?
  75. Is there such a thing as a responsible aquarist?
  76. How do I delete a thread?
  77. Microbubbles in the Sump
  78. Uploads?
  79. not able to get to next page of journal
  80. How to subscribe?
  81. Uploading multiple photos
  82. My Tetra needs HELP! Can someone help us?
  83. cleaning a old tank.
  84. Fake rock - 'aquatic clay' FIRST POST
  85. Help getting my aquarium ready for fish
  86. Best air pump/pump for a waterfall effect?
  87. Gift not appearing after purchase?
  88. Trouble in Paradise
  89. How to ... switch back to normal fish tank
  90. Adding to signiture
  91. move a thread
  92. under gravel filter
  93. signing out of Tapatalk
  94. PM Quota?
  95. how do you buy sound track for you page?
  96. How can I get my password?
  97. DIY wet dry filter with PVC overflow
  98. I don't want to use Tapatalk
  99. Rummynose problem
  100. How to Purchase a UV sterilizer questions
  101. Posting videos through Tapatalk
  102. How to use the stocking guide Aqadvisor.
  103. Aquarium Plumbing Basics
  104. New Tank set up! Should I use old sand/water?
  105. Angel Fish
  106. How to repair a fish's fins?
  107. Eheim pump set up
  108. feed guppies mosquito larvae
  109. How to get rid of that purple-ish tetracycline water?
  110. I need help with moving tank to diffrent room.
  111. keeping snails
  112. Determining Nitrate Level
  113. Adding Avatar Pic?
  114. Subscribe to Thread
  115. Turn Plastic into Corroded Metal (Aquarium Safe)
  116. HELP!! White Parasite on Aquarium Glass
  117. what kind of filter?
  118. Water color problem
  119. cant keep ammonia undercontrol
  120. Large water change advice
  121. sand waterfall
  122. Problems uploading pics
  123. aquarium journal
  124. How to see who you referred?
  125. bait fish
  126. Drop Checker with API ph test solution and 4dkh? (Is API ph test Bromothymol Blue?)
  127. Aquired old saltwater tank..
  128. Birthdays
  129. Gifts- How To?
  130. Tank mates for guppy population control
  131. Peat Moss Question in Blackwater Tank
  132. Ideas for a New Tank!
  133. Hi, I'm a Newbie Betta owner with a question
  134. How to use API Master Test Kit & PRIME for water quality control
  135. Start a blog?
  136. Help needed on a biological filter
  137. Link posting question...
  138. Mystery Snails
  139. how to euthanize humanely
  140. new post notices
  141. Aquarium stand
  142. HOB flow diverter
  143. Help determining what's up with my fish
  144. How to connect Hydor inline heater to Eheim 2217 Canister Filter
  145. Betta fish turning white! Help!
  146. How do I post an article?
  147. How do I post an article?
  148. stabilizing new aquarium
  149. How do you put pictures on this site?
  150. M. Rainbow Agression
  151. Opaline Gourami
  152. Lightbulbs