Florida Alligator Hunting

Florida Alligator Hunting

By: Johan

Florida alligator

This is only a broad and general guide about Florida alligator hunting. For updated and more detailed information regarding Florida alligator hunting, always check with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.  

The Florida alligator hunting program
Since 1988, Florida has a state wide alligator harvest program that allows controlled Florida alligator hunting. Each year, so called Alligator Harvest Management Unites are established. These unites consists of defined areas with sovereign waters and/or properties that are owned by the public. There are also county-wide units. For each unit, appropriate Florida alligator hunting quotas are established.

Florida alligator hunting – who can apply?
The Florida alligator hunting program intend to make it possible for Floridians as well as non-residents to participate in recreational Florida alligator hunting. Each Florida alligator hunting permit allows the person to catch no more than two alligators. You have to be 18 years or older by August 15 to be eligible for a Florida alligator hunting permit.

Persons convicted of violating 372.663 or 372.664, Florida Statutes, have to wait 5 or 10 years until they can apply. The same is true if you have been convicted of violating any Commission rules relating to the illegal taking of any crocodilian species. The longer waiting period, 10 years, applies to those who have been convicted of taking an endangered crocodilian.

Florida alligator hunting costs
The receiver of a Florida alligator hunting permit must pay a special fee for CITES tags and an Alligator Trapping License. If you already have purchased an Alligator Trapping License, you must show proof of possession. The license must be valid throughout the entire Florida alligator harvest season. You do not need a Florida hunting license to participate in state wide Florida alligator hunting.

As of 2006, the fee for two hide validation tags and an Alligator Trapping License were 272 USD for Floridians and 1,022 USD for non-residents. The cost for only the hide validation tags was 62 USD. If you made your purchase over the phone or via Internet, a convenience fee was added; 3.25 USD + 2.5 percent for the toll-free phone number and 2.25 USD + 2.5 percent for an Internet purchase.   

Florida alligator hunting orientation program
Each year, the state of Florida organises a Florida alligator hunting orientation program. You care not required to attend such a program to obtain a Florida alligator hunting permit, but it is strongly recommended. During the Florida alligator hunting orientation course, you will learn more about how you can safely handle alligators, be updated regarding currently permitted hunting techniques, and learn more about the rules that you have to follow during Florida alligator hunts.

Florida alligator hunting – hides, skulls and meat
You are allowed to keep Alligator hides, skulls and other skeletal parts from the Florida alligator hunt, or transfer them, as long as records are kept for at least one year. The record must state to whom Alligator body parts have been transferred. Alligator hides may only be transferred to a properly licensed fur and hide dealer.

You are allowed to use the alligator meat for personal consumption, but you are not allowed to sell it or use it for anything else than strictly person consumption. If you want to keep the alligator meat, you must process it and label the meat packages with your tag number. If you want to do anything else with the meat, such as sell it, more exacting rules will apply.

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