Removing Black Hair Algae
Removing Hair Algae

Removing Black Hair Algae

Text and pictures by: Souly

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Black Hair Algae

First off what is Black Hair algae?
Black Hair Algae goes by a few other names: Black Brush Algae, Black Beard Algae but is usually known as BBA. It can sometimes be mistaked as Staghorn Algae, but the color Staghorn Algae is Greenish blue.

Depending on amount of growth it could look like small patches of black hairs, or a black carpet (as in the picture).

The strands don't usually get very long, one centimeter is the usual size.

The algae usually forms on slow-growing plants such as Anubias, but it can also grow on gravel, diftwood, or rocks in your tank.

How To Remove:

Using different fish or snails: There are a few different types of fish known to eat BBA,
Siamensis, CAE / SAE Algae Eaters, Black Mollies, Angelfish may eat it. Apple snails will also eat BBA.

Algae Eating Shrimp: Japonica Shrimp (Caridina japonica).

Chemical fixes:

Before doing this, it is recommended that you take out all the decorations covered with the BBA and soak then in a mild bleach and water solution. That will kill the Algae, and then you should scrub the plants with a soft brush to get it off to help it from growing back.

(If using live plants you can do the same, however I find it easer to just remove the leaf.)

Warning: Using too much bleach can remove the dies.

You can Soak wood as well but you will have make sure you really rinse it out well. You do not want left over bleach getting into your tank.

Flourish Excel: Works great if your tank is planted, and that is cause for your Black Hair. And diluted amounts are said to work well in non-planted tanks thats have contracted it.

Lighting: Reducing your light to 6 hours a day will cut back on the growth, which will help when using a chemical fix.

Algaefix, works well to.

The biggest reason you get BBA iis that your plants aren't getting the right amount of support they need. Lowlight, not even nutrients in the water.