215 gallon Oceanic Starfire aquarium and custom stand for sale - NYC area

$1,300 cash

Downtown Manhattan

Have had the aquarium for 4 years but only filled with water for 1 year

IMPORTANT NOTE ** the center glass brace has been restored after it slipped off potentially due to a poor silicone connection and/or heat from florescent bulbs. The brace has been put back in place by an aquarium expert with 25 years of experience and is presently re-enforced with glass supports. Disclosure: One of the separate glass supports is chipped but this does not impact its support strength **

The attached pictures show the tank filled with water after the brace was replaced.

Here are the tanks details:

72" long X 24" wide X 29" high (6ft x 2ft x approx 2.5ft)
Empty weight: Approximately 500 lbs - the glass is really thick and heavy
It is a flat bottomed tank with tempered glass - so it CANNOT be drilled.

The stand is Oceanic custom-made, stained Dark Cherry (I believe) and has functional doors on one side and fixed doors on the other (the tank was viewable from both sides). Note, there is a drilled hole on the tank's one side for filter tubing.

There is no canopy.


Large Eheim fresh-water filter (potentially for salt water) though the attached (but removable) Eheim pump might have issues

The tank was used as a fresh water planted tank and an appropriate amount of gravel and Flourite is available free with the tank.

Miscellaneous fresh water equipment such as small pumps and heaters