Dear Sir and Madam,
Allow us to introduce our self as a group of farm from Indonesia freshwater fisheries to your company. Our farmers' group called KALAKA Fish engaged in freshwater fish farms. Our business group consisted of 190 farmers who produce fresh water fishery products.
In this connection, let us offer some of the freshwater fishery products that we have.. If your company needs our services, then simply contact us via email at If your company interested.
The following are some freshwater fisheries of our products that we offer to your company:
1. Black Ghost Knife Fish
2. Garrarufa
3. Ctenopoma
4. Denisonii
5. Neon Tetra
6. Clown Loach
7. Chinese Sucking Loach
8. Borneo Sucker
9. Elephantnose
10. Rasbora
11. Black Khuli
12. Congo Tetra
13. Gouramis
14. Rainbows fish
15. Guppies
16. Black Phantom Tetra
17. Cardinal Tetra
18. Red Eye Tetra
19. Corydoras ( Albino, Panda, Sterbai )
20. Parrot Fish
21. Arrowanas
22. Angel Fish
23. Discus
24. Polypterus
25. Aquatic plants
26. Goldfishs
27. Koi Fish
28. Freshwater Pipefish
29. Lemon Chichlids
30. Etc.
We hope that this offer can proceed in a form of cooperation that benefits both parties. Thus we submit the offer letter, delivered thank you for your attention.


Arief Hidayat