Hello everybody,

Have you ever been shopping for your monthly feeders at different sites and wished there was a company that would deal in all insects, other feeders, and the supplies to go with them? Small Pet Feeders has answered your calls.

We do our best to keep our stocks highly diverse and fresh, not only in the literal sense of the words, but also in concept, as we will continue to introduce feeders and invertebrates that are new to the market on a regular basis. Small Pet Feeders constantly responds to client requests for hard-to-find products they've heard good things about. A few examples of useful feeders and supplies we carry for the Cichlid and Tropical Fish Community are:

100-150ct Cups of Phoenix Worms: Keep well at room temperature inside a cup with substrate. Keep them moist and feed them off to your animal, that’s it! $6.99/Cup, 2 for $12.99, 4 for $23.99 (Sizes: Extra Small, Small, Medium, and Large)

Cultures of Lesser Waxworms: A small, pink Waxworm similar in size to a small fly larvae, these are extremely rare in the United States. $11.99 a culture

250ct Cups of Greater Waxworms: The commonly known “Waxworm”, Great fishing bait and feeder insect. ONLY $9.99!!

Crickets by the cup (100-250) or by the box (500-1000): The Classic Cricket, our Cricket Farm is 100% Cricket Paralysis Virus Free! 1000 only $14.99!

Superworms by the cup (100-250) or by the box (500-100): Small Superworms have more meat and less chitin than mealworms! Save your pet from impaction and buy our quality superworms today! 100 for only $6.99!

Blue Bottle Flies (Pupae): About 3-4 times the size of an average housefly. Great crawling feeder. Lives well inside the fridge! 1000 for only $17.99!

Lesser Mealworms (Alphitobius Diaperinus): Cleanup crew that is very uncommon in the US. Very small mealworms, approx 1/2” in length. 25 for only $7.99

Dermestid Beetles and Larva: Feed on detritus in insect and vertebrate habitats. Safe for your pet. 75 for only $9.99!

Confused Flour Beetles: Reproduce prolifically and are great to always have on hand. $7.99 for an 8 oz Culture made with high grade media.

Bean Beetles: Prolific breeders, larvae feed on peas and hatch into small beetles that are great food for dart frogs. $7.99 for a 16oz self-contained Habitat with food for a month

Springtails: A mix of different species that produces at an alarming rate! Only $9.99 an 8oz culture.

Isopods: White Dwarfs, Armadillium, Costa Rican Purples, only $.50 each!

Flightless Fruit Flies: Made with our premium Sweetie Fly Media! Cultures start at $5.99

House Flies (Pupae): Can be stored in the refrigerator until ready to hatch. 100 Flies for only $4.99

Catappa (Indian Almond) Leaves: Great for making “Tadpole tea” 10 Grade-A Leaves for only $4.99

Red Worms: Fantastic cleanup crew in terrariums and great feeder for turtles and amphibians. 16oz cultures for only $7.99

Leaf Litter: Essential for any soil mix or terrarium design. Gallon Bags of 12-20 Complete Leaves for only $4.99 (Magnolia, Sea Grape)

Live Moss: Just add water and it lives! Quart Bags only $5.99 (Mood and Sheet Moss)

Butterworms: Similar in size to a waxworm, very healthy feeder with an odd “butter” smell to them. Fantastic Feeder and Fishing Bait. Only $49.99 for a tub of 250 mixed with both Regulars and rare Jumbos!

Microworms and Vinegar Eels Small nematodes that are perfect for feeding fish fry and small fish. Easy to harvest and they swim around. $9.99 a culture

Silkworms and Hornworms: Caterpillars loaded with calcium and moisture. Sold in self contained habitats called “pods” with enough food to last 1-2 weeks, depending on their size. Only $11.99 a pod.

Tree Fern Fiber: Essential to any ABG mix or other soil mixes for terrariums. Adds structure to a soil mix. Available in Medium and Long Fibers. Only $24.99 for a gallon bag full.

Repashy Supplements and Superfoods: We carry a large variety of vitamins, calciums, insect diets, and superfoods available in a variety of sizes, far too many to name or count. We encourage you to consider buying your next vitamin supplements from SPF with Repashy.

While this list is long, there is really so much more to Small Pet Feeders than what can be listed here, the best thing for you to do is check us out at Small Pet Feeders: Crickets, Superworms, Hornworms, and more and please don’t hesitate to shoot me an email at dave@smallpetfeeders.com or give me a call on the office phone at 678-331-8420 if you have any questions at all, as anyone that has worked with us can tell you that I love to help clients know their insects.

So don’t be shy, get in touch, come check us out, experience the new wave in feeder insects, live fishing bait, and beneficial organisms at Small Pet Feeders.

Also, those local to the Atlanta, GA area, we do offer pickups, but ask a $30 minimum order for these, as you can plan on spending half an hour to an hour with us, exploring not only the Small Pet Feeders selection, but also my personal collection of reptiles and other vertebrates. Amy and I always enjoy welcoming families with children into our home to see the animals and to really get a positive experience with insects and herps. If this interests you, please give us a call at the office. Thank you and we look forward to meet you!


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