We take pleasure to introduce ourselves as one of the Manufacturers and Exporters of Pet Products like Natural Cuttle Bones, Nesting Materials, Bedding materials, Shelters, Bird House, Perches, Bird Toys, etc.

Cuttlefish Bone (Osso De Siba):
We do collect Cuttle Fish Bones (Sepiaschale), Sun dry, Clean, Polish and Pack for Birds, Turtles, Hermit Crabs & Chinchillas. We can offer in different sizes from 4" - 10" long according to your specifications. We can pack according to your specifications in Bulk or in Individual packing of 1 / 2 Bones in a Cardboard box or 1 - 6 Bones in a Plastic Bag with a Header card.

We can offer Granular or Powdered Cuttle bones for dragon and Lizard bites.

Aquarium Leaf:
We can offer Dried Terminalia Catappa (Ketapang) Leaves which is used in aquariums to enhance the colour of the fishes.

Aquarium Corals:
We can offer Washed Sea shells for use in aquariums.

We can pack according to your specifications in bulk or in small consumer packings. We have our own packaging materials unit in the name of Sri Dhanalakshmi Printers and so we can pack the material ready for your market.

Please feel free to contact us for any queries and we can send the photo.