100 gallon Acrylic Fish Tank, Stand & Canopy for Sale-(Fresh Water Use only)
Tank size -60x18x20
Stand size -- 62x18 x31
Canopy size-62x20 x7
Complete System Size -60x 20 x56

*Stand & Canopy (BLACK COLOR)external appearance is in great condition but internal have some wear and needs a little rework and paint & will look great.
*Acrylic Tank is in great condition (100 gallon)

*FILTER: Total 4 filter (2 Power & 2 Canister) Work Great together..water's crystal clear.
-2 Hagen AquaClear 110 with brand new Foam(very good condition)
-2 RENA XP4 FilStar Canister Filter with brand new Coarse Foam & Micro-Filtration Pad(very good condition)
*LIGHT: Marineland Double Bright LED Lighting System 48-60"(almost new) recently purchase for over $250.

Complete System for $450.00... Originally Spent Over $2500 (Fishes NOT Included)

Email guy121274@yahoo.com or Call 626-232-6688 for more information