You're bidding ONE 4" Diamond Sturgeons. FRESHWATER fish ( Sterlet sturgeon are also available in different sizes ). Shipping charge varies depending on size and quantity. I am a tropical fish breeder wholesaler in Florida, and have been raising live sturgeons for the past 5 years. Sturgeons are prehistoric creatures, and fossil record has dated them back to approx 200 million years ago. This living fossil will be a great addition to your tank or pond. They are odd looking, peaceful and are active swimmers ( They can tolerate cold water temperature and can be put in outdoor pond with koi. Since they are farm raised, they are easy for you to take care of and they are accustom to aquarium food. I raise them mostly on frozen brine shrimp, bloodworms, frozen blackworms and supplement with sinking pellets. Water conditions are as follows. pH between 7.0 to 8.0, Medium to Hard water, Temperature between 60 to 78 F, good oxygen level and filtration.
I offer LIVE arrival guarantee. Shipping varies depending on size and quantity. Ship out every Monday for Tuesday or Wednesday delivery depending on which zone you live in. USPS does NOT 100% guarantee all packages shipped by Overnight Express will arrive the next day. Most item will but not all items. If you live in the west coast or in a remote town, the package may still arrive in 2nd day even you paid Overnight Express postage. USPS do the actual delivery, I have no control over that. Please make a note on that.
Also available are the sinking pellets that I feed them with, $10 per pound plus Priority Mail shipping charge. Electric blue crayfish, $12 each.