27w led aquarium light bar
1.Waterproof combination of aquarium lights which is independently

developed by our company produced a new generation of aquarium lights, is

the latest generation product which can truly achieve the industrial

product standards.
2.New lights can replace 3-5 times power of high-pressure sodium light

,and save energy 80%.
3. No fans built-in, which cand reduce the failure rate and reach the

industrial standards .
4. IP 68, you can drop it into the water directly and more widely

application than ever before
27W led aquarium light bar
1. Waterproof combination aquarium lights are made of aviation

aluminum alloy,external 45W constant current power 1PCS,higher

performance,saving energy.
2. using waterproof male and female plug connections and light body

are full of glue. IP 68 ,that means you can drop it into the water

directly and Broader scope of products than ever before.
3. Compared with the exsiting aquarium lights, the biggest advantage

is waterproof, smaller size, bigger light area, no noise, easy

installation and removal.
4. The ratio between the different light specified by the customer,

we suggest that the ratio (white: blue) 1:1 and 1:2 water use of blue, red

and white,that provide the spectrum to meet aquatic plants needs better.

Note:27w led aquarium light
1. Ensure that products used under normal environmental.
2. Do not touch and beat products while working.
3. Parameters of conventional proportion of products (blue: white =

1:1), just for reference, customers can choose according to their

different needs of lamp bead ratio.
Item Value Item Value
Dimension 900*28*15.5mm Power 27W 27x1W)
Input Voltage AC85~264V lux 1M/630,1.5M/270,2M/158
Working Current 300mA Lifespan 50,000 Hour
Working Frequency 50/60 Hz Color White/Blue
Working temperature -20-40 Lighting Area

Net weight 0.82Kg Gross wieght 1.14Kg
Shelf Dimension 111*46*15mm Shelf net weight 126.8g