For Sale, 1 Tetra PF10 Power filter. This is a filter rated for 5-10 gallon tanks and works wonderfully.
$10.00 +S&H is my firm price. (S&H if cannot physically pick up sale in person)
This product retails in the range of $15.00-20.00 normally. This is a 50% discount deal.
Filter comes with Bio sponge and takes a $2.00 filter cartridge found at Mejier/Walmart.
Customized with sponge filter media on intake tube, to protect fry and small fish from being sucked in/injured/killed.
This is a sweet buy for a micro-environment aquarist.
Will sell to first committed buyer.

The Tetra Whisper PF10 works 3 ways: Mechanically, Chemically and Biologically
Filter pulls water from the aquarium and pushes it through the filter cartridge
Ultra-Activated® carbon removes odors and discoloration better than competing cartridges
Bio-Foam® creates a large 3-dimensional area for cultivating aerobic bacteria, which eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrites