55 gal fish tank with stand $250. With black stand.

Been in use for 1 ˝ years. Just emptied (no joints or corners dried out)


1 - 150 watt Top Fin submersible heater
1 - 200 watt Top Fin submersible heater
2 - thermometers
Full hood and lights (missing 1 bulb)
Whisper 60 air pump (For tanks up to 60 gallons. This pump has two air outlets and comes with a plastic tee and two adjusting airflow valves. Uses 4 watts)
Décor and background scene

305 Fluval Canister filter -- 110V, 260 gallons per hour filtration (good for up to a 70 gallon tank)

Fluval Bio-Max media (used, cleaned)
Filter floss

Pick up only - Upstate NY, Albany area