I know I'm brad new here, I've posted this ad on other national boards and I want to ensure that Moray fanatics like myself get to see this opportunity. My full contact information is below if you'd like to touch base directly.

Fangtooth Morays - Enchelycore anatina - These are some extremely rare and impressive morays. Reaching 4 feet in length with bright yellow coloration, their curved jaws and hundreds of needle sharp, glass like teeth are sure to be the center piece of your FOWLR. I currently have two of them - they're aggressive eaters but don't bother their tank-mates, many of whom are bite size. They're great feeders and take all manner of super market seafood. They do require a chiller; I keep mine at 68 degrees, and highly recommend the JBJ Arctica series chillers.

The two I have now were imported by me last year and are the only two in the United States. I'm doing a second order, and by ordering 10, I can save a bunch of money. I'm not going to keep all of them, so I'm posting them for sale here.

Each of these guys is going to be around two feet long. What I'm looking for now is people that are interested, and committed to buying - I don't require a deposit but if you commit and then back out I will leave negative feedback... if you think you may be interested but aren't sure, feel free to let me know; I just can't guarantee you'll have one when they get here. Interested parties can PM me, or preferably email me at Patrick.Corcoran@yahoo.com

I don't want to post my phone number here, but if you shoot me an email I'll respond with it, or just shoot me yours and I'll call at a time that's convenient for you.

The price per animal is $1,500 which doesn't make me any money, it just covers all of my costs and gets me a lower price on the ones I'm keeping. It's about what Live Aquaria charges on some of the rarer species they sell, and I'll toss in a live arrival and 1 week guarantee.