I only got a few left, shipping we will discuss as there are alot of options,I do have Styrofoam and heat packs prefer overnight service in these colder temps.
these are wild type patterned, parents on site raising 150 more , father is a true half wild, mother is only 1/4 wild ,1/4 domesticated,1/2 half wild.raised in straight RO water 5.8Ph on powered sponge filters are 84F, fed live BBS,frozen bloodworms,pulverized venison heart crumbles,kens egg flake,earthworm,beefheart,bloodworm,FD tubifex,veggie and angel flakes.
Raised under bright lights and are not skittish at all.
$10/ea shipping, very healthy, great parents.

Disclaimer: these angels are bred from two highly aggressive angels, I do anticipate them being aggressive as they mature. I would house these as the only big fish in the tank, no longfins are advised. No small fish under cardinal tetra size, I witnessed them eat a dime size fry this morning in one gulp, it was alive and healthy.



PM me or email me for more details, I cannot promise better pics as these fish are very active.