Well, I bought a snake cage earlier this year, thinking I'd buy a snake. Problem is, my parents hate snakes (no, I didn't consult my parents with this idea prior to buying this snake cage). I decided to go with fish instead and bought a fish tank and some fish! Big jump, I know! It comes with:
a premium quality 20-Long glass terrarium is roomy and safe so the air flows naturally through screen top with security latch. Two dome light fixtures that provide proper amount of heat and light and a temperature/humidity gauge for monitoring your petís environment. I also have "tropical mist humidifying spray" that helps prevent dry skin and shedding problems. I would like to get at least $100 out of this because I paid $150 for it. You can see the kit online if you type into google Zilla Snake Kit! Picture shows everything except the bark (you can buy for $10 at any pet store) and the reptile booklet. Thanks for looking!