Hello guys,

First of all i would like to thank to those friends who helped me out so far and encouraged me to finish my `Tropheus book` project.

Finally i have completed everything and my book is ready for sale.

i began this journey after i got retired/unemployed (however you call it ) at the start of world economical crisis. I had time to write down a book or watch all episodes of stargate sg-1 once again 10 seasons ``Shal kek nem ron Jaffa!`` ``Kree!``
In my native language there were no books about Tropheus, and whatever written in Turkish forums were shiet. Old data, no updates and people trying to breed tropheus in 7.0ish ph, feeding with almost shark food, and treating like malawi. Later my project became writing my book in English aswell. So far there are few books in English written by professionals and they are excellent sources. However they are like encylopedia and can be called a bit expensive in some areas.
Finally i finished my book in English aswell, got the isbn and finished all legal stuff for protection, copy stuff, duplicate rights, e-book digital etc etc.

Please don`t forget English is not my native language, so i might have some mistakes either on vocabulary or definitions.
This is an amateur hobby book by a T lover. Whatever i wrote in my book is my own experiences since 1999 with Tropheus and whatever i read and learnt from books and forums so far. I am not a biologist not a vet and not a zoologist. Please don`t forget this while reading my book.

How to buy it?

You send me 15 u.s. dollars via paypal to : metinemre@yahoo.com (my paypal account) File size: 4.0mb total 108 pages

Then, you send me an e-mail to metinemre@yahoo.com and i reply you with the copy of my book in .pdf format.

(i live in istanbul gmt 2 so mind the time difference on transactions.)

I have spent a small fortune to finish this project i hope i can be helpfull to everyone who reads it and i hope i can recover what i spent and i will be the happiest.

Below you can see the names of my friends who helped me by permitting to use their lovely T. photos in my book directly from their own tanks.

· Marc Pusic ( http://fishandpics.com )
· Debra Dickson
· Shane Brasen
· Chad Martin
· Carl Eklind
· Jamie Cole
· Jamie Parr
· Attila Varga
· Radek Berent
· Joey D. aka Aqualung
· Robert aka Canart
· David Tak Wai Leung
· Thai-Anh Nguyen
· Michael Newing
· Norbert Knaak
· Bülent Öner
· Diogo Lopez

Personal details:
Metin Emre Gurbuz
Istanbul sehileri cad. 26/8
34180 Istanbul TURKEY
90532 235 6043

Right now i do not have any international publisher for English version as hard copy, however i am looking for one and also i am looking for sponsorship aswell. I have 4 pages inside the book and back cover ready for ads for a possible importer/distributor sponsorship.