Hi there, I came across some very nice LED lights. I have a 240g with 4 pieces of these 36" led lighting. It uses only 11 watts each light. This is way way lower wattage the Reg T5 which will save you $100s in the long run. These lights are Brand New 36" with 198 LED lights, super bright, 1200-1400MCD, 3.5 lumen, and has 120 degree shine. As you can see pics below they are so bright that I cant even see the white rocks in my tank. These LEDs will last 80,000Hrs vs T5 which you have to change every 6 months. They are also water resistant, they are NOT water proof.... you can not just submerge them under water. I selling these lights for $25.00 (paypal pls add 3% fee) only have a few left so I will do a first come first serve bases. I will also throw in a FREE transformer to low the current which cost $5.00 each but it will come with the light. I live in SoCal 91780 pick up or ship. Buyer will pay for postage. Please e-mail me if interested lax.camla@gmail.com. Do Not PM me... i rather communicate via e-mail.